Ragnarok Z-Gang Quest

Ragnarok Z-Gang Quest Base Level Requirements

  • Base level 70

Ragnarok Z-Gang Quest Item Requirements

Ragnarok Z-Gang Quest Rewards

  • 1,000,000 Base Experience

Ragnarok Z-Gang Quest

I could have done the Z-Gang Quest a long time ago if only I have the Morroc Fruit Wine by then. This Ragnarok Quest is also funny, you’ll know why in the end.

1. To start the Ragnarok Z-Gang quest, click on the Wanted Notice (prontera 150, 326) near the north kafra in Prontera. The notice is a warning from the infamous thieves, the Z-Gang.


2. Speak with the Chief Officer next to the notice to learn more about the z-Gang. He then suggests to you to talk with a knight named Valdes.


3. You can find Valdes in the Prontera Pub (205, 157). Before he talks, you need to give him 5 Morroc Fruit Wine. He ve already given up investigating the Z-Gang. He suggest for you to talk to one of the Rogue agents, Marybell, in the Rogue guild. The password is The dawn is yet to come. (period included)


4. Go inside the Rogue Guild (warp from Morroc town to Comodo Pharos Beacon), walk downstairs and talk with Marybell (359, 116). Give her the password The dawn is yet to come. (period included) and she’ll learn that Valdes sent you. Tell her that you need to ask her about Z-Gang. She’ll test you first and instruct you to go to Payon and beat the White Meteor Moonho Ahn.


5. At the lower right of Payon, talk to Moonho (244,62) Tell him I’m here to challenge you. You need to guess if the number he’s thinking is odd or even and he’ll do the same to you. Answer Odd or Even. Mind you, he’s very good. Talk to him again whenever you are ready. You need to win 2 out of 3 rounds and beat him twice. After you beat him, he will mark your arm as proff that you are the new White Meteor.


6. After you getting your mark, go back to the Rogue guild and show it to Marybell. She’s ecstatic that you have beaten Moonho and goes off to tell her friends.Talk to her again and you can now finally ask her about the Z-Gang. She then ask you to investigate in Morroc Ruins.

7. Continue the Z-Gang quest by going to morroc ruins. Walk near (90,67) and a suspicious man drops a note with the order of killing you. Then, he’ll disappear.


8. Next, walk near (78,167) in order to catch the suspicious man. He tells you that he knows nothing and just pass notes.


9. Report to Marybell. A rogue agent found a piece of paper with a written note in invisible ink, you need to decode the message.

10. Take the note to the decoder Goonho Ahn in Payon (192, 176). Unfortunately, he needs more materials before he can proceed with his work. Bring him 20 Live Coal, 2 Alcohol, 1 Matchstick, and 10 Burning Heart.


11. Give him the items and an ancient language would be revealed.


12. Give this message to Marybell. Apparently, they have locate the Z-Gang’s hideout near the secret path to the South Morroc underground. Each of you go hunt them separately.

13. Walk near the field, (moc_fild17 209, 235) , you’ll hear a Creak sound. Click on the Old Slab. Enter the ancient words line by line. if you have successfully entered the passwords, you will be warped in the Z-Gang’s hideout.


14. Initially, they’ll think that you are one of the Z-Gang. When they realize that you are not, they will summon Skel Prisoners and Antique Firelock.


15. Kill the monsters and they will try to summon more. Unfortunately for them, they pressed the wrong button and revealed themselves.Talk to them until they have given back the book they stole. You will receive Forbidden Secret Art and be warped somewhere in Morroc field.



16. Go back to Prontera and report to the Chief Officer. He thanks you for what you did and you will receive 1,000,000 Base Experience Ragnarok Z-Gang quest reward.

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  2. Para mi copiar y pegar es mas fácil, asi que pongo aca el password, este es que yo use:

    Weii arr prowd Z G gna
    Aynoen hwo sspotp uys
    wlil eb kckide on htier ssa!

  3. i’m playing on MyRO private server, thers somwthing wrong with the password box i cant type ssa… the slab would always say pzzzzzzzzt after it…

    wat am i doing wrong?

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