Wizard Leveling Tips

Do you want a level 99 wizard within a month or less in a normal rate server? This is possible if you party with a priest even share or not and you have good equips. Here are the places where you can level your wizards fast.


Job Level 1-24 = Elder Willows (Cold Bolt) / Greatest General (Frost Drive + LightningBolt) Combo
Job Level 25-49 = Geographer (Level 1O Firebolts) Geograher’s skill heal is quite annoying but a priest with Lex Divina and Lex Aeterna would save you.


Base Level 50 – 70 = High Orcs or Glast Heim Prison

Base Level 71-89 = Guild Dungeons/High Orcs/Turtle Island(Party with Clown or Gypsy)/Magma Dungeon

Base Level 90-99 = Guild Dungeons/Niffleheim/Biolabs

Share here where you have leveled your wizards

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19 thoughts on “Wizard Leveling Tips

  1. i prefer the FF:
    Level: Destination:

    1-25: Payon Dungeon (LVL 1)

    25-35: Flora (mjolnir_02) [fire]

    35-60: Geographer (ein_fild04/03) [fire]

    60-75: High Orcs [lightning/fire]

    75-90: Turtle Island

    90-99: Bio Lab/Niffleheim

    *these are my leveling spots ^_~
    astig kb or no metz?

  2. Lv1-9 spore first [novice training]
    lv9-15 spores again [i suggest for you NOT to turn into a mage yet, so you could equip an Orc Sword and go bizerk @ spores XD]
    lv15-45 – Wolf Map, u could use 2-3 1st grade Bowman Mercenaries and carry with you minimum of 50 blue mercenary pots and 10 red mercenary pots, click on ur FM and frolic in that map XD]
    lv45-60 – drosera map [just outside Ice DUngeon 1, bring some mercenary scrolls to help u level, and also authoritative badges and a box of giant fly wings to escape the festering dogs XD]
    lv60-75 – High Orcs located in Aldebaran

    75 up – don’t know haven’t reach those levels yet…

    BTW my technique has got me a lv72 wizard in 5 hours XD with FM BTW

  3. best process is to grab a priest, go kill mi gaos(south of louyang) then when your wiz, equip 2 siroma cards, then go goats.

    with other party members, nameless island is the easiest place for a party to level. with 2 agi sniper and a priest, its raining exp for you

  4. Yeah am currently leveling in Prison, but I searched on RMS, I searched goat and there was actually goat monster. It gives 3k BaseEXP and 2k JobEXP.
    But it does a lot of damage so I suggest you get a Crusadser, Knight, Assasain or AssasainCross. But……. I need one…… =( It’s fire attribute so i suggest you use Storm Gust, Cold Bolt and Frost Diver. If your going solo then as soon as you finish casting RUN,and cast again, because if you attack 1 goat they all come at you, so I highly suggest you get a tanker to hit first and you do the rest =)

  5. I just got back after quitting for 2 years, but I still solo in my down time by mass mobbing prison, getting about 1.25-1.75 mil an hour. I am now getting slaved by a priest friend in sphinx 5, getting 5-6 mil an hour as well as decent cash( As a 78 High wizard). But cna someone explain wizard leveling in niffleheim? I don’t remember that place being wizard friendly.

  6. Niff is not a wizard friendly place, first of all they are all aggressives which is a disadvantage for most wizards and also, some of them (like loli ruri) has a high Mdef. If u would try the other map of niff(which they have medium size mons and some undead). Be sure to bring many potions coz they’re not easy to be frozen.
    Another thing about leveling in Goats, my mage used to train(nde joke pa lvl lng) there and I practically used Hiding Clip. Yep try to use that its very useful!
    But now everytime I create any mage, I train(n nman p lvl nga eh) them in siromas. Yep thats a good place to level it has 2.2k base exp, a 1k job exp and they are plenty of siromas there which is good for leveling than geos, but be sure to have higher lvl of lytning bolts and a hiding clip.
    Good Luck ^^,

  7. [lvl 20-35ish] Soul strike everything in lvl1 payon dungeon

    [lvl 35-50] south of Morroc until you get to the dragonfly area, kill muka’s using fire bolt

    [lvl 50-70/80] Outside Ice dungeon, bring fly wings and fire bolt everything!

    [lvl 70-80] Ice Dungeon, JT everthing

    [lvl 70/80-99] 1)High orcs or Seals gather Storm Gust and lightening spell (LoV).
    2)Party with another Wiz, bard, Preist (with rez), two tankers and sniper/sinX and do must MvP’s, Nameless or Thors

    With a high populated server, you’ll have a high Wiz within two weeks (depending on rates can take 4days). A Wiz’s best friend is a bard with Bragi and a tanker

  8. I think the safest way will be the most conservative way. For me leveling should always be safe and easy. I learned in my 6 years of RO playing in Philippines that patience will always be a virtue especially during playing time.

    My 99 Hunter leveled in Glass Heim – AGI DEX LUCK INT from 70-99, got much loots, cards and weapons at that place.

    My 96 Prof at Siroma – ice_dun01 – INT DEX VIT from 80-96, average of 5-6 Million every 3 days from loots (like Ice Cubic & Ice Heart)

    My 97 Alchemist at Hillwind – rafild_05 – DEX VIT AGI from 80-97, average of 2-3 million every 4 days from loots (like Harpy Feather and Harpy Talon)

    Slowly but surely : )

  9. with the patch on the 27th july 2009 base levels 70-85 any job level up from juno save in juno 2 zones south 150 goats the fastest exp at the vegetable farmer in that zone wansder in zone until you find a group be close enough to the dieiing goats or i t wont count towards goat quest

  10. two words “wayne power” hahaha
    you’ll be a level 7x wizard in 2hrs(including the job change quest!!) 1-12 spores go mage 12-75 anubis map go wiz a wayne(a rank 9th mercenary) and a hiding clip(a must) go hide then wayne will kill for you bring blue and red mercenary potions and poof you are leveling with no sweat.. it doesnt require any special equips.. just a hiding clip 😀

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