Ragnarok Wizard Guide on WOE

The Ragnarok Wizard could kill a lot of enemies in one skill but has a low survival rate because of their hp to. It keeps the balance in the game this way. They may not be the key players on offense, but they work wonders on defense. A castle with lots of wizards combined with braggi is lethal. This post is a compilation of the Ragnarok wizard guide on WOE.

Ragnarok Wizard Guide – Stats

Ragnarok wizards on WOE should focus more on dex to decrease casting and skill delay and int for maximum damage. You could have minimal vit to boost your hp but that is unnecessary. Besides, you may have a devo crusader with you in the party and priest to support you when inflicted with cursed status. Plus, you won’t go into battle without restorative items.

Ragnarok Wizard Guide – Equipments

Basic WOE Equipment (Budget Package)

Headgear – Wear damage reducing helmets rather than dex booster headgear unless you are aiming for the 150 dex. It would be more useful. The following headgears can be bought on a low price. You could also wear masquerade to increase your damage against demi-human. Spells are considered as damage from demi human

  • PooPoo Hat – low budget
  • Beret – low buget
  • Feather Beret – mid budget
  • Angeling Hat – high budget

Armor – The best armor woud be Format Suit for its weight of 60. However it is more expensive that Coat but weighs more 120. The effective armor would be unfrozen armor. Again, a Ragnarok Wizard is useless if it can’t cast a spell.

  • Unfrozen Formal Suit or Coat

Shoes – Because of the spell spam, chances are you’ll ran out of SP. You also need to boost your hp more. You could choose from Eggrya, Matyr, Sohee Ancient Firelock Cards.

Shield – The best shield for woe would be the one any other job wears, the Cranial Guard

Accessory – To boost your dex or int, you could wear Nimble Gloves, Nimble Earring if your level is above 90. Or Nimble Clips it is also below 90. It is advisable to wear Hiding Clip for it might save your life

Weapon – 4 Slotted Rods with Fabre Cards to boost your HP or Drop Cards to boost your dex.

Godlike Equipments (Billionaire Package)

We’ll go on the Valkyrie set combo. Although some of the compounded cards are the same and we added Orc Hero Sunglasses on the list.


  • Orc Hero Sunglasses – Immunity to stun
  • Valkyrie Helm with Dark Illusion Card – An ornate, winged helmet worn by the warrior maidens that serve Odin. DEF +5
  • Dark Illusion Card – Max HP, Max SP -10%. Reduce spell casting time by 10%.


  • Valkyrie Armor – You won’t need to carry Green Potions anymore. A set of shining white armor worn by Valkyries, the battle maidens that serve the god Odin. Increases resistance to Silence status when worn by Mage, Archer, and Acolyte Classes. Increases resistance to Stun status when worn by Swordman, Merchant, and Thief Classes. Cannot be destroyed in battle. All Stats +1.
  • Unfrozen Valkyrie Armor – cannot be frozen


  • Cranial Valkyrja’s Shield – A shield used by Gna, messenger of Freyja, when she served as a Valkyrie. Adds 20% resistance to Water, Fire, Undead and Dark properties.
    MDEF +5.

Shoes – Valkyrie Shoes with Dark Lord Card

  • Valkyrie Shoes – A pair of shoes worn by the Valkyries, Odin’s battle maidens. These shoes grow more powerful as the wearer improves his own abilities. Increases Max HP by (Base Level*5) when worn by Mage, Archer, and Acolyte Classes. Increases Max SP by (Job Level*2) when worn by Swordman, Merchant, and Thief Classes. Cannot be destroyed in battle.
  • Dark Lord Card – If the user is equipped with an item compounded to the Dark Illusion Card, it adds Max HP, Max SP + 20%. Add the chance of auto casting level 5 Meteor Storm skill on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.


  • Dex Survivors Rod – DEX + 2 MATK + 15% HP + 300
  • Int Survivors Rod – INT + 2 MATK + 15% HP + 300


  • Safety Ring – Def 3 Mdef + 3
  • Morpheus’s Bracelet – INT + 1 Max SP + 5%.
  • Morpheus’s Ring – INT + 1 Max SP + 5%.

Ragnarok Wizard Guide – What to bring

Because of the wizard’s low weight limit, mastela or white slim potions is strongly recommended. But Mastela is much effective for me. Bring at least 5 royal jellies that you could use when you are cursed or you ran out of sp. Bring green potions is a must because wizards are useless if they can’t cast skills.

Offensive Tactic

Let’s face it, Wizards would not do as much as the others in offense because of their low hp. They survivavility rate makes them weak. The key is, wait until there is a land protector on thefloor. Melees to follow in, then you. In a light defended castle, once the Land Protector has been laid on the floor, you can follow. But on the heavy defended one, wait for a land protector, melee to come in, and then a few seconds or until the enemies defense are disbanded before you can come in. Cast level 1 SG, then level 10 SG when you feel like it’s safe. Also, you could use the hiding clip. Once you go inside the emperium room, you could hide then reveal yourself if the enemies are not that too many any more.

Defensive Tactic

Here’s what the Wizards are good at, defense. Here are some key points that you should know about the Wizard skill: SG does not stack, Meteor Storm does. But SG + LOV skill combo works wonders. So it would be best if there are at least 5 Wizards in the guild on the entrance. 2 Wizards casting SG, 2 Wizards casting LOV and 1 Wizard solely concentrating on firewall. Firewall because traps are not that useful anymore in WOE, your guildmates can step on it as well. And it would be a pain to re trap all over again. In the emperium there should be a one standby wizard. I know it is tiring to cast spells when there are no enemies attacking your castle. This time, you could take turns in casting and ask someone to tell you if there are enemies approaching the castle.

Ragnarok Wizard Guide – Skills

The must have skills for the wizards on woe are:

  • Storm Gust 10
  • Lord of Vermillion 10
  • Meteor Storm 10
  • Firewall 10

Ragnarok Wizard Guide – Soul Link

Effect: Soullinks to Wizards and High Wizards, allowing them to cast all Gemstone requiring Skills without using them up (however, it still requires the Wizard to have at least one of the respective Gemstone) for the skill’s duration. When the Wizard has a Crystal Fragment while under this skill’s effect, the item will be used, and any spells that were reflected back to you via Kaite will simply disappear instead of hitting you.

However, no matter how good your equipments and stats are, what matters most is the player’s ability behind the character

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