Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest Requirements

  • Base Level 99 Monk or Champion
  • Job Level 60 Champion
  • Job Level 50 Monk

Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest Reward

  • 1 Blazing Soul [1] and 1 Green Apple Ring

Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest Guide

There are only a few steps to job change into a sura but the most challenging part is killing those 100 Desert Wolves which is not outside the entrance of the Ice Dungeon. I spent most of the time finding where those wolves are. Also, make Veins as your save point in this Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest.

*Currently the Ragnarok Sura Quest is bugged starting at step 7. The warp directly goes to the Swordsman Job Change Quest*

Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest

1. Start the Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest by going to veins pub (veins 149, 218) and speak with Sludge Worm(ve_in 241, 128) inside. He’s so rude and he argues with the waitress and an Unknown Fighter will appear out of nowhere and breaks it up


To go to Veins, board the airship from Izlude and exit in Rachel. From Rachel, you can use the service of the Cool Voting Staff, Corp to go to Veins.


2.  Head outside the pub and go inside a building  (veins 128, 237).  Go near the Fighter downstairs and a conversation will start. Speak with him again and tell him that You want to know more. He will ask you to go and kill 100 Desert Wolves as a test.


3. The best way to hunt Desert Wolves is outside the Ice Dungeon which is ra_fild1. From Rachel town, exit right then go 3 portals to the north. You may be able to make the map as a memo so if you die you could go back right away to continue the Ragnarok Sura Quest.


4.  Go back to the Fighter in Veins and he asks you to go to the Valley of Abyss in El Mes Plateau at the southeast of Juno and meet his colleague Buddy.

5. Restock with potions as you have to survive a room filled with monsters in the next steps of the Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest. From Yuno town, exit the south portal, then south again, then east and you will be in Juno Field 7. Speak with Buddy(yuno_fild07 254, 176) who is at the center of the map. He will warp you to the test area.


6. Enter the chat room to initiate the test. But if there’s people before you, you would have to wait.


7. The test is you have to survive a 5 minute in a room filled with monsters. The trick on this part of Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest is to hide behind the top pillar and kill any monster that reach your area. Upon entering the test room, a large mob of Incubus, Rybios, Skeleton Prisoners and Zombie Prisoners will spawn. Another wave will spawn later, followed by a mob of Rideword. Finally, another mob of Incubus, Rybios, etc. will spawn.


8. After 5 minutes, Buddy will appear and kill the rest of the monsters and he warps you to his Master.

9. Speak with the Master and he changes your job into a Sura. Congratulations for finishing the Ragnarok Sura Job Change Quest! You shall receive 1 Blazing Soul [1] and 1 Green Apple Ring as your Sura Job Change Quest rewards.

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  • Manuel Lao Jr.

    It is possible to change to Shura even if your just a monk?

  • [U]rashim[A]

    it’s possible dude but it is better to be a champ first

  • Majo

    but why do i have to be a champ first?? is it because of the bonus stats??

  • DeeDz

    you need to be champ first for the skills, if you skipped being a champ you’ll never gonna learn about the other champion skills instead you’ll gonna stay w/ the acolyte,monk, and shura skill.. in short you’ll never gonna have the champion skill when you change from monk to shura.. thats why you need to be champion then change to shura., i hope it help.. sorry 4 the wrong grammar.. =)

  • Majo

    no.. no.. its ok.. thanks 4 giving me the idea.. ^_^ rokON!!! ^_^

  • Zahc Nhojra

    hi guys !! is there anyway i can Job change to Sura? Im having trouble to finish the test room quest..5mins room quest (last step for being a sura) or can you give me tips how to finish the test or kill all the monsters?

  • niko

    i think u can use snap? then use mental str for last 2min

  • zHAn

    plz someone help me, i am newbie in ragnarok i dont know if my build is suit to the skills of sura! i have 99dex 80str and 30int and 9vit…. i saw this build in some forum of ragnarok so i only follow their build. tnx … i need to know if my build is correct.

    • t0lits029

      t0o much dex br0…yes it reduces casting time and increases y0ur HIT but you must n0t put in 99…60-70 dex is en0ugh (f0r me)…

  • NOD32

    agi champs wont have trouble finishing the room test part as they can easily finish off those mobs before the next wave spawns
    or at least that how i did wit my agi champ and no potions used too =DD

  • Urashima

    i’m a vit champ so it means that it’s hard to finish the last quest.. but i have an idea and it works 100%. No need to bring lot of potions but all you need is “Token of Siegfried” that allows you to revive your self when your character dies. All you need to do is just let yourself die by the monsters and just wait for 5 minutes until the guard announce that “his master is back”. After that the all the monsters will suddenly died and this is the time to use your “token of siegfried” to revive yourself.. And voillaaaa the quest is finished… ^^
    I have tried this way by myself and now I have 2 Sura in idRO ^^
    (sorry 4 the bad grammar T_T)

    • t0lits029

      t0o bad there’s n0 Token of Siegfried in pRO…tsk…

  • Dalcain

    Many interesting things. I will soon use this page in my quest for Sura.

  • ymmaca

    You can use Orleans’s Gown. So that monsters cant interrupt you when you’re casting a skill.. you will have to cast Mental strength twice because mental strength has a duration of only about 2.5 minutes. good luck ^^

  • mark

    can i as a little bit question about the stat build of shura . .wat is da best build for shura. step by step pls answer :)

  • patrick

    can i be a sura with my monk lvl 50?

    • Answerer

      Yeah.. 99/50 Monk

  • sAy0narA

    if my lvl 99/50 monk done the sura job quest.. ? do i have atleast my champion skills?

    • t0lits029

      n0pe…y0u have t0 transcend(rebirth) first if y0u want t0 have the skills/b0nuses 0f a Champi0n…0r else y0u w0n’t have it…

  • mon

    the sura job is for rich peaple only how about poor cant get all the possible thing’s is there’s any shortcut instead of having apple ring?

  • Dimaz

    ohh nice info thanks !

  • asuraasuraasura

    i have a question… if i become a sura at level 99 monk. then used a reset thingy.. do i get the same stats as someone who changed to sura from a champoion??

  • Arvin

    @patrick you can’t job change to sura at that lvl. you must be 99/50

  • Arvin

    @asuraasuraasura, no you definitely don’t have champion skills even you use neuralizer.

  • asuraasuraasura

    Ah.. Thanks for the info =)

  • ChampIsEnough

    i am prolly a snap champ (no vit/agi), and about that survival room for job change, there are many ways to survive that, maybe you can lure other monsters to one side and snap it out to the other side for the escape, or i dont know if it will work, try using hiding accessory..and if ever you want to kill a monster, just prepare for a guilotin fist..

  • `ArchAngeL LucifeR‡

    counted po ba kng ang naka.kill sa dessert wolf ay party members???? plano q po kac sa ET nlng pra mas mabilis.. XD salamat sa reponse.. 

  • `ArchAngeL LucifeR‡

    counted po ba kng ang naka.kill sa dessert wolf ay party members???? plano q po kac sa ET nlng pra mas mabilis.. XD salamat sa reponse.. 

  • Tokai


  • QOQ


  • QOQ


  • mikurei

    I’ve got bug @npc buddy and he kept warp me into swordman test..
    What i must do? /otl

  • macky

    thankyou dito haha napadali yng quest

  • Diabolicaholic_ochie

    why me must kill 100 desert but in my quest 10 desert wolf
    pls answer me thanks

  • Malonzorandolph

    its only easy for me to take the test…i have garm armor…that has a 50% chance of freezing an enemy when ever they attack you..thats.just easy

  • Geer7890

    i have garm to hahahaha its so easy
    but im not a champ i am a baby monk so i have small HP 

  • Geer7890

    it only takes 20 minutes for me to take the quest if iam a champ

  • bobo

    Ung sura ko ngayun 150 na hahahaha bat pa ako tumingin dito /sigh

    • Geer7890

      bobo ka kasi

      • t0lits029

        hahahahahaha… XD

    • bobo mo tanga


    • Rated Fuck

      Alam mo sa sarili mong hinde ka 150 kaya ka tumingin dito at nagcomment ng ganyan xD

  • Madafaka

    GUILLOTINE FIST KO 2M hahahaha gfist +20

  • King of IronFist

    ang dali ng sura Jquest 10 years old lang ako walang tulong ang mahirap lang yung mag papatay ng 100 deswrt wolf xD

  • pRO valk

    napatay ko lahat ng monster sa test room… 90int at 90vit, tas DL set na naka salamander garment… pats ko FSB no CD…

  • claire

    what happens if i miss the test?

  • boy george

    dali lang tong quest na to tapus kuna agad mga 27 mins lang