Upgrade Bot Macro

If you want to upgrade multiple weapons and tired of responding to Hollgrehenn or any upgrade NPC with the same answers , here’s what you need to do.

1. Download Openkore

2. Download Macros

3. Paste this in your Macros.txt


Phracon is your refining material. You can change this to any refining material depending on what weapon type you want to upgrade.

In the yey automacro, change Knife [3] to any weapon you are upgrading, the same with macro repete.

automacro blackchoco {
inventory “Phracon” > 0
run-once 1
call shocolate

automacro sagotka2 {

console /Torso/

run-once 1
call lolz


automacro sagotka3 {

console /Yes/
run-once 0
call reply

automacro basag {

console /Failure teaches Success…/
run-once 0
call repete

automacro done {

console /Perfect!!/
run-once 0
call recon

automacro yey {

console /+10 Knife [3]/
run-once 0
call repete

automacro oops {

console /katar out of your right hand?/
run-once 0
call repete

macro shocolate {
do move 70 35 morocc_in
do talk @npc (73 38)


macro reply {
do talk resp 0

macro grr {
do talk resp 1

macro ack {
do talk resp 2

macro lolz {
do talk resp 3


macro repete {
do i
do eq Knife [3]
release all

macro recon {
release all

  • onliner

    can u send me a bot ernison_cristal@yahoo.com thx

  • boyongerzi

    where should i paste this code?

    umm, this code is for upgrading weapons using only phracon? not oridecon? if i use this code?

    Admin:You could change phracon into Oridecon, if you will be using Oridecon

  • http://ragnarok-guide.com/upgrade-bot-macro/ demon

    that is the very nice bot program

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    Hi Guys,
    Any 1 have equips upgrade software in 1 shot @ +9 Or +10 if any 1 hav please send me in my mail… please help me regarding same

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  • michael

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  • john

    is this bot work in aero ragnarok 2?? and im playing in TURBO server.. tnx

  • Eryco

    hey what i havo to do to make a macro answer the police?

  • http://yahoo.com maco

    please send me a config to old man in comodo… ung pggwa po ng obb… kakapagod po kc mgpipindot ng enter ehhh… ska ang dadamot ng my nakakaalam nung pgbot dun ayw mgbgay… hope u can help me…

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  • HeyHa

    erm…is this upgrade bot can b perform by ws? also, i wonder if we can upgrade other equips such as armor using phracon

    Admin: No, you can’t. You have to change phracon into elunium and name the armor the you want to upgrade

  • http://ragnarok-guide.com/upgrade-bot-macro/ Noel

    can u give me a bot config??

  • http://ragnarok-guide.com/upgrade-bot-macro/ Noel

    can u teach me how to set up macro??

    Admin: I alrady have that in my site :)

  • http://ragnarok-guide.com/upgrade-bot-macro/ Noel

    please help me to set up my bot !!

  • ray

    admin, i tried to copy ur script into macro.txt, but there is error before the bot log in, may i know how to solve this ? it cant login to RO as well, will the bot console b4 the charecter is logged in

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  • arkangel


    Can you get this upgrade bot to upgrade equips up to +8, +9 or +10 safely?

    Admin: Nope

  • aiRbOuRne23

    eow.. can i hav a slot enchantment bot on payon..?? thx.. plzz send it to my mail.. airbourne008@yahoo.com.ph.. thx again..

  • eunice

    can this work with openkore2.0+

    Admin: I haven’t try it yet in v 2.0+

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    plzz send me a runing bot macro for brewing alcohols…plzz help me out…

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    plss! thnx ! 😀

  • albert

    Hi, can you give me a macro that can autoloot this following items

    smokie card
    bigfoot card
    spore card
    yoyo card
    yoyo doll
    racoon doll
    blue herb

    thnx in advance ^_^

  • bill

    how to the bot can move?they don’t want to move..what should i do to make him move?

    • Yakir3

      Wow this is great! work good for me.
      I posted some of the bot at macrosland so people can download bots