Ragnarok Online 3rd Class Jobs

If you don’t want to be reborn into a novice and start again, the Ragnarok 3rd Job Class is right for you. There are six kinds of 3rd Job Classes to be implemented soon. Hunters to become Rangers, Blacksmiths to become Mechanics, Knights to become Rune Knights, Assassin to become Guillotine Cross, Priest to become Archbishop and Wizard to become Warlock. When players decided to choose the Ragnarok third job path, they retain their level and their level limit becomes 150. These are only available for 2-1 classes only, no word yet for the 2-2 third jobs.

See Ragnarok Online 3-2 Third Job Class – Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Genetic, Shadow Chasers, Wanderer, Minstrel and Shura

Update: Ragnarok Third Job Class for 2-2 Jobs This is the complete list of the Ragnarok 3rd jobs:

  • Assassin – Guillotine Cross
  • Knight – Rune Knight
  • Blacksmith – Mechanic
  • Hunter – Ranger
  • Priest – Archbishop
  • Wizard – Warlock

Ragnarok 3rd job FAQ

  1. Do I need to take a Job Change Quest before i could change into a Third Job? Yes. Every Ragnarok 3rd Job Quest is unique. Mind you that these quests are challenging. You shall receive a unique item to your job as part of the ragnarok 3rd job quest reward.
  2. What happens to my level after I change into a Ragnarok Third Job? You will go back to Job Level 1 and you can continue your level up until base level 150. Your stats would retain, there is no bonus on your status points and your stats can now be increased to more than 99.
  3. Is it hard to level my Ragnarok 3rd Job? Yes, leveling is super slow. Leveling to 100 is sort of easy though – if you got some experience to spare after you turned based level 99. After that it gets harder and harder. Level in places that give you high exp. Party with people, like in lighthalzen or thor dungeon.
  4. Should I rush into changing to a Ragnarok third job or should i transcend first? Although it is optional, i advise you to change into a transcendant class first. The job change quest is somehow difficult. Besides, the transcendent skills are too good not to have.
  5. What is the maximum stat for a third job? 120
  6. What is the best Ragnarok third job? Vote here! Favorite Ragnarok Third Job

What is your favorite RO 3rd Job Class?

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Ragnarok Online 3rd Class Jobs

Priest, High Priest > Archbishop Males appear like those serious members of the clergy. Females look like the pope in the Rachel temple.

  • Improved existing supportive skills.
  • Many new anti-Demon/Undead skills will be added. However selecting them will reduce the effectiveness or lose out on some of the supportive skills.
  • Added skills that allows Archbishop to do physical melee damage.
  • See Ragnarok Archbishop skills and pictures


Assassin, Assassin Cross > Guillotine Cross The Guillotine Cross looks like Loki. Armors are made of bones and sharp tusks.

  • There is a DPS (Damage per second) which is very strong but when the skill fail, there will be consequences.
  • Many different types of poison will be added. In addition, it will be armed with new skills using poisons.
  • See Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Skills and Guide



Blacksmith, Whitesmith > Mechanic The Mechanic is the job of 3rd Blacksmith. The mechanic’s sprite has only one garment.

  • They can create more new weapons. They can now create auto-attack items for the transcendent.
  • Improved skills using items rather than direct physical battle.
  • Ragnarok Mechanic Skills



Hunter, Sniper > Ranger The Ranger is the 3rd job Hunter. Their colors are based on the colors of green and camouflage military and leather accessories. They have a military aspect and sports.

  • Ranger can have a Wolf. The wolf can be used as a mount to move.
  • It increases the power of skills arc.
  • Improve the traps of a target in addition to allowing the use of several traps for both new effects.
  • See Ragnarok Ranger skills



Knight > Rune Knight The Rune Knight is the job 3rd Knight. It looks like Chaos’ armor in the RO manga. It focuses more on attack speed.

  • More offensively oriented to the Knights or Lord Knights.
  • Reduced dependence on the defense team. The skills will be more offensive.
  • They will also use “Rune”, a special type of Mana, to perform their skills.
  • See Rune Knight guide and skills


Wizard, High Wizard > Warlock The Warlock is the job of 3rd Wizard. The clothing is simple to permit easy movement. It is designed as a sorcerer for large-scale battles.

  • Added poison-type spells. Strengthened shadow-type spells.
  • The property Ghost spells are stronger.
  • Spells has a huge area of effect that can be cast when several Warlock together.
  • You can mix different types of spells to achieve new effects
  • Class powerful and destructive
  • Ragnarok Warlock Skills


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203 thoughts on “Ragnarok Online 3rd Class Jobs

  1. Freakin awsome but any idea when it will be released or opened?

    Admin: It depends upon your server. From what I’ve read, it’s currently on test in kRO now

  2. i just want to ask a question,what about those one who
    already rebirth their character?
    can they still change their job?
    thankss… more power!!!!!!!!….

    Admin: Nope

  3. I’ll just want to ask, if 3rd class stat points will be reset or not? If not, there will be more stats points than rebirth

    Admin: No word has been said yet about the stat points πŸ™

  4. i heard that they were COMPLETELY redoing the stat point system for the 3rd job classes…
    otherwise everyone would use these classes (instantcast is CHEAP AS HELL on a low-rate…)

  5. cant wait to have a warlock… /gg

    bout the trascendant / rebirth job, I’ve heard that you can still change job as long as you are level 99 and have the aura =_=

    ..i wonder how warlocks looks like /e2

  6. I saw at 1 site…
    Alchemist/Creator -> Generic
    Crusader/Paladin -> Royal Guard
    Sage/Professor -> Sorcerer
    Bard/Clown -> Minstrel
    Dancer/Gypsy -> Wanderer
    Monk/Champ -> Shura
    Rogue/Stalker -> sry dont remember ;p

  7. First off, there is word on 2-3 classes. I know the names, ask me if you want to know.

    To ZerukaSin, of course everyone is going to use these classes. You can’t have instant cast without 150 dex, which you can’t achieve on almost all classes. Maximum dex is 99, therefore, impossible even if you got extra stat points.

    This is how the 3rd class is supposed to work… For example, you can either be a 99 PRIEST or 99 HIGH PRIEST to change into an Archbishop. If you change as a priest you’ll have no High Priest skills, but you will have the Archbishop skills. So obviously it’s best to do this at 99 transcendent, thank god for Thor otherwise this would be a pain in the ass.

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  9. I heard to about this 3rd jobs. So, for example. will a lvl 99 Assasin cross be able to change into a Guillotine Cross?

    Admin: Yes

  10. to LOL
    it IS possible to get instant-cast on a low-rate, ex: SNIPERS (with 99 base dex + attention concentrate + owls eye + true sight, they dont even need +dex equips…)
    although, with orleans gloves + zerom card and blessing and a Ramen Hat (+4dex), you could get it on a proffessor i think…
    either way, if they change the stat system for the 3-x Classes, im eager to see how it works…

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  12. as a blister’s perhaps some advance steel crow will do? just giving some idea.. see sniper class damage are very weak compare to other classes even if you do DS it wont do that much damage as the other classes.. in the later patch assasins are no match to a hunter but on heritage were the transcen class appear Snipers are no match on assasin crosses… /omg
    just please balance the skills because i really like the Archer class… maybe at 3rd job(ranger) we will rule thanks

    Admin: I agree. Snipers are weak compare to assassins.

  13. Do rangers can tame wolves as there pets because what will happen on the falcon and the skills of the falcon….it will be really cool if rangers can have double pets as falcon and wolf

  14. if my Classmate is a sniper which is ANDRIC
    and my classmate is a assasin which is SAMUEL
    andric loses


    la lng
    astig Rune knight

  15. unfair sa mga nag trancendent job!!!

    pwde mg 3rd job kht 2nd job lng?

    emp. sayang yung mga effort ng trancendent

    sana ibahin ng kro un.

  16. they say the first class appears on the first half of 2008 at kRO jRO. and the alternative class which is

    Paladin – Royal Guard
    Champion – Shura
    BioChemist – Generic
    Stalker – Dark Chaser
    Scholar – Sorcerer
    Bard/ Clown – Ministrel

  17. They say even if you’re not a transcendant class you could go straight to a 3rd job…

    but you’ll miss the transcendant class skills

  18. As what I have read in other sites, going to transcendent job before going to be in the 3rd job is more advantage than 2nd jobs because of the skills but, for those people who don’t want to become novice again (pain in leveling up again) this is a very good news.

    BTW- Stalker/rogue> Dark Chaser

    Archbishop has a nice gear ( wonder what the male looks like). Archbishop gains more exorcising skills good for ME HP.
    Guillotine cross has a cool gear.
    Rune Knight looks like very thick and tough .
    Sniper- fatigue gear. (looks like military)
    Warlock male is pure black while female pure white. (cool)
    Mechanic new gear far from WS/MS.
    =Still no sprite for 2-2 jobs.

  19. Just so that people are aware, that Archbishop sprite is NOT the official sprite, it is a fan sprite (how do I know? ’cause I made it! lol).

    I created it based on their description using various parts from the different Rachel NPC’s, as well as making up custom bits as required.

    Since I did make it in tune with the description, I am hoping that Gravity’s sprite will be similar… not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I think it’d look awesome in game =D

    I’m glad people like it enough to put it on their sites (I’ve seen it pop up elsewhere as well).

    Just thought I should post about it and make it clear!



    Admin: Hello Kitty. Thanks for visiting ragnarok-guide.com and clearing things up. The sprite that you made is really really cute. A lot of male players are drooling over it. lolz

  20. Hi, can i ask when this 3rd class of 2-1 jobs will be implemented? is it on between september and october?

    Admin: No words are out yet πŸ™‚

  21. grrr… ok… as awesome as i’m sure this is going to be, I’m a lil upset about making knights rune knights.


    knight->lord knight->royal guard would make more sense.

    and crusader->palidin->Rune “palidin” (or something like that) would make more sense as well.

    also… giving magic to the knight class is taking away the one thing about crusaders and pali’s that make them unique, and sader’s and pali’s are my favorite classes. They had better make the Royal Guards FRIEKING AMAZING, or I’m gonna be PISSED.

  22. But, what if I already have a sniper ??? Can Ichange to Ranger too ??? And will the skill remains the same ??? I mean, if you’re a sniper you have a better skill than a hunter, will that skill remain on our character ??? Sure it’s better if we change into a sniper 1st, then became ranger…

    Admin: Yes, if you’re a 99 sniper

  23. plsss… if possible,can you base the female royal guard’s armor and dress to servant saber of the anime fate stay night… plsss… hope that level-up games grant my wish,hehe… thanks and more power… ragnarok rules!!!

  24. i wish that the dress code of warlock can be change, its ok if the dress is black. it will be look good if its mix with brown and white ^^…

    i think if ur a 2-2 job like monk they have 70 job lvl, if they change to 3rd class , i think they will have the required skill for the skills in 3rd class

  25. NO~ You will not be able to change from High Priest to Bishop. Reason being, think of Guillotine Cross, they are built to deal incredible damage at amazing speeds. However, If you give them them the Enchant Deadly Poison skills they will become far to over powered. Its Priest to high priest OR Bishop. By the way, These new classes will be able to reach level 150 to even out the increase amount of stat points you get for transcending. By the way again, mechanics will be able to create automated mini-turrets as a new skill… ^.^ Hope it helped. ~Crispix~ TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!~

  26. i have a suggestion, i think it would be much better if a player will only have to choose either from 2nd job to 3rd job or from 2nd job to transcedent. because going through 2nd job, transcedent then 3rd job is very tough. if my suggestion will be given a chance, more different characters will be seen in the game(because transcedent jobs are not converted to 3rd jobs). for those taking the 3rd job, i hope the stats would be reset.

  27. Ive read that u can change to 3rd jobs from transcendental classes, or is that false?? By doing this, u will retain all the trans abilities..

    If this is true, wouldnt the transcendent who become third jobs retain their 20% (if i remember correctly.. ) HP/SP bonuses?? How about the extra stats points?? Can they get to lvl 150 too??

    So basically, can trans become third jobs? AND by such, is slightly stronger in terms of stats and abilities??

  28. awesome! cant believe how powerful the new character, i hope they will release soon.. if u guys knew about this pls send me an e-mail on what server can u played with this character….

  29. can a high wiz change to warlock…or only wiz to a warlock???

    and priest to archbis or high priest to archbis??

  30. I will say this again…. TRANSCDANTS CAN NOT BECOME THE 3RD JOB CLASS!! God, what is up with you people and trying to create the next over rigged thing…..

  31. What is the difference between a shura and a champion? And what’s the difference between a biochemist and a generic? in fact whats a generic?

  32. The archibishop female sprite is not official. And trans classes have the choice to be 3rd job classes as well as 99 non trans. It would be quite unfair for someone who spent the time to max a trans to not be allowed.

  33. omg! 3rd jobs just sound awesome*-* but yeah..if you already reach lvl 99 as a HP u shouldnt be able to go Archbishop! i mean think about it! it will be like a too overpowered char! and it happens the same with the other classes (like assansin crosses-guillotine crosses../omg). and what about new players, just imaging to have to reach lvl 99 as 2nd job, rebirth, go to lvl 99 and then become 3rd class makes me cry TOT.
    lvl 99 as a 2nd job. Choose: trascendant class or 3rd job. thats it πŸ˜€
    Im just going to miss not be able to get assumptio as an Archbishop T____T

  34. oh yeah i forgot! the sprite of the Archbishop looks awesome! *-* but too many clothes for my taste xD i want something sexier i dont know ^^ like the mechanic girl wow! looks sooo cool and the boy too =D i can’t wait to see 3rd job chars *O*

  35. Hi, for those who are waiting for shura, I’m still improving their sprite and skills so that players can enjoy it… We are thinking of releasing it on 2009

  36. I just hope that Ragnarok comes out with a way to be able to look like any of your past classes… like if your a Ranger you look like a sniper… or archer… they have it for Trickster Online and its Awesome… i just wish they would do that for Ragnarok

  37. come on, don’t piss me off. The Transcendant classes would never make an even fight with the Third class… the trans will NEVER win!!

    Have pity on us trans’ers… we strived hard for our advanced skills and +100 stat points so we MUST rule as 3rd classes…

  38. 3rd job with transcend skills are way too overpowered…

    I think, transcend class are even with the 3rd job class. why? example, guillotine cross doesn’t have EDP, while assassin cross has it but which is stronger? I don’t know..guillotine=lvl 150, fast aspd..assassin cross=lvl 99 w/ EDP

    therefore, transcend class shouldn’t have to be 3rd job…

  39. just want to ask… if a paladin uses a +10 valkyrie mantue (reflects 25%), armor with Orc Lord (reflects 30%), thorn shield (reflects 5%) and in state of reflect shield (reflects 40%) does it mean he/she is immuned to short range attacks??? even in asura?

  40. I can’t wait, I like having one of each class and If I have to level up to 99, I’ll do it anyway. xD
    Oh, and the image You have in Rune knight It’s actually the Royal Guard, It’s the 3-2 (Crusader/Paladin)

  41. lol,these classes r pretty good.Also many sites say that the trans classes can become a 3rd class job.e.g. hunter-sniper or ranger
    or hunter-sniper-ranger
    but hunter-ranger-sniper doesnt work thanx en.wikipedia.org 4 this info and other info bout 3rd class sites!!

  42. i love wizard
    so i love warlock too
    i wait this ragnarok job changement early

  43. what’s with the whining about the trans characters not going 3rd class because they will be too overpowered? Assasin cross’ EDP + guillotine cross skills man you talk way too easily, they can program or edit the skills of the guillotine cross so some of his skills cannot be affected by EDP like what they did with Soul Destroy… man that’s one of the reasons why they are working hard on the third classes anyway, to somehow balance the classes! damn! way too narrow minded people!

  44. please clarify if trans classes can realy change into 3rd job classes thanks

    Assasin>Assasin Cross>Guillotine Cross?

  45. so..pde pla mag 3rd job ung mga 2nd job pero ndi sila magkakaroon ng skills na pang transcendent..fair na un para sa mga nag trans na.. kelan ba lalabas e2 sa PRO…/hmm

  46. nice wallpaper dude!! btw, just wanna ask when i become lv 99 lord knight and wants to be rune knight, will my stat points and skill points reset? or will it carry over? and is it true that lvl cap is 160? (im not sure bout this though)

  47. umm i just wish they made a reborn and 3rd job for Ninja & gunslinger, and for taekwon a reborn and 3rd job for StarGladiator & SoulLinker

  48. how bout the new jobs will hav the 3rd job skills azwell and the people on 3 job can change to the new jobs azwell while they r awarded with boost?/money?/equip?/or hav ???? ..

    hehe im kinda new to PRO so my suggestion is probly noobish… oh and btw for gypsy/dancer = tamer? so it can tame monsters and be used for fighting .. and i was also thinking that ragnarok players should love.. KON!!!

  49. so if you’re max lvl (which on the one i play is 255) can you still become third class? because i have a max lord knight and it would be a shame to have to delete him because he cant be a rune knight.

  50. they should make the third job classes lvl 99 that way ppl can choose to be either and one is not more powerfull than the other as far as stats go…or they can make it so transes can but then they are gonna have to seriously calibrate certain classes like……





    actually they are gonna have to calibrate all of them if transes can go 3rd but those stated above are gonna need some serious work

    and why are ppl confused about so many things? if they do make it to where ppl can go 3rd job from the current trans classes they will prolly do these things…..>>>>>

    snipers will MOST LIKELY be able to choose a falcon OR a wolf NOT BOTH,…RANGERS will MOST LIKLEY have wolf skills like “wolfs bane” or sumthing to beef up their wolfs abilities AND still have their falcon abilities as well

    obviously a character using a wolf as a ranger isnt gonna be employing his falcons abilities like “falcon assualt” but is still gonna have them if he/she decides to switch to a falcon

    assasins are gonna need the most work because of edp… they prolly will make it to where all of the gullotine cross’s skills are unable to work with edp, that would be the easyest route but of course sin players are gonna start BIT**ING about that tho im not sure why because sins are already have alot of power and they are gonna BIT** because they want more sadly…

    champs are gonna be intresting…any red blooded RO player thats a champ shoots for asura…..but a shuras stronger skills might not go along with the str/dex/int of the asura build…but then agian maybe it will…who knos?

    LK’s need a boost in my opinion idk wiether these new “Rune” skills are considerd magic or not but giving them magic doesnt seem like a bad idea as long as it doesnt over shadow the mage class in power they prolly will make them have magic like that,…or make them have skills that use runes like ,bloody runes, or runes or darkness or w.e. to execute skills that hopfully increase their fighting power better than what is current…

    arch bishop will be intresting because they hinted at them being ABLE to be more of “melee” fighters is gonna be VERY INTRESTING LOL… PICTURE THIS a melee fighter buffing himself with maxed out high preist buffs LOL….OOOOOOOO If bishops have a skill similar to say…..bash, or…bowling bash for example or sumthing that can do a decent or good size amount of damage LOL then battle bishops are gonna wreak havoc in pvp str/int/dex lvl 5 imposito, assumption, saftey wall, Numea, lvl 10 bless, agi, angelus, AND THEY CAN HEAL THEMSELVES LOL i already kno what class im gonna make /gg

    wizards own so warlocks are gonna own even harder point blank period…

    mechanics are are prolly gonna be able to slot armor and weps and be able to upgrade armor as well and thank goodnes they can set up turrents like the damn alchies with their damn plants

    but of course these assumptions are only for iRO…because on a private server….all hell can break loose

  51. Battle Priests already have a skill like Bash. It’s called Lex Aeterna. Seriously. Cast, smash, and you’ve done double damage for only 10SP.

    I am very curious about Arch Bishop, for I love soloing Battle Priests. πŸ˜€

  52. You people need to stop moaning about having to go to 99 and then 99 again as trans to get 3rd job. Some of us transers worked hard to get 99 so why should we have to make new chars from scratch to get 3rd class chars? Its unfair and unreasonable.


  53. dagoba, it’s probably uninterrupted cast or ranged asura strike buff. Maybe it might put themselves in coma for a stronger asura strike. Could be buffed up spheres.

    *Looks at the revamped server of iRO*
    +40 dex mjolnir will suk more than triple bloody bone chain if fixed cast was implemented. That’s probably why third class skills are probably gonna be much better but with more longer cast times (we don’t know yet).

    We can’t really predict what skills generics can have. If they summon constants instead of their useless marines spheres then I’ll be damned.

  54. i REALLY hope they also come out with full stat/skill resets or something so you can change ur build if 3rd jobs need to be built differently. And I hope most 3rd job skills don’t have mage/wiz skill requirements. >.

    I know the source site of this information above (Yeah, I’m brazilian), and I can Tell you… the information has 99.9% chance of being false.
    Just believe things that came from GRAVITY.
    PS: most of you don’t speak protuguese, but if you could, you would realise that the site’s name isn’t to be trusted

  56. just to clear things up

    first, its EITHER non transcendent (i.e. knight) OR transcendent (i.e. lord knight) that can job change to the new class

    second, the reason why they are coming out with these is so that more players will stay with iRO and that the game is MORE balanced, not LESS balanced as so many of you seem to have pointed out

    third, wats this about this site not bein legit??? if you don’t believe it, check the iRO wiki before you come in and start trashtalking a site you do not know much about

    last, it’s prolly the best idea to just sit it out and relax until the patch actually comes out, theres no point in arguing and such when the changes havent been 100% confirmed yet, so every1 just chillax and play on ur servers until they release it…..


  57. I think it would be ridiculously Stupid if you could not go from 99 trans to the next class. sure you can say you’d be overpowered with trans skills. but compare rune knight to a lord knight the difference is massive in damage output. same with high priest and arc bishop.

    I believe you should be allowed to go 3-1/3-1 from trans BUT!!! you wouldn’t be allowed to keep your trans abilities instead you’d gain extra stat points or something (you could even make it so the 70 job points are all used on the pre trans class) f.ex knight goes rune knight, he gets his 50 jobs + the extra 50 of rune knight. Lord knight goes rune knight he gets 70 job levels worth of KNIGHT ONLY skills + 50 rune knight I think it wouldn’t be overpowered but something worth actually working over

  58. this is fake!!! the 3rd class is true but this image is a fake this image no is the reak 3rd class this image of the rune knitg is false!!

  59. Kakatuwa siguro pag Hitman ang pangalan ng second job ng Gunslingers..

    Tsaka Samurai sa mga Ninja…

    Tapos sa mga Super Novices ay Adventurers…

  60. are we required to level our transcendent characters to 99/70 in order to attain the third job???? please reply… thanks!

  61. Remeber The Fenrir Use Tetra Fortex From The Official Comic…
    She is The Warlock…
    And Also Iris From Payon Town…
    She is The ArchBishop…

  62. with regards to assasin Cross, this is so far my favorite Class because of its criticals. But It seems that the guillotine Cross transcended its build to a one type sonic build class, I do hope they would consider giving importance to Critical Build Guillotine Crosses… to continue the variations build as What assasin Cross has been famous of…

  63. my wish is, you are allowed to go to 3rd class from 2nd class or trans class…

    Mage>Wizard>High Wizard>Warlock

    Yeah!Wizards rule!=]

  64. For me.. It’s kinda unfair to let the 2nd trans keep their skills. They have Assumptio, EDP, etc. And like what the others said, they are overpowered. Well, I agree on that. To make it fair, like for the people who doesn’t have to make another character to become 3rd job, why not make it like this:
    priest/hpriest~>arch bishop [BUT ! Not keeping the skills of the hpriest]

    So. Yeah. That’s my opinion, kei. πŸ˜€ Peace ! πŸ™‚

  65. what is better a paladin or royal guard so what build i use if am i royal guard and what skill of 3rd job class….?

  66. sana ung warlock may skill na similar sa Aetherion sa Rave… since wala, sana sa sorcerer nalang i-apply yun ^^

  67. “I hEaR In vAnRo ThAt rAnGeR CaN TaMe A wOlF HoW AbOuT ThE FaLcOn aNd ThE sKilL Of ThE FaLcOn?” “I tHiNk ItS CoOlEr If ThE PeT oF ThE RaNgEr Is ThE 2 Of ThEm FaLcOn AnD ThE wOlF” :)Ok ThAtS My OpInIoN(:

  68. Excited ma ako!!!!

    GusTo Ko nA maGinG RanGer!!

    kahIt gAling LnG huNter ok nA!!

    maGanda ung pede mag 3-1 ang trans pero

    wala trans skill

    at ung mayabang na d namn un fair

    mag-isip ka naman

    pano sa PVP wlang laban ang d nag trans???

    d naman sa ayaw ko mag 3-1 ang mga trans

    pero gaya ng sinabi nila overpowered

    pwede cla pero tanggal lng skill nilang trans

    un lng

    kahit wala na ibang mag bago

    un Lng πŸ™‚

  69. Awesome Assassin freaking me out hey how about 4 class lol i think assassin cross will be Eremes Guile lol just joking okay btw thats freakin awesome now i have idea what class should will be my main.

  70. @AbNol aq
    Abnol k tlga…
    If your playing RAN or Any E-games game, then your a B!tch 2 me. The games suck and they stole all the profits of levelup. E-games SUCK to me. But to me only. Nababaduyan aq ng RAN. A student wearing a sword in a uniform? Thst’s what you call corny. At Ung Crazy Kart? Sa levelup man un. Gaya gaya agad ang egames. Kumuha agad ng Isang racing game. Panapat sa Crazy Kart.

    My Comment anyways:
    Nice. I’m waiting for this patch at our country,.

  71. well I really can;t wait for the characters o come out
    but like someone on here said I don’t want the second class to lose theer skills
    I want to be able to keep all the skills because it would be unfair if you couldn’t keep the skills I mean if someone worked hard enough just to gt a skill and found out he/she couldn’t keep it well
    I would be really disoppointed please don’t d anything that will really make the third class bad
    or just make it so almost everyone will love it XD Still Can’t Wait!!!!!XD but
    I heard is it trues that the class after the paladin is going to be riding a Gryphon That would be so awesome
    and the assassin looks awesome that is going to be my main character because I already have an
    so I am really just waiting for that and the Arcbishop
    Theylook so so so cute
    I love how you made them,good job XD and f I may ask how long until the 4th classes if there is going to be a fourth class
    please let me know
    I really do love Iro and the outfits XD
    please let the sin have some awesome skills
    and be really strong
    Good jobXD

  72. oh and whoever said that well let me use an example,if your a sin and become an assassn cross you can become a gullotine cross you can go from 1st-2nd-trans-and then 3rd so Crispix you are wrong, no offence but you are wrong trancedents can become third class even Admin said that XD

  73. To clear things up,Rangers can have both falcon and wolf.But you must choose either falcon’s skill or wolf’s skill.Gravity is still working on 3-2 classes.according to my source it’ll be implemented on first or mid 2010.There are no word spoken from gravity about max stat.According to my source 3rd job classes won’t be implemented on iRo till 2011 or end of 2010.

    Peace Out Bro

  74. no, you status wont . not all server’s will be implement with this classes. some servers find upgrades unstable , example the paladin’s upgrade which has ability to reflect up to 1xx % and leave most upgrades with physical skills useless against them.. if this upgrade is applied into servers the servers will have a max level upgrade to 180 by head coop.

    Sharing further knowledge and exploring the world of Ragnarok togather.


  75. im willing to help you out lvling just find me this is my name “FreyaTanami” i have an archbishop and warlock ^^

    tutulungan kita mag pa lvl or do you need zeny ^^

    just say it ^^

  76. wel hi guys!

    I just searched the 3rd classes and found it in some website; info about the 3rd class has more info than this site. I found out that:

    Rune Knights : More offensive-oriented than Knights or Lord Knights.
    Reduced reliance on defensive gears.
    Skills will be more offensive-oriented.
    They will also use “Rune”, a special type of Mana, to perform their skills.
    A Ferus mount will be available for Rune Knight.
    Ferus can be Green, Red, Blue, White, or Black . And the rune knight sprite in this site is wrong its a royal guard.

    Archbishops : Improved existing supportive skills.
    Many new anti-Demon/Undead skills will be added. However, selecting them will reduce effectiveness or lose out on some of the supportive skills.
    Added skills that allows the Arch Bishop to do physical melee damage.

    Warlock : Strengthened ghost property spells.
    Super strong very large AoE damage spells that can be cast when multiple Warlocks are together.
    Can mix different types of spells to achieve new effects. Powerful and destructive class.(Male Warlock’s clothing are not black and Female warlock’s clothes are not white, they have similar dominant clothing color but much darker for the male from female.)

    Rangers : Added an Wolf summoning skill. Said wolf can be used as a mount to move.
    Strengthens existing bow skills.
    Improved single-target traps, as well as allowing usage of multiple traps to achieve new effects.

    Guillotine Cross : Like Assassins, a typical DPS type class.
    Based around on very strong damage, but when a skill fails, there will be backlash effect to the user.
    Many different types of new poisons will be added. Also, armed with many new skills using poisons.

    Mechanic : Added more weapons that can be created.
    Can now create auto-attacking turrets that were originally slated to be released with the transcendent jobs.
    Improved skills that make use of items rather than direct battle.
    Appears to be able to equip a special type of armor, similar to the ‘Magitech Armor’ from Final Fantasy 6.

    Shadow Chaser(not Dark Chaser) : Improved graffiti skills. Ex: Manholes (like in Looney Tunes)
    They can use a skill called Maelstrom which absorbs area of effect magic while draining SP.
    Ability to use facepaint which changes the ability of the player.

    Minstrel : Skills that improve physical defense and physical attack of party.
    Harmonize skill that gives stats to an ally.
    More offensive skills.
    Can cancel out another player’s song/dance.
    Can use a 2nd class song/dance/duet AND a 3rd class song/dance at the same time.
    Certain songs/dances improve with more Minstrels and Wanderers in party.
    (Minstrel wears a thick red coat with stars.)

    Wanderer : Skills that improve magic attack and magic defense of party.
    Skill that increases movement speed and attack speed for party.
    More offensive skills.
    Can cancel out another player’s song/dance.
    Can use a 2nd class song/dance/duet AND a 3rd class song/dance at the same time.
    Certain songs/dances improve with more Minstrels and Wanderers in party.
    (to me the Wanderer looks pathetic because she has small angel wings.)

    Sura : Has more Spirit Spheres and improved Fury.
    Has a skill that deals more damage based on the weight of the target.

    Sorcerer : Practices magic of 5 elements.
    New Spells added (Sage and Scholar/Professor doesn’t have much combat magic).
    Some Sorcerer skills should still be useful compared to warlock magic.
    Will be able to summon “minions”.
    Minions will have a small set of 2~3 related skills.

    Royal Guard : Will probably be able to equip two-handed shields.
    Will have many new spear exclusive skills.
    Increased defensive role, skills will be more defensive-oriented.
    More defensive-oriented than Crusaders or Paladins.
    Increased reliance on defensive gears.
    Defensive counterpart of Rune Knight.
    As they take damage, their anger gauge increases, which can be used in strong attacks.
    Ability to destroy traps by stepping on them.
    Gryphon mount.( But to me, the royal guard looks like a Dragon slayer because of its armor which looks like a skull. I thought a Royal guard would look like somewhat “more Holy” because crusaders and paladins are holy warriors of God and their look for the 3rd job looks like they are not holy anymore, they don’t look like “Descendants of God” feeling they gave me… I hope Gravity should change the look of the Royal Guard…)

    Genetic(not Generic) : Will have access to a improved version of the homunculus called “Homunculus S”. (Can’t use two at the same time. It will be similar to the falcon or wolf.)

  77. Genetic : Will have access to a improved version of the homunculus called “Homunculus S”. (Can’t use two at the same time. It will be similar to the falcon or wolf.)

  78. New skills concerning summoning of plants.
    Ability to create special food items, and throw items to deal damage.
    Will be able to brew many new potions. … So as you can see Rangers can use both falcon and wolf…

  79. Ok… regarding to your confusion about the change to 3rd class from 2nd class and(not or) just read this below:

    To change to a 3rd class, one must be level 99 of either the 2nd base class, or 2nd transcendent class. Changing to 3rd job is not like transcending, and you will remain level 99 when you change. If you chose to change to 3rd job before transcending, you will be unable to transcend in the future. The primary advantage of transcending first is that one is able to learn the transcended skills before turning to the 3rd class, whereas changing immediately from base 2nd class would never be able to obtain them. Additionally, characters that change from transcend will maintain their 25% hp/sp bonus over non-transcend characters.

    Once you change to a 3rd job character you will be able to level past level 99. The level cap for 3rd class characters is base level 150 and job level 50. 3rd class characters are able to increase status points above 99, to a maximum of 120 points in each stat. All 3rd class characters are able to use equips from previous jobs, including transcendent equips, no matter if the previous job was 2nd class base or trans.

  80. paki dagdagan nmn skill ng ranger…w0lf lng nadgdag e..har har…paki dgdagan dn ng kunat..amf…tap0s ung true sight pwd paki tagalan na…kac bilis mwala eh..ilan sec. lng wala na…unfair nmn kac ang lalakas ng ibang char….lalo na bio at sinx…

  81. Royal Guard no more Holiness??? Ouch!!! The main reason why I really like a crusader is their Holiness, their devotion to God in the Holy War… I hope that Gravity will make an action to that… Royal Guard would suck if it’s no more Holy property… Also, I’m not a spear lover, I would rather choose a sword because it suits more to a Royal Guard… Is there anyway we could give our suggestions to Gravity??? Because I would like to suggest some skill name for a Royal Guard like Judgment, Sword of Heaven, Tears of God, Divine Retribution, Holy Guard and Heaven’s Gate… Hehe.. It sounds more Holy than those possible Royal Guard skills…

  82. my Golly i just want to see the royal guard.. why does it take them so long?? o_o but hey in PRo im just waiting for the royal guard to come out just w8 u guys.!!!!

  83. To Crown Clown,

    You know we think alike, and I really think that the Royal Guard should opt for more of a “Godly” look because it has dedicated itself to God. And I think you’re right also, that Gravity should reconsider our suggestions because of what I’ve seen and informed that Royal Guard doesn’t look Holy anymore, and you’re naming of the skills are superbly suitable for the Royal Guard. If Gravity won’t change the look of Royal Guard, Paladin would be 2 thumbs up for me than the Royal Guard.

  84. QUOTE:
    neeanne Says:
    March 19th, 2009 at 11:29 am

    For me.. It’s kinda unfair to let the 2nd trans keep their skills. They have Assumptio, EDP, etc. And like what the others said, they are overpowered. Well, I agree on that. To make it fair, like for the people who doesn’t have to make another character to become 3rd job, why not make it like this:
    priest/hpriest~>arch bishop [BUT ! Not keeping the skills of the hpriest]

    This is pretty stupid and illogical. How can it be fair for ALL if those players who exert the extra effort and energy to transcend before changing to 3rd job is not able to keep the transcendent skills THEY WORKED HARD FOR?

    Don’t bring others down to pull yourselves up. If you consider 3rd jobbers who changed from transcendent jobs OVERPOWERED; make your own instead of trying to bring others down. Crab-mentality ring a bell?

  85. Greetings from aust =)

    i would like to ask if this is going to be released in all servers of RO or just particular ones?

    im playing DestinaRO and was just wondering if my server will get this =)

    thank you! ^^

  86. Hi I’m already level 99 transcendant job,but is it necessary that your job level is full in able to proceed to the 3rd class level??

  87. Did u see the pet waaoowwww Runeknight has a drgon 2 ride and mechanis has a mecha ranger has wolf that he/she can ride on πŸ˜€ waaowww

  88. Just asking… When the ranger summons the wolf will his/her falcon be dispelled? It’d really be cool if it didn’t.

    Also, would’ve been cool if warlocks got their own accessory character. Knights have their peco pecos (and ultimately dragons), hunters have their falcons (and upon becoming rangers, wolves), and alchemists have their homunculus. Warlocks ought to have their familiars!

  89. Just asking when will you post the 3rd jobs of gypsy and minstrel and why minstrels 3rd job is also a CLOWN anu un lokohan XD and sana maganda ung mga skills ng dark chaser fave ku mga ROUGES ganda kac pliagarize saka sana maging lvl 20 ung mga nagagaya nyang skill

  90. England, thanks to her work site they would have to download the Ragnarok 3rd jobs go.
    I’m very want to play ^ ^!
    Sincerely thank you!

  91. The classes are nice. I really like how the devs are thinking of improving the game further. However for me personally I am disappointed. I am running a Knight, soon to be LK, in Ragnarok Frontier and, assuming they eventually implement them, which that won’t happen for years to come prolly, I will not change to Rune Knight. The devs messed up the stat bonuses for them. They gimped the Knight’s strength and agi bonuses. AND there are 14 LESS job bonuses received due to the lower job level. I REALLY hope they make those new classes for non-transe only and make new Transe classes that go beyond lvl 99. but as it is, a big no-no from me.

  92. hi im srry for this but i got a question about Kro itself i got updated and do you know how to let it launch cuz it doesnt lauches >

  93. hey………

    the real thing is

    if you are a 99 priest, you can be a high priest or an arcbishop..

    priest becoming archbishop will miss the skills of highpriest..

    thats all

  94. Guys an assassin>assassin cross>guillotine cross?

    Or assassin>guillotine cross? Some says if your assassin cross you cannot go to guillotine cross? Is it a LIE? What is the truth?

    What if I’m Assassin Cross and want to become guillotine cross?

  95. Incorrect jazeel. You can change to archbishop at either 99 priest, or 99 high priest. You will retain whatever skills and stats you have, but if you go 3rd class without transing you will not have access to high priest skills, or the higher stats a 99 trans has. With my experience with Iro update speed im going to say trans classes will be in dec 24th 2012. you know, the day after the end of the world

  96. Lol.. there is a mistake.. in the first paragraph itself.. if u want to become glt.cross or ne of the other characters.. u have to be reborn first.then u turn to 100 base lvl and 70 job lvl.. and then turn into 3rd class… servers like nwRO have already implemented it.. check it out if u want http://www.new-world-ro.com

  97. You just need to be base level 99 and job level 70 to job change.. Actually in our server that we’re playing, base level 99 and job level 60 will do. It is better to change first to reborn class before changing to 3rd job because first, you will miss the transcendant skills if you changed directly from 2nd job to 3rd job. Second, you will have more stat points to put in because when you change to high novice, it will give you 100 stat points to use. Try the cool 3rd job in our server. ApocalypseRO. http://www.apocalypse-ro.net

  98. I don’t like the design of the character for guillotine cross it has too many spikes… the developers could have made it more like the warlock or made it more like an assassins creed like avatar….

    but I do like the Idea that if you have already taken the rebirth job you can no longer proceed to the 3rd job…

  99. Comment on 3rd Jobs Episode 13 Beta (non-official server)

    – Sprites of trans are way cooler better than the 3rd.
    – Imbalanced character skills (OverRated: Rune Knight and Sorcerer)
    – No advanced class for ninja/gunslinger/gladiator & stucked with level 99 while 3rd goes to level 150.
    – It’s like every character is almost dependent on some items to cast cool skills (it sucks when you need to create one, the resources when you hunt. lol)

    Note: I’m not saying it’s uncool but i enjoy playing it. Just sharing my own observation, I respect teasers. LOL

  100. I actually think so too=) I have been surfing around the internet for some time today, and its really hard to find anything interesting to read on blogs=] Maybe thats because there are too much of those around =) But this place actually keeps catching my attention=) Great stories, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits now πŸ˜›

  101. what if my Character is trans and its level is 96. Am I able to Change it into 3rd job? or am I required to max it into 99/70 first? thanks

  102. should I be job level 70 in trans before proceeding to 3rd job? or is it ok to change job if not max job level example 99/67?

  103. yeabahHW

    yes. you can change job even if you are not 99/70. as long as you meet up the requirements for the job. but i suggest you don’t hurry changing job or you might regret the lost skill points. :)) but if you are a BS or MS. job 64 will do. for a HP, i suggest you get 99/70 :)) btw, the adoramus skill of AB is so kewl! :))

  104. OMG i played ragnarok and make gunslinger i thought gunslinger will reach level 150,that would cool but hopeless because gunslingers remain level 99/70…what a waste of time..

  105. i juz can say that i was really like mechanic new skill.i also like shadow chaser dressing but i really dont like genetic dressing..i like shura also because one strike can kill people……..:)

  106. Hey guys, I don’t know if you will check this out but hey, it has a 3rd job Ragnarok private server with almost look a like renewal calculation and skills. http://landroragnarok.tk/ check that out guys. There is no harm in viewing right?

  107. Hey guys, I don’t know if you will check this out but hey, it has a 3rd job Ragnarok private server with almost look a like renewal calculation and skills. http://landroragnarok.tk/ check that out guys. There is no harm in viewing right?

  108. Hey guys, I don’t know if you will check this out but hey, it has a 3rd job Ragnarok private server with almost look a like renewal calculation and skills. http://landroragnarok.tk/ check that out guys. There is no harm in viewing right?

  109. Can you help me ? It seems I can not find the test guy at turtle island who is goint to advise me for ranger change. One thing more can I still change into a ranger if I am already 160+ level sniper ? Pls advise.

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