Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald Quest

Ragnarok Online Game Requirements:

Ragnarok Online Game Quest Pre-requisites:

  • Broken Diamond Quest

Ragnarok Online Game Reward:

Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald Quest

1. Start the Ragnarok Online game quest by talking to the Ragged Man (morocc 143, 63) in South part of Morocc. He is a treasure hunter who had lost all his money. Give him 1,200 Zeny so he can return home to Prontera (Poor man). After you give him the money, he’ll tell you about someone who knows a treasure’s location.


2. Go the the northern part of the town and you’ll find a Man (morocc 102, 298) Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he found a treasure but failed to dig it up. So you agree to help him. He’ll let you collect some game items for him first. Give him 2 Pearl, 2 Zargon and 20 Memento then he’ll tell you that the treasure is in south field of morocc.


3. Head two south maps down and click on the spot (moc_fild8 108, 116) But you can’t dig it up either.


4. Return to the Man in Morroc. He’ll tell you about a man in Comodo that can help you. he gave you a half note. The note could either say Unlock or Open, it’s totally random.

5. At the eastern part of comodo, there’s a man in hiding (comodo 339, 224). He’ll give you the other half of the note. It could either say Treasure or Sesame.


6. Go back to the location of the treasure. Bring someone with you to party with and help you dig the treasure. One player is enough. Click on the treasure.

7. Click on the treasure again. Key in the phrase that you received from the two NPCs with no space. Ex. OpenSesame or UnlockTreasure. You’ll get 1 Dead Branch, Two-handed Sword [1], and the Unlucky Emerald. Keep the unlucky emerald in your inventoryfor the duration of the Ragnarok quest.


8. Go back to Morocc town and talk to Ibrahim. He’ll ask you what you want to do with it. Just choose Study it or else you’ll take some additional steps in the Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald Quest and no one would bother to buy it because it is cursed. If you click Study it, Ibrahim tells you to talk to his scholar friend in Comodo.


If you click Sell it, show the unlucky Emerald to the three jewelers.

a. Jhonnita in Alberta: (102, 80)


b. Kimeunbang in Payon: (69, 65)


c. Leblo in Geffen: (128, 153)


9. Talk to the Scholar (comodo 139, 184) in Comodo town. He suggests you to go see the Shaman in Alberta to break the curse.


10. Go inside the Hair Shop (alberta 136, 37) in Alberta, head to the south portal. Talk to the Shaman, he’ll first ask for 200,000 then another 100,000 in order to life the curse. from the unlucky emerald. He’ll then tell you to get some items for the ritual. Give him 1 Holy Water, 1 Witherless Rose, 1 Crystal Blue, 1 Red Blood and 1 Wind of Verdure. He’ll do the ritual then eventually tells you to go see the Archaeologist in Juno.


11. Go inside the Juno library (yuno 338, 203) and talk to the archaeologist inside. He’ll tell you that the unlucky emerald isn’t cursed and the rumors isn’t true.


12. Return to the Shaman in Alberta, he’ll be furious on what the archaeologist has said. He advises you to go to a high place near Geffen town.

13. Head over two west of Geffen. In the middle, step over the spot (gef_fild08 182, 185) and The wanderer spirit will appear. Talk to the spirit at least twice.


14. Continue the Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald quest by talking to the Archaeologist and tell him what you saw. He advises you to go speak to a Soldier in Prontera.

15. Talk to the Retired Soldier in Prontera (prontera 140, 304) and he’ll tell you about the battle with Kobolds and the wanderer.


16. Go back to the wanderer’s spirit. Talk to him and tell him what you have learned. He won’t believe you, then he’ll disappear.

17. Tell the Archaeologist what just happened.

18. Proceed to Prontera town and talk to the Retired Soldier again. You’ll received your Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald Quest reward -Old Blue Box or 1 Old Purple Box if you are Level 99 and about 1,000,000 Base Experience if you are 90+. Tell us how much you got.

25 thoughts on “Ragnarok Unlucky Emerald Quest

  1. I accidentally dropped the Unlucky Emerald (And a Steel Chonchon ate it. When I killed the monster, it didn’t drop my diamond), and now I can’t proceed to #8. What a waste of time /swt

  2. I did the quest at lvl 98 and gave me 4.95%
    thanks for everything, very well explained, except for shaman who is not were you placed, it, but at the south of alberta, the 2nd shop at the bottom of the map.
    thanks again, bye

  3. emmm i dont know if to someone else happened but since there is a hole in middel of marroc ammm the “Ragged Man” with who have to talk first emm disappeared~ isnt it? @_@ can make the quest now or what? i have search him in the whole map already…

  4. i’m level 97, i’ve got 1.7% not bad. thanks for the guide. i know there are more quest out there, and i’ll be waiting for it. thanks guys! (n_n)

  5. Ibrahim.. he’s now at the pyramid-card.. and he doesnt say anything exept that he wonderes what to do with the diamond of destruction..O.o nothing with study it or sth like that.. please help meee *-*

  6. Ehh-huh. Yeah…See I didn’t find Ibrahim where it shows him on the tutorial here, he was in a different map of Morroc altogether. And then when I did talk to him, he didn’t even SUGGEST studying or selling it; he said one thing about a diamond and moved on, even with it still in the inventory. So is it bugged, or has it changed since this was posted,…Or am I doomed to never complete it and be stuck with the blasted thing. xx;

  7. hehe^^ you have to do the other nameless quests before you can do this quest xD I just found that out too^^ ;3

  8. I play RebirthRO, and my base lvl is 158. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any experience xD I only got the Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box.

  9. Hey – [LK] Snickers -.. we are in the same boat=__=.. i was throwing some non-used items but i accidentally throw the emerald and steel chochong take its advantage while i was not looking what’s on the floor.. damn.. waste of time.. sigh

  10. Hey im at the part where i put in the magic words OpenSesame and its not working
    i have a party member and spell it out as one word and everything but its still not working. im just wondering wats wrong and im from the RebirthRO sever. plz reply thx

  11. now i see… this quest is now bugged… when i did this quest in my first character, it worked very smoothly, but now im trying this one for my other character and it did’nt work… damned valkyrie server!! valkyrie GMs must do their work seriously and very hard… they’re just sitting very pretty, eating pancakes from other players… duh… @_@)


  13. :S i sold the emerald by accident @_@ the guy gimme just 10 fuckin zennis :@ i can come back later and do the quest again :S?

  14. Gents if you didn’t finish this quest in episode -11 and doing this quest in episode 12 to 13 you can find Ibrahim in the ruins in moc_ruins 152 147 just a helpful tip for those guys who can’t find this Ibrahim.

  15. My quest stop at #10. There is no Shaman in Alberta. There’s no portal going to Hair Shop. Is this bug? Should I report it to GM?

  16. **catkaze
    I thought I have the same problem with u at first. The coordinate stated in #10 was correct, but the picture shown was the wrong one. The portal to Shaman can be located at the middle southest part in alberta.

  17. damn Ibrahim didn’t say anything ~_~ how should i continue in my quest is it only waste of time and waste of money buying things that are required? by the way im from New Loki

  18. UGh yes I am at the password part as well like Seiag says on September 19th, 2009 at 6:32 am and I can not for the life of me get thsi to work I type in the password UnlockTreasure as one word………. & NOTHING please come on there must be something that can be done.

  19. fnck this quest. ibrahim didn’t say anything!! i tried to look @ moc_ruins 152 147 but there’s no NPC in there! fnck! wat a waste of time. delete this post! ssshhht!

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