Ragnarok Bot Config Tutorial Using Pots

Level of Difficulty: Easy Ragnarok Bot How to Use Healing Potions, Awakening Potions and Etc In the src/config.txt of your Ragnarok bot, find the useSelf_item line. The use self item pots allows your bot to use potions specified when your hp becomes low. useSelf_item { hp sp homunculus_hp homunculus_sp homunculus_dead onAction whenStatusActive whenStatusInactive whenFollowing spirit…
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Ragnarok bot autostorage

I’ve been asked a lot of times regarding autostorage. So I’ve decided on posting a tutorial about Ragnarok bot autostorage. Autostorage allows your bot to store their items in the kafra when a weight limit is reached: Ragnarok autostorage Setting the weight limit Kafra settings

Ragnarok Valhalla Bot Settings

pRO Valhalla Server is the latest Ragnarok free to play server. To bot in Valhalla Server, follow the Valkyrie server bot guide steps and then adjust the servers.txt and recvpacketx.txt. Valhalla has the same feature with Valkyrie only that it is not PK enabled. Good thing for Thorians they could still have their characters and…
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Valkyrie Unknown Error Code

Valkyrie server is difficult to connect to either through manual log in or bot. I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding errors in running Valkyrie bot. So I listed what those error means.

Blacksmith bot config

Merchant class Ragnarok bot config collection. Just copy the following in your config.txt Adrenaline Rush: useSelf_skill Adrenaline Rush { lvl 5 hp sp whenStatusInactive Adrenaline Rush stopWhenHit 1 notWhileSitting 1 notInTown 1 timeout 0 }

Ragnarok Valkyrie Bot fix

Ragnarok Valkyrie bot was shortly affected by Encrypted Packet Prefixes implemented last November 7, 2007 . Credit goes to kLabMouse of Openkore development team for the fix. Download the bot fix here and extract them to your Openkore folder. If you encounter Unknown packet – 02AE, Incoming search terms:Ragnarok Valkyrie Bot

Ragnarok Priest Config

Configuring to level your priest alone using Heal bombs is not as difficult as you think it is. These Ragnarok priest bot config does the following: Heals zombie , undead creature to gain exp lvl8 heal only for zombie and lvl5 heal for skeleton. Run when a high monster is sighted. Sit when sp(mana) is…
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