Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips

Ragnarok Swordsman are not that easy to level. It requires a lot of patience in order to reach job level 50. They don’t level fast unlike of the range attacking jobs such as archers and mages. They engages in enemy battle face to face. It’s good for them that they have high vitality to last in these battles. Besides, you are really going to enjoy the game because you’ll be exploring a lot of maps in Ragnarok Rune Midgard.

In this guide, I’ll give you Ragnarok tips on where to level your swordsman and what equipment to wear.

Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips – Map

Culvert Dungeon
is the best place to start leveling your Ragnarok Swordsman. You could even stay here up to job level 40-50 if you want to. But there’s a high possibility that you will be getting tired of those bugs. You could start at Culvert Dungeon level 1 and go deeper as your level increases. But the loots in this place is no good.

Izlude Dungeon

A lot of swordsman flocks in the Izlude dungeon or Byalan. This is even the best place to level for swordsman. You just need a wind element weapon and you are good to go. Like the Culvert Dungeon, start at level 1 and go deeper as your level increases. The loots aren’t that bad either especially the cards that you could get in these dungeon. Like the Hydra Card, Marina Card and Plankton Card.

Level 10-30

  • Rocker
  • Spores
  • Condor
  • Peco Peco
  • Poporing
  • Zombies
  • Culvert 1
  • Byalan 1

If you are on a tight budget and a pure beginner, start leveling in Rocker or Spores. They are not that difficult to fight with. But you won’t be getting rare items in here. But who cares, you are just starting out. The zeny would come later as you grew stronger. Payon Dungeon 0 is not that bad place to level either, but you will be competing with a archers, mages and acolytes. So the best thing to do is to party with them. You will be getting that angel in your head in just a short time. Hunting Condors and Peco Pecos is not that bad either. You could even get a condor card which is not that pricey but a good alternative for whisper card. Or you could travel at the poring land, killing the poring, drops and poporing. But be careful because there’s lot of mini boss in there.

Level 30-40

  • Elder Willow
  • Wolf
  • Byalan 2
  • Culvert 2

At this level, if you don’t want to go in Culvert or Byalan, you could always go for the Elder Willows. They are not that difficult to kill and their defense is low. Besides, you could dodge their attacks too. You could also go after the Wolves in Payon. This monster drops mantle [1] and strawberry which a lot of players have been buying. You could also hunt Munaks, Zeroms and Sandman but you need to party with other players to survive.

Level 40-50

  • Byalan 3
  • Culvert 3
  • Sandman

This is the final moment. You could even change your job at level 40 if you are too excited to be a second job. You could either go at Byalan, Culvert and Sandman in Morroc. But Byalan is the best map for me because of the monster drops. Sandman is not that bad either because of the rough eluniums.

Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips – Party Party Party!!!

Another good reason why I love this game is the chance to meet other people. Socialize through partying with other players. Not only they could help you level fast, but they could also make playing Ragnarok more fun. I miss the good old days 🙁

Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips – Equipments

Invest first in your weapon then armor. Save some to buy yourself a pupa compounded armor. Buy cards that enhances attacks like Andre Card and Zipper Bear. Buy also elemental weapons especially the wind weapon. It could be your lifetime Ragnarok swordsman weapon and just stay in Byalan upon leveling. In the accessory, you could buy a necklace or those with Mantis card to boost your strength.

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16 thoughts on “Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips

  1. where should i level up my 65 agit knight and where to level it when i reached level 75?

    Admin: It dependes on your build, equips and you willingness to burn pots.

    Try Minorous, Pasana, Enchanted Soil Tree or stick with Byalan

  2. ZZZZZ…noo mann thats wrong…

    lvl 12-26=zombie/byalan
    lvl 26-40= go for muka/Hode and make mob so you can magnum break which gets a lot of exp..
    lvl 40-50=sandman…Mob too..magnum break

  3. Which skill is the best to learn my Sword Mastery (1 handed) level 10, bash lv 5, and i have 8 skill points left… which should I learn??? My base level is 31 and 24 job level. What is the best monster for me???? and how to get good weapons & armor ??? Sorry if i talk too much!!!

  4. sweetness ive been looking for may maps to lvl but ive never went to one that worked for me as good as this one. 🙂 THX

  5. Sir i just want to ask i am lvl 60 swordsman. My equips is helm +4, iron cain, full plate +4, boots + 4, manteu + 4 and on accessory is only one ring, and my weapon is 2 handed sword +5… my stat is str = 61, agi=9, vit=50, dex=27… i am a 2 handed sord type sir… where do you think i will go to lvl up i just go alone without partying to other where do you think i will go sir????

  6. This is my suggestion about leveling on swordsman.

    level 10 to 20. Payon (poison spore)
    level 20 to 30. Payon (poison spore)recommended
    or (wolf)need to bring pots to fast leveling.
    level 30 to 40. Payon (wolf)
    level 40 to 50. Byalan (level 3)
    level 60 to 70. Pyramids (Ancient mummy)

    this guild is also for vit type or agi type

  7. It’s people like advait that are looked down upon for playing such kindergarten versions of Ragnarok.
    What’s the matter, too sissy to play the real game? ;3

    Anywho, this is a fairly decent guide. You might want to add in an extra section for level 50 to job change for job exp. Leaf Cats?

  8. okie punk just said the most retarded thing ever (as in to sissy to play the real deal) since some people just wanna be there class fast but that aside, this guild is good if your really into grinding if you want some fast lvl’s just go culvert 10-23 24-30(could be longer) payon just try some izlude dungeon untill 41 then just go smaking orc zombies they give the most are the easiest and can be dodged very easy (this is if your going for lvl 40 job change) other wise lvl 41 (base) then just go leaf cates like punk said

    GL& HF on RO

  9. This is how i trained my Agi build swordie ;

    1-10 spores
    11-20 rockers
    21-30 culvert
    31-60 Either sandman/orc vil or place with Les and wood gob

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