Ragnarok Builds

The strength of a character lies with your Ragnarok builds. I remember when Ragnarok Online was still in beta version – everyone thought luk attribute will bring you more luck in finding rare items and strength are for archer class. These were the times when there were Ragnarok builds such as agility wizards, luck priests, strength based archers. Awww~ the happy times. Me and my friends get a good laugh every time we remember doing those RO builds.

Ragnarok Build Guide

This RO guide aims to give you what Ragnarok build to pursue on your respective Ragnarok Online character. Both character of the same job in RO does not necessary mean that both of you have the same stat attribute. That’s what makes RO more fun! Ragnarok is also based on how you plan your build and think through it – evenly distributing all stats.

Ragnarok Build Guide – The Stats

RO has six stat attributes. Each of this stat has specific effect on your Ragnarok character, but not on the same manner. The following are only a brief summary. Below links are the comprehensive Ragnarok Build guides.

STR – Str is the life of melee characters commonly on knight class and the blacksmith class(unless you are a pure forger). Str is used by other characters only to increase their weight limit. But do not waste your stat on this because there’s the Ragnarok Gym Pass Quest, but you have to purchase it on the hypermart.

AGI -AGI improves your dodge against enemies and attack speed. If you do magic or spell casting then agi – is of no used for you like for dancers, bard, wizard. This is a favorite of assassin class (granted that your Assassin Cross is not of SOUL destroyer Ragnarok build) and blacksmith class(unless you are a forger) who does

VIT – Vit increases survivability. Melee characters need this the most specifically knight class and the blacksmith class. Support build priest also needs this – but not as much as those melee characters.

INT – Int improves magic attack and sp. If your character’s survivability/ability depends on magic attack like the wizards, priest, biochemist – then you need this.

DEX – Dexterity is the soul of archer class. It improves hit attack and make sure that you never misses your targets. Melee characters need a bit of this so you cold hit your enemies. Dexterity also decreases spell casting- priests, acid demonstration biochemist, wizard needs this. Forgers/brewers need this as well.

LUK- this ragnarok stat increases critical rate – specifically used by crit build assassins.

Ragnarok Builds

Here are the RO Build guides that I have compiled over the years

Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator Guide

Ragnarok Ninja Guide

Ragnarok Thief/Assassin/Rouge Guide

Ragnarok Archer Guide

Ragnarok Pure Forger and Forging Guide

Ragnarok Crusader Build Guide

Ragnarok Priest Guide

Ragnarok Ranger Guide – The Warg

Ragnarok Clown Build Guide

Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – Magic Gear

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  1. doesnt luk also increases atk and hit? you also forgot to put that with 100 vit, luk int you gain immunity on different status effects(e.g. stun, stone curse, frozen, etc)

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