Tips on how to get rich in Ragnarok

I’ve read a lot of players asking for tips on how to get rich in Ragnarok. Most of these people asking these questions are the newbies. Zeny is power. If you got the zeny, you could build an army and be a guild master in Ragnarok. You could buy any godlike equipments that you like and you can dressed your character with coolest headgear like the Solar God Helm. The following tips would help you gain zeny while playing the game in random order. Think of economics’ law of supply and demand.

1. Forger:

If your server is just starting out, one of the best character to do is a forger. Usually, forgers are the billionaires in the world of Ragnarok. Elemental weapons are in demand when the server is new or during modified experience weeks. They sold like hotcakes. I earned my first hundred million from my pure forger. There was a modified experience rate that time in my server and I had to forge every morning and evening just to meet the demand of the customers. Forging is only good at the beginning because the demand for these weapons depreciates as the server gets older. Besides, there are elemental coverters which are better alternative for elemental weapons.

What you need:

  • Blacksmith Pure Forger (at least level 85 dex-luck build)
  • Priest to buffs you whenever you are forging.


  • Gathering elemental ingredients is a daunty task to do
  • Steels are expensive
  • Competion from top 10 blacksmiths

2. Elemental Converters.

These converters can only be made by sages and professors. You just need a blank scroll and the usual loots (Snail Shell, Horn, Rainbow Shell and Scorpion Tail). It needs 3 of each of these items to create a converter. Vend this before siege time and *kaching* it will generate you lots of zeny. I suggest you buy these ingredients rather than hunt them because it will lead you to nowhere. You won’t be cable to level up and you’ll just be bored. There are only a few of professors and sages characters, chances are, you are going to sell these converters like hotcakes.

3. The art of buy and sell.
The art of buy and sell isn’t as easy as you think it is. You must be aware of the latest prices in the market, what items are most in demand and easier to sell. A lot of my friends in Ragnarok dressed their characters with good equips with buy and sell. You scout for sale or rush items in Prontera then sell and vend it afterwards for much higher price. But be careful of scams in buy and sell. Someone would buy an item for a high price and then his accomplice would sell that item for a low price. Don’t be fooled by this. Choose items well that you think you could generate you more income.
4. OC and DC.
Like in forging, when the server is just starting out, chances are not all of players have make an OC DC merchant character. Take advatage of this, park your own OC DC merch in tool shops and offer discounts on NPC items. For example, park your merchant in the Prontera tool shop and offer discounts to players who plans to buy items from the tool dealer. The players would prefer to buy from you because your price is much lower. If you want to succeed in these trick, be honest!

5. Reds and Fly Wings
Though you’ll get little income from these, a zeny is still worth something . Everyone needs potions and fly wings to survive while leveling. Position your shop near the respawn area, make your price reasonbale and players would buy from you.

6. Top 10 Blackmith
It doen’t matter if you are the number one blacksmith as long as you are in the list. Being in the top 10 makes your elemental weapons more desirable because your weapons has +5 ATK advantage over those who are not in the list. Making it in the top 10 may cost you and the return of your investment is not guaranteed.

7. Pure Brewer
If we have pure forgers as one of the trick in getting rich in Ragnarok, the list wouldn’t be complete without the pure brewers. If you’ll ask me what is more profitable between the two, it depends upon the server you are residing. If the price of alchemist bottles in your server is high, chances are you will generate more income from your brewer. Besides, making a brewer is more of a long time investment. If there are still biochemist and alchemist, your goods would still sell. These also sells easily during or before siege time and modified experience weeks. Biolabs here they come!

8. Top 10 Brewer
Being in the top 10 brewer is only necessary if you want to focus more in selling your white slim potions. If you belong to the top 10, your potions are 50% more effective. This is a very high maintenance trick, you have to continuosly brew white slim potions or else you’ll drop out of the list. Again, don’t do these if you have no plans concentrating on selling white slim potions

9. Hunt
If you can’t buy them, hunt them. If you want your own Angel Wing, why don’t you hunt Angeling by yourself. Who knows, it might even drop a card. This might be risky but it would be fun and fulfilling. Having an Angel Wing through hunting is something you should be proud of.

Gather all the loots that you will get, OC them with your merchant and you could earn millions from this. One of the good places to gather items is the alde_dun02 where High Orcs are. Other players do not bother on picking them up.

11. Bots
I do not know if these would count because it is illegal. I remember the times when bots are still evil and considered as a crime in our server, I was so frustrated at them especially on those who kill steals. But now everyone does it, so what the heck?! Indeed, you’ll get rich in botting, I know a lot of people did -_-

These are some of the many tips in getting rich in Ragnarok Online. Stay tume for more!

22 thoughts on “Tips on how to get rich in Ragnarok

  1. yah boting will really make you rich, specially when your character is a rouge…
    kahit ako ren galit na galit sa bot pero nung sinabi sakin ng friend ko na mei bot siya..aun nag bot na kme…promise no regrets sa boting..except sa summons.>_

  2. Botting may get you rich, but it gets you a lot of enemies too. Nobody likes to be spending hours hunting in a map with a bunch of bots.

  3. my technique to have a million of zeny. I kill a lot of Petite and pick up the daggers “Gokurin” and i sell it 🙂

  4. W8 lang yang mga botters na yan mag-ingat na sila kc may bot cleaning na gagawin aming guild cuz bots are illegal and must not be tollerated.

  5. Well…Botter, kill stealer & beggar are still the dumbest level of player in Ragnarok….Those lazy people…/sigh

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