Ragnarok Spy Quest

Ragnarok Veins Spy Quest is one very very interesting quest. A quest with a twist.

Item Requirements:

  • 1 Violin [3] – ComodoWeapon Shop
  • 1 Fried Monkey Tails – Ragnarok Cooking Quest
  • 500,000 Zeny (what a rip off!)


  • 600,000 Base Experience
  • 1 Old Blue Box
  • 1 Jewelry Box

Ragnarok Spy Quest

1. Talk to the kid Rooney in Prontera (202, 122). She’s a messenger and she needs to find a bard named Lasda Midar


2. You could find Lasda Midar (prt_church 89,108) inside Prontera Church. He reads the letter then asks you to pay Rooney for him.


3. Go back to Rooney and and give her the money.

4. Talk to Lesda again, he’ll ask you to help his friend that is being held in the Morroc jail.

5. You can find the Morroc jail at the middle of Morroc inside the castle. Go inside then head right, then go down. Inside, you’ll find the Prison Ward Jesse (moc_castle 137, 88). At first, he won’t let you in. Talk to him again until he asks you to bring him 1 Fried Monkey Tails. Give 1 Fried Monkey Tails dish to Prison Ward. He’ll tell you to get Sir Krieg’s approval first


6. Go up the portal then head right, there you’ll find Sir Krieg (moc_castle 173, 122). He tells you Vitre is in prison for espionage. He won’t let you visit him unless you know him personally or you can get someone to write a letter of recommendation.


7. You can get the letter from Lesda. Go back to Prontera.

8. Bring the letter to Krieg. He’ll finally allow you to see Vitre.

9. Go back to the Prison Ward and he’ll let you in this time.

10. Vitre is the Upset Looking Bard. He’ll tell you that he has no clue why they captured him. He’ll ask you to help him escape. He’s going to need a Violin and Megaphone in order to do so.


11. Talk to the Guant Prisoner next to Vitre’s cell. He knows where you can get a Megaphone.


12. Go to Comodo. Talk to Bor Roben and he’ll warp you in the Dancer Guild.


13. Inside the Comodo Dancer Guild, talk to the Dance Instructor (job_dancer 93, 107). She’ll lend you a megaphone if you pay her 500,000 Zeny and guard her dancers on their way to Schwartzvald Republic.


14. Talk to the Cheerful Dancer (job_dancer 83, 52). You’ll be warped in the airship.


15. Talk to the Mature Dancer, an announcement that the ship is about to land in Einbroch. You’ll find yourself inside the Einbroch Hotel.


16. Enter the portal next to you.


17. Walk around (175, 285) until a conversation the Rekenber employee and priest starts.


18. After the conversation, go back through the portal and talk to the Hotel Manager to receive your payment.


19. Go inside the portal once more and talk to the Mature Dancer. You’ll be back to Comodo again.


20. Talk to the Dance Instructor again, he’ll finally sell you a Megaphone for 500,000 Zeny.


21. Go back to Morroc Castle. Talk to Jesse to go inside the prison cell again. He’ll warn you about Vitre. Give the Megaphone and Violin back to Vitre. Vitre will use it to escape the prison

22. You’ll respawn in the east side of Morroc. Talk to the Thin Looking Bard. Vitre will ask you to talk to three people for him. Tell these people that Vitre has sent you. Vitre will ask you to tell him the lyrics from these people upon your return. Talk to these three people in order


23. Head to Prontera, talk to Chada (109, 161)


24. Next, head to Geffen, talk to Ghez (196, 167)


25. Finally, talk to Nosdan in Cmodo (135, 299)


26. After talking to them, go back to Vitre (morocc 297,154) and he will give you with an OBB. Just before you could tell Vitre about the lyrics of the songs, a Rune-Midgard secret service agent appears, and capture Vitre again. The agents advised you to go back to Lasda. Check out the agents avatar, they look super cool!


27. Talk to Lasda, he’ll bring light to what had just happened. He’ll reward you with base experience and a Jewelry Box for your cooperation. I got Necklace [1], tell us what you have got.


55 thoughts on “Ragnarok Spy Quest

  1. uhm.. can you still finish this quest even if morroc is ruined?
    hmm.. just like dandellion quest.. cant finish it anymore because you cant access the prison anymore..

    great site anyways

    Admin: I have no idea 🙁

  2. Ahm.. Sir. How to access the morocc castle? do you have an idea now? I want to do this quest because i red “Jade’s” comment that he/she got a Ring of resonance. k3wl!! 🙂 thx. your site is VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!! 🙂

  3. err.. maybe it’s in their server settings but according to ratemyserver.net misc database, there is no chance of getting that kind of ring… /swt

  4. yeah you can’t get a ring of resonance from the jewelry box.

    i did the quest and to my dismay… i got a novice armlet. damn.

  5. Jade is liar… that ring is not appear in the jewelry box according to doddler… because that ring is treated as godlike item /shy

  6. I went to ask around ragnaboards, and they said that the NPCs were relocated somewhere else, but they aren’t there where they are supposed to be. In New Chaos Server (P2P), the NPCs cannot be located…

  7. Yes, some of the Morroc NPCs are outside the pyramids, but the NPCs for the Spy Quest are not there. The Admin just forgot to relocate them and therefore becoming temporarily “unavailable”.

  8. oh no i think they took out the npcs for the quest… i just did the chef hat and cooking quest and now this crap… wanna have jewelry box too .__.

  9. The Admin did not remove the Quest. It’s just that they forgot to place the NPCs in their right coordinates.

  10. any news on where prison ward jesse is? i want to do the spy quest but i cant because stupid satan morroc destroyed the castle >.

  11. If you’re looking for the NPC’s I found them in Morroc towards 7 to 8 o’clock.

    Prison Ward Jesse is outside near a destroyed house and Krieg is inside a building on his right.

    Hope these indications will help 🙂

  12. swtz..==”…i wanna ask did jewel box provide?=”=…or u play private server?!Jewel Box do not provide ring of flame lord i think…=.=”…dun make a joke here…Brige ring oso didnt provide…im wondering u wil get brige ring?!if u didnt marry how could u summon when u get brige ring=.=”

  13. if you go in the building across the road from the jail, and go thru the right portal you’ll find sir krieg. it took me a while to find him. He’s the public official or whatever they call him. Hope this helps!

  14. Where I can find the prison ward?I’ve spent a lot of time.But still I can’t find that stupid prison ward..can you give me a clue?or a exact place and picture?..please…T)T

  15. Ohhh man i got a POCKET WATCH and my character is a combo monk. for Valkyrie server, prison ward, is located inside the morroc pyramid.

  16. holy crap jake. you know chances of getting one?
    because I don’t. I do however, got a couple of accounts to shove at it for about 30+ jewelry boxes. So it’s worth a gamble.

  17. tip for the guys didnt finish d quest in episode ten and doing it in epi 13 the prison warden is located here- morroc 58 87 since the castle is destroyed the prison became a house ehhe…

  18. Very nice Comments, very helpful guide, thanks to all of you. I quit RO and come back but I forgot where Sir Krieg. Haha. Now I know, I remember it.

  19. any ppl play ro freeserver prontera.?where is prison ward.?coz this server morocc have been destroy by satan morocc.thx for help..

  20. in valkyrie and new ragnarok the morroc casle is destroyed and the NP’cs and no where to be found please help me locate them

  21. This quest is still completable. The prison ward is on the west side of town, and Krieg (Public Security Officer) is inside a building near the prison ward.

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