Ragnarok The Sign Quest

The Sign Quest, like the Kiel Hyre Quest is an extremely long quest. It took me at least 1 and a half day to complete this quest. I started the Ragnarok Sign Quest at 1pm because some NPC are only available during the afternoon and at night. What annoys me in this quest is I have to go in and out of Niflheim. Even though there is a bungee jumping technique that I’ll show you later, it still requires a few tries for me in order to go to the city of the dead. The Ragnarok Sign Quest although very difficult has a very promising reward – the sign accessory. It adds 5% to ATK and MATK and works like an elemental card.

The tip here is to gather all the required ingredients first before starting the quest. It would be difficult to collect items along the quest. It’s not that as difficult as it may look but it’s very very long.

The sign quest according to iRO wiki is divided into seven parts. I’ll post a detailed step by step guide and screenshots in order to help you finish the Ragnarok Sign Quest.

1. Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight
2. The Complete Sobbing Starlight
3. The Ancient Document
4a. Sure, why not?
4b. Why Should I Help Them?
5. Proving Yourself
6a. Kirkena the Witch
6b. Serin the Pleasant-Featured Lady
7. The Sign

I had fun doing the Ragnarok Sign Quest, I was able to explore maps and meet Ragnarok NPC characters that I never knew existed. Like the Queen of the Dead, she’s gorgeous.

The Bungee Jumping Technique

I was so frustrated in the Umbala Bungee Jumping that I tried to search for some technique. I found one in you-tube, I tried it and it certainly works.


You tube Bungee Jumping Technique

Ragnarok The Sign Quest Item Requirements

1. Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight

  • Fluff x 100
  • Poison Spore x 50
  • Scorpion Tail x 30
  • Rotten Bandage x 20
  • Little Evil Horn x 15
  • Coral Reef x 10 (additional 365 below)
  • Empty Test Tube x 10
  • Yggdrasil Leaf x 2
  • Green Herb x 10

You need to at least get 20 points from these. You cannot repeat an item

  • Puppet – Doll Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • Poring Doll – Doll Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • Chonchon Doll – Doll Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • Red Frame – Gift Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • Chung Jah – Gift Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • China – Gift Merchant (Prontera) – 1pt
  • Crystal Mirror – Trader (Morrc) – 2pt
  • Spore Doll – 2pt
  • Rocker Doll – 3pt
  • Yoyo Doll – 5pt
  • Raccoon Doll – 5pt
  • Osiris Doll – 5pt – 12pt
  • Baphomet Doll – 10pt
  • 30,000 Zeny
  • Royal Jelly x 10
  • Honey x 20
  • Bear’s Footskin x 30
  • Hinalle Leaflet x 1
  • Ment x 1
  • Empty Bottle x 1
  • 10,000 Zeny

2. The Complete Sobbing Starlight

  • Mini Furnace x 5
  • Oridecon Hammer x 2
  • Golden or Emperium Anvil x 1 (Emperium Anvil is recommended, he won’t return it though)
  • Mr Smile x 1
  • Worn Out Page x 7 (although the NPC would ask for 10)

3. The Ancient Document

  • Resin x 4
  • Stone Heart x 12
  • Coral Reef x 365

5. Proving Yourself

  • level 4 weapon that your character can equip (I used a Long Mace)
  • highly refined weapon (I used a +10 Quad Vital Rod)
  • 60,000 Zeny (what a rip off!)

Ragnarok The Sign Quest Reward

Failed defeating the monsters in the Sign Quest step no 5 (Make sure not to fail or all your efforts will be wasted)

  • 500,000 Experience
  • Old Purple Box
  • Create Cursed Water

Succeed defeating the monsters in the Sign Quest step no 5

  • 2,000,000+ Base Experience
  • The Sign Accessory
  • Create Cursed Water
  • Lucifer’s Lament

Ragnarok The Sign Quest Pre-requisite

It would be best if you the following quest first before starting the sign quest.

Have you collected all the the sign Quest item requirements and finished the two Ragnarok quests? Get ready for this is a very very long quest. Let’s now begin the Sign Quest Part I: Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight

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  8. You have to get it from Old Blue Boxes or Old Violet Boxes, most mvps drop these at a pretty high rate but some reg monsters drop them as well ^_^

  9. i got stuck in step 5 of 4a Part(sure why not?)

    i accidentaly clicked on the witch, and she automatcally warped me to umbala, now she wont give me the crows wing, anything ican do to continue the quest?? help me plz, mail me,,

    thanks in advance

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