Ragnarok Thanatos Tower Quest

Thanatos is one of the high leveled boss monsters in Ragnarok Online who resides in the Thanatos tower. It’s not easy to deal with his ghost property and powerful mobs that it requires a whole party to do this quest. The way up to the Thanatos tower is a daunting task either, you will encounter lots of angel monsters and Thanatos’ minions.

Party Requirement: More than 5 party members

Job Requirements: Must be transcendent class for Level 7 and above

Item requirement:

Entrance to the Thanatos Tower

1. Go to hu_fild01. From Juno, go south then west, then north and then north. Talk to the Tower Keeper hu_fild01 (140, 163). He will ask for an entrance fee of 5,000 Zeny.


Thanatos Tower Quest

1. At the first floor of the Thanatos tower, talk to the guide(tha_t01 149 78) and sign up for the expedition. This marks the start of your Ragnarok quest. The Thanatos tower expedition has rewards in exchange of items acquired from slaying monsters in the Thanatos tower. You could redeem your rewards from the lady beside her.


2. At the second floor, talk to the Entrance Guide (tha_t02 231 161) in order to get to the third floor. But you need five or more party members to gather near him before he opens the portal to the third floor.


3. You’ll start to gather keys at the 3rd floor of the Thanatos tower. Go to (tha_t03 67 70) you’ll find a machine device. Click the device to investigate, you’ll obtain a red key.


4. You can find another machine device at the fourth floor (tha_t04 195 195). This is the tricky part. You have to guess the 3 digit number sequence before getting the yellow key. You cannot use a single number more than once or use the number 0. You have five tries in order to get the correct number sequence or you’ll have to restart again.


5. At the fifth floor (tha_t05 101 37), tt only requires three or more party members near the mechanice device before getting the blue key. You and your party members may have to try clicking the device several times in order to get the key.


6. On the 6th floor, you’ll find a device in which you need to adjust the wheels. If you do this correctly, you’ll obtain the Green Key. The sequence are: 1st small wheel -> upward 2nd small wheel -> downward, 1st large wheel -> rotate, 2nd large wheel -> upward

3rd large wheel -> upward.


7. The last key would be on the upper left most, ninth floor (tha_t09 19 168). Key in Charm Stone and you’ll get the Black Key .


8. You now finish the first part of the Thanatos Tower Quest, getting all five keys. Unfortunately, you have to go back down the tower to get the Charm Stones. You must do all these in sequence.


9. Go back to the 4th floor (tha_t04 150 44) and you’ll find the first seal. Key in Blue Key and you will get a Blue Charm Stone.


10. On the 5th floor (tha_t05 218 116) of the Ragnarok Thanatos tower, you will find the second seal. Key in Red Key, and you will get the Red Charm Stone.


11. On the 6th floor (tha_t06 226 230), you will find the third seal. Key in Black Key, and you will get the Black Charm Stone.


12. On the 7th floor (tha_t07 113 129), you will find the fourth seal. Key in Yellow Key, and you will get the Yellow Charm Stone.


13. On the 10th floor (tha_t10 129 159), you will find the final seal. Key in Green Key, and you will get the Green Charm Stone. Watch out for Odium of Thanatos.


14. You now obtain the five magical charm stones. Make your way to the 12th floor and enter the charm stones at the 5 statues.


15. Insert the Red Charm Stone into the first statue (tha_t12 96 58)


16. Insert the Yellow Charm Stone into the second statue (tha_t12 161 58)


17. Insert the Blue Charm Stone into the third statue (tha_t12 104 18)


18. Insert the Black Charm Stone into the fourth statue (tha_t12 128 86)


19. Insert the Green Charm Stone into the final statue (tha_t12 150 18)


20. After you have insert the five charm stones, a portal (tha_t12 127 52) would open near the fifth statue


21. That ends the second part of the quest. You will find yourself at the thana_boss map. You need to insert the four fragments.


22. Make your way to the mid west (thana_boss 217 167). Insert Fragment of Agony into the Crest and the Dolor of Thanatos would appear. Defeat this monster.


23. Go next to the north of thana_boss 202 75. Insert Fragment of Misery into the Crest and the Maero of Thanatos would appear. Defeat this monster.


24. Go next to east of thana_boss 80 76. Insert Fragment of Despair into the Crest and the Despero of Thanatos would appear. Defeat this monster.


25. The final crest is in the southwest of thana_boss 62 171. Insert Fragment of Hatred into the Crest. After you insert the fragment, the Odium of Thanatos would appear. Defeat this monster.


26. Now that you have inserted all the Crest and defeated all the monsters, you can summon Thanatos. At the center, there is a large statue (thana_boss 141 218). Activate this statue and more monsters would appear. After defeating the monsters, Thanatos would appear before you.

Thanatos Tower Rewards

Remember the expedition you sign up to at the beginning of the quest? Collect the Cursed Seal, Golden Ornament, Blue Feather and RedFeather and you could get zeny and experience rewards at the first floor.


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60 thoughts on “Ragnarok Thanatos Tower Quest

  1. What Will i TYpE in THe Crest….PLs AnsweR Quick….

    Admin: Those that are italicized.
    Fragment of Agony
    Fragment of Misery
    Fragment of Despair
    Fragment of Hatred

  2. thx, ur answer help me a lot…. i no need to redo the quest to summon the monster.. thx… i love tis website a lot … thx a lot a lot and a lot

  3. omg, im at 12th floor of thanatos tower.. i stuck at there.. T_T… dono Y cannot insert 2 nd stone… i tried all statue all same effect

  4. it say talk to NOX, talk to DOX… dono wats tat… wat 4 spirit left 3 spirit left… i have no idea at all…

  5. Hey do i have to do the quest gain if i want to resummon??the portal has closed once i killed thanatos…so do i have to do the quest again or is there some way of resummoning?

  6. I found tis website rly helpful.. Thanks alot for that.. I have qns tho.. After we killed thanatos phantom,we’ll be spawn at lvl 12 again..
    When can we insert the charms again? n happened that some of us lost some of the charms.. Do we have to get those charms back to summon thana? Thanks alot..

  7. And no u cant resummon the mvp with the same char.. It requires a new char wit the whole charms. Is there a way to get back those charms?

  8. Hey,i would like to know that if after summoning thanatos,can someone of our party members summon it again or do we have to climb the whole tower?(assuming the party members have each and every item needed)

  9. Hi…i also don’t understand about how to insert the number correctly…issit only guess?or have some tactic to slove its? replay me pls

  10. umm does thanatos tower quest work for super high rate servers becuz i tried sumoning it puting the stones in the statues it dosent work it just say sumtin and i cant insert it… and at the crest wat do u type in

  11. I need help….in tha_06 it says over whelming bla bla bla unabling me to enter i have all of charms and keys b4 i get in to thanatos!!!

  12. guys important question why when i warp at the last tower using the portal why is there are no four fragments is this quest a joke?!?! we spent a lot of time in this and nothing happen? f*ck

  13. hey after i inserted all the frgments, i still hve to insert somethin on the lst crest north of it it’s thana_boss,141,216, i don’t know wht it is

  14. how can i go inside the tha_t10?? i have been stucked in tha_t09 everytime i go inside the thanatos tower… pls reply asap. i really need this

  15. why cant i inset the 4 charm stones?? it says that the statue is generating intense heat that you cannot approach it

  16. hi .. i try to repeat the quest and the statue say its hot .. what does it says ? and the statue dont get me red charm stone?

  17. Rules of the Game: You will have 5 chances to guess the correct 3-digit password. You can’t use 0 for any of the digits, and the machine can’t use the same number for 2 times. The machine will also tell you if you’ve guessed a correct number, this could be very helpful.

    Helpful Hints and Tips:
    • Take a piece of paper and number it from 1 ~ 9
    • Seperate the numbers into 3 groups, 123, 456, and 789
    • Put a parenthesis of a bracket in each set.
    • Input each set of numbers into the machine.
    • If you have 1 correct or more, put it on top of the corresponding set.
    • If you have 0 correct answer, erase that set.
    • After doing this, 3 numbers should be left out from the list.
    • Guess the correct order, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the Yellow Key

    Worked for me.

  18. hi i don’t understand about how to insert the number correctly…issit only guess?or have some tactic to slove its? replay me pls

  19. REPLIES:
    yellow key: there’s no trick in getting the correct arrangement of numbers. one word “PATIENCE”

    the statue is generating heat: it means that thanatos phantom had been summoned within the last 2 hours so you have to wait 2 hours before summoning thanatos phantom again.

    the blue keycard; you have to take at least 3 party members near the machine to get the key card

    the 4 fragments: you have to kill the odium,dolor,despero and maero.

    high rated serves: yeah it worked on turbo servers.

  20. Wait a minute. the whole process need u got a pt of 5 members or just on some NPCs? i want to hunt alone. so ill be opening many screens, but it wont last long. need to know this. thx

  21. wrong coordinates…
    hey can i summon the MVP without timelimit??
    or do they have any delay before it respawns again?

  22. what would i write in the north crest…..and if u type wrong words can u have a chance again to write the correct word???


  24. the status at tha_t12 is generating heat means the thanatos boss already summon within the last 2 hour ??? at thana_boss…. at the north crest u type wat ?? case sensitive??

  25. Hey yeah, there is a northern crest in which u can type something. Can i write something there? By the way, you guys only need FRAGMENTS if you have @warp on ur server. i can finish the quest within 5 mins on my server XD

  26. how can i finish the device at tha_T05 ? i can’t get the KEY :C ! why ? we are always CLICKING THE DEVICE AT LEAST 50 times up ! please reply immedeatly 😀 !

  27. ca i ask on the blue key card? what exactly the number of player do i need to invite on my party to get the key.becase i already have 5 players on my side clicking but i dont get any blue key.or do i need an exact location and click the device? help please? thx

  28. “The statue is emanating an intense light, making it so hot that you cannot approach it.”

    ano po solution nito?

  29. merun nag summon na kay thanatos mag hintay ka ng 2 hours bago mo gawin ulit :)) (Gawin mu ulit sa simula)

    Somebody already summoned Thanatos you will have to wait 2 hour before you summon him :)) (You have to start from the beginning)

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