Ragnarok Iara Quest

Ragnarok Iara Quest Item Requirements 20 Heart of mermaid, 10 Leopard Talon, 3 Ancient Lips – These items can all be obtained in Brasilis Dungeon 1 Ragnarok Iara Quest Rewards 2 Puri Potion Ragnarok Iara Quest Prerequisite ¬†Ragnarok Bathroom Blonde Quest – to gain access to the Brasilis Dungeon Ragnarok Iara Quest The Iara Ragnarok…
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Ragnarok on Windows 7

Ragnarok on Windows 7 Some Ragnarok players asks me if Ragnarok Online works on Windows 7. Well, the answer is yes and no. If you are using the beta version of Windows 7, there is¬† a huge chance RO would not work. But if you have the full version, then there should be no problems…
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Ragnarok Headset

Ragnarok Item Requirements Steel x 40 Oridecon x 1 Alcohol x 1 Coal x 1 Geffen – Headset Eric geffen_in,30,71 1 o’clock position in Geffen Inside a room in the bar Ingredient(s) Product(s) Headset

Ragnarok World Championships 2008

The Ragnarok World Championships 2008 will be held here in the Philippines for the first time outside South Korea. It will happen in Level Up! Live on Oct. 18 & 19 at the World Trade Center exhibit halls in Pasay City. Good luck to the Team Philippines (soon-to-be) for they are a force to be…
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Ragnarok Mobile: Ragnarok Mobile Mage

I was surprised to know that Ragnarok is also available in our mobile phones. Now that’s a great alternative to the online game. I’m going to feature the Ragnarok Mobile Mage, I heard there’s also a Ragnarok thief, merchant and etc but I still have to confirm this. One of the good features of this…
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Ragnarok Storm Gust Card

Stormy Knight Card Add the chance of auto casting level 1 Storm Gust on enemy when doing Physical Attack. Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking.

korean Ragnarok Online (kRO) Dev Team Interview

kRO Dev Team Interview – 4/17/07 1. Server Renewal / Optimization Dev team has announced that they are doing everything they can to fix the lag within Ragnarok Online, and as such, they plan to do whole renewal of how game server works. They described how it works by saying, the game lag is because…
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