Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator Guide

Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator Guide
This is one of the most recommended char to be a GM of a guild, that’s is, if the character is included in the top 10 of the Taekwon rankings… It has the ability to leap on obstacles, has enough HP and SP for survival, it has the tumbling ability to avoid physical and magical attacks and flying kick skill really helps on infiltrating agits or escaping enemies that camp inside the agit. Top 10 Taekwons have the ability to use all skills at max level even it doesn’t have any allotted points. If you choose to be a Star Gladiator you cannot participate in the Taekwon rankings. The character can achieve a very high attack speed and high damage to enemies without miss hits in exchange of the Star Gladiator hit points, you just need to be linked by a Soul Linker before enabling the skill

Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator Guide – What stats to focus:
I suggest you focus on STR AGI and DEX… STR for damage output and weight limit, AGI for attack speed, dodge rate, leveling and help questing faster for points in the TK rank, DEX for hit rate and cast time of the skill leap and don’t forget to allot some VIT for your char. This also goes to the SG class. There are no exact builds for a Taekwon/Star Gladiator; you can invent your stats depending on the way you play your char.

Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator GuideKnow your arsenal:
Damage is affected with how many ups there is on your foot gear so be sure to use over-ups footgear… A cloaking skill helps a lot so better ready for an extra muff for your cloaking gear. Maximize your leveling by using your skill to change diff elements any time you want. If you choose to be a Star Gladiator you can use a weapon, a book class of weapon. Be sure to maximize the slots of your weapon for damage output.

8 thoughts on “Ragnarok Taekwon/Star Gladiator Guide

    • mano depois que você almenta-lá você fará o seguinte:
      almenta a skill: percepção solar, lunar e estelar até o lv 3
      logo upe as skill: calor solar, calor lunar e calor você fará o seguinte:
      ative a skill percepção solar lunar ou estelar em  qualquer lv (atenção que essa skill só poderá ser ultilizada uma vez a cada duas semanas) entao ultilize calor de acordo com o mapa associado com o calor desejao, então você usará o chute aereo  que você além de empurra-lo e terirar muito hp do alvo você ainda tem a ajuda do chute aereo para sempre estar proximo do alvo…

      a quem mais eu retirei essa uvido eu que agradeço!

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