Ragnarok Transcendent or Rebirth Quest

Level Requirements: 99/50 2-1 or 2-2 Character


  • Character must have 0 Weight
  • No equipment
  • Exactly 1,285,000 Zeny in inventory
  • No Peco Peco
  • No falcons
  • No cart

Ragnarok Transcendent Quest/Ragnarok Rebirth Quest 

1. Go to the Sage Academy in Juno.


2. Head straight then talk to Metheus Sylphe and donate 1,285,000 Zeny.


3. Proceed to north of Metheus and read The Book of Ymir.


4. Head south and then at the very bottom, head downstairs.


5. You found yourself in a maze. Continue to go down until you respawn in a room with three portals. Take the portal to the right and you’ll find yourself in a spiral room.

6. Go at the very center of the spiral stairs


7. You’ll find yourself in a room with the Heart of Ymir. Click the Heart of Ymir.


8. You’ll be warped in Valhalla. Here you will find many Ragnarok Rebirth masters. Walk straight to the north until you have met Valkyrie.


9. Talk to her and she will turn you into a high novice again. After which, you’ll respawn in your respective towns based on your job.


High Novice

Level until base 10. Then go to your job’s guild house to change into a transcendant first job
Ragnarok Transcendant Class 

1. Go back  to the Sage guild in Jun

2. Click the Book of Ymir. The book would directly transport you into Valhalla.

3. Talk to your respective Ragnarok rebirth master. You are now officially a transcendent class


39 thoughts on “Ragnarok Transcendent or Rebirth Quest

  1. when chancing from high merchant or swordsman to trencendent class it doesnt say you need to be job lv 50. do you need to be ?

  2. does anyone know if quest skills such as change cart, etc. are reset during trans; if so, is there a way to them back without having to do such quests over again?

  3. help. I talked to Valkyrie but she warped me back (that b*ch!) coz I still got Leaf Cat Balls (can’t drop it). Now that I emptied my inventory, when read the book it doesn’t warp me to the maze! ARG!!

  4. all platinum skills will remain, but you can only access them, in your specific job, like the pick-up stone can only be available for thief and the confine skill for stalkers

  5. let add some more info, you have for the 2nd job platinum skill, after you got to your trancended job, you’ll notice that the skill is not available, you’ll just have to talk to the npc where you got the skill, and you will get it, without doing the quest all over again.

  6. arrrrgg… i have a vvvery big prob.. i have soo many items that are binded to my character.. and i can’t seem to throw/trade/store them off… i talk to valk many times, and then she still warp me back to the book..hmpft??

  7. question. how do you get rid of non-trade-able items / rental items ? can’t rebirth without losing them @ _ @ drat

  8. question what will you do if you didn’t finish the port manager quest at level 98 6th crate i cant seem to talk to the port manager after that can you help me ????????

  9. amp naman d ako MAKAPAG TRANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kc may quest item ako na may weight!!!

    inde ma trade at inde pede ma laglag at lalong lalo na inde pedeng malagay sa kafra!!!

    HELP MEE!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  10. i have an ordinary branch item …and it has weight

    i cannot trade it nor drop it and also i cannot store it in the kafra

    …and when i go back to the new surroundings quest i cannot trade it with the NPC..

    Help me Gayz!

  11. how about if i didn’t get those platinum skills, The 1st and 2nd job quest skills…??? can i still get them after trans w/o any hassle completing the quest?

  12. can’t she change you if you have zeny left? i cant put my paradise equips in the storage? what should i do?? heeeelp!

  13. its okey to have paradise equips whats important is that your weight must be zero and paradise equip has no weight.. i tried it already..

  14. can someone helped me I have no weight in my inventory but when I look at my weight there still 32 weight but I can’t find what is the problem can someone help me

  15. I have the answer about the weight issues.,try to talk to kafra, and use storage.the cancel it.you will notice that your weight is decreasing one at a time.

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