Ragnarok Ninja Guide

Ragnarok Ninja Guide

A character made for PvP. The character skill has the ability to be almost untouchable by melee and long range characters. You can choose to be a melee/range Ragnarok Ninja or a caster type Ragnarok Ninja, both of them are easy to handle and they are both effective killers in the PvP room. In leveling melee/range Ninjas can use shuriken or kunai type for damage and for caster type just choose a map that monsters are weak to your elemental skill.

Ragnarok Ninja Guide – What stats to focus:
For melee/range type Ninja I suggest to focus your stats on 2 stats only STR and Vit. A little hard to gain experience, but I assure you that your patience for this build is all worth the wait in the PvP room. A caster type is just like a Mage/Wizz build max out your INT then a higher DEX for casting time and a decent vit for hit points and resistance to stun.

Ragnarok Ninja Guide – Know your arsenal:

Melee/Range – In PvP mode, be sure to equip your char with a four slotted dagger class weapon with cards increasing damage to demi-human and to its size. A quad freezing weapon is a big help for enemies that use ghost armors, freeze them before using your final strike skill. Leveling is much easier if you use the skill throw kunai. Make sure to use the Shinobi Sash-Ninja Suit combo to save SP while using skills.

Caster – Both in PvP and leveling mode I suggest you use the Ashura or Bazerald, both of them increase your MATK. Ashura is slotted take advantage of it and use stat increasing cards on the other hand Bazerald gives +5 INT to the user.

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23 thoughts on “Ragnarok Ninja Guide

  1. My ninja is too weak when killing a monster compare with a mage that lower level than me…

    I’m so sad that my ninja is weaker than a mage whenever my stat is above the mage…

    My lvl is 53 .
    My int is 70 .
    And dex is 40 .

    Wat should i pump now , Admin .. ?

  2. Im a Mellee/range type! my Killing Stroke is superb! my stat is STR99 and Vit99 with HP equipts… the question is i have my BG Valor Weapon which is Huuma Shuriken, Do u think ican increase my Damage if I use a 2bloody 2 boned weapon? and what weapon would that be? Have no Zenny to buy a weapon to experiment! Hope someone can answer my question or give me a Good Ragnarok Calculator! kindly email me at valcraigcagz@hotmail.com Godbless!!!

  3. @efes: int for is MATK like what madmoon said.

    this guide kinda suck…. I mean how about the equips and skills???

  4. PVP Final Strike Ninja equip and skill guide:

    -upper/mid: *Helm of Orc Hero

    *Evolved Orc Hero Helm
    MHP 10%

    -lower: *any

    Armor: *Ninja Suit

    card:any with additional MHP,
    MHP% and/or vit.
    Tao Gunka

    *shinobi sash combo
    reduce sp consumption 25%

    Weapon: *dagger with 4 slots
    card: 3xHydra 1xSkell Worker

    Shield: *any with slot
    card: andre egg MHP+5%
    Maya reflect magic

    Garment: *any with slot
    card: Giant Whisper
    Str >= 80 – ATK+20
    Vit >= 80 – MHP+3%
    Luk >= 80 – crit + 3
    or any with MHP,vit

    Shoes: *any with slot
    card: Green Ferus
    or any with MHP, vit

    Accessory: *any as long as it increases Vit
    and card with vit or MHP

    *at job 50
    7 Throwing Mastery
    2 Reverse Tatami
    5 Mist Slash
    5 Shadow Jump
    5 Shadow Slash
    5 Ciceda Shell
    5 Ninpou Training
    5 Soul
    10 Final Strike

    -this build is really expensive since every time you use Final Strike your HP becomes 1 so you need a lot off pots.
    -for maximum damage, target enemy must be in state of Poison, Stone, or Frozen[best] since these status reduces defence.

  5. To:ANBU
    what about chaster tipe?
    Tell me please because i really like ninja in Ragnarok.

    Btw thats a good guide..!

  6. i need levelling guide,,im a caster type,,even if it’s weaker than mage, it’s okay,,because I have more escaping skill like shadow jump and cicada,,damage is also good when in pvp, build for a dex equip,, then your cast will be down to 1sec. just spam using freezing then go for dragon explosion,,even a paladin,,will not survive that,, 99/70

  7. Im a melee type ninja, and have tried so many Private servers and been a Game Master in two servers. To sum up things a ninja is really good in dealing damage as well as escaping an impending threat. Heres a quick set I can suggest to you.

    For your head gear:
    Use an Evolved Magestic goat as it will increase your physical damage base on you job level (Max ninjas job level is 70)in addition it has a 12% more damage to demi human monsters if im not mistaken. If it is slotted I would suggest you to compound an archangeling card (Additional 300 hp) or an Orc hero card (vit+3, resistance to stun) But Ninjas melee build is already 99 vit which means chances of getting stunned is lesser so I would prefer you to use an Archangeling card.

    For your clothe:
    Have a slotted ninja suit atleast 2. for switching. compound it with Tao Gunka Card ( Max HP 100% ) and an evildruid card ( Int +1 and enchant your armours with the undead property)
    Tao Gunka Card will increase your HP in effect it will also increase your Final strike damage( Final strike damage depends on your HP and Attack)
    Evildruid card is just for switching purposes, as you may encounter a Wizard and cast Storm gust to you, Evildruid card also has the capabilities to immuned you to a Frozen state and will Even decrease damage received from physical melee attack especially Whitesmith, Enchanted Cart ram is an excemption.

    For your robe:

    I would suggest you use a Skinn of ventoss, additional HP +200 mdef +5 and an additional flee rate effect. Please consult your RO for the effects of the cards as I cannot memorize all the cards. haha. For the card use a Giant whisper card it will increase your hp by 3%(Only for vit with 70 and above).

    For your Weapon:
    Use a 4 slotted maingauche, you will be needing 2 of this for switching, from the earlier post It will maximize the effect of damage if the character is in the abnormal status, I will share you one of the combo set used in my server.
    For freezing you will need:
    a 4 slotted main gauche
    3pcs Stormy knight card
    1pc Phreeone card
    and lastly Ice Kunai

    Compound all the cards in the maingauche pout on your kunai to you character as well as your maingauche. Use Throw kunai to the enemy (Except players with Marc card and evildruid card slotted on their clothes). Chances of freezing the enemy is up upto 95%. For the next part

    The Killing maingauche yo will need

    a 4 slotted maingauche
    1pc Thanatos card (Damage based on enemys defense)
    1pc Incantation card (Damage ignoring the enemys defense)
    2pcs Turtle general card ( 20% more damage to all monsters iregardless of its type.)

    Compound all of the cards to your 4 slotted maingauche. Once the enemy is at Frozen state. Put on your Killing Maingauche and use Final strike to your target.

    For your Shield:

    I would suggest that you use a Valkyrie Shield ( It has a percentage less damage to elements, Please see the item descriptions on your server
    Compound a maya card( 50% chance to reflect magical damage back to the caster) or a Golden Thiefbug Card ( Nullify all magical skills, Any of the two cards will do.

    For your shoes:
    Just use a sliepnir (Fast Moving, 20% more HP and SP), If not available
    use High heels and use A Green Ferrus card ( vit + 1 + 10 % max HP)

    For your Accesories:

    Just use meginjard (Str +20, mdef+5), if not available use a slotted Shinobi slash +300 HP and less sp consumption when set to a ninja suit, or use a slotted necklace (vit+1) or a slotted ring (str+1).

    You can use all this cards in your accesories
    Smokie card ( Hiding skill)
    Mantis card ( Str+2)
    Spore card ( Vit+2)
    Horong card ( Sight Skill)

    Thats all. Enjoy playing RO. Add me up in my Facebook account gmsoul_tim@yahoo.com

    Just leave your comments here.
    This is not a 100 percent perfect build but just wanna share my idea in this page. Rock on!

  8. My ninja lv 99
    Acc ring[osi]

    I’m hit professor with finalstrike/killingstrike just got 172k ..
    My build stats
    Str 99
    Agi 1
    Vit 99
    Int 1
    Dex 20
    Luk 1
    Reply ny comment plizz at fleeylouis@yahoo.com
    Add my facebook account fleeylouis@yahoo.com

  9. +10mg [thanatos,2tg,1hydra]
    +10 ninja suit [tgk]
    +7 val shield [cranial/maya]
    life wooden tree shoes
    skin of ventos [devian/imune]

    final semi caster type

  10. LOL ninja is awesome my FS is 450k each to lord knights that are on their devo build lol then they would cuss at me cause they just loss to a ninja NINJA =AWESOME

  11. you guys forgot 1 special thing for KS type of ninja… a level 9 mirror image/ illusionary shadows. . .

    number of KS “hit” is equals to the number of dodge left on mirror image (max 5) + 1.

    perfect hit never miss = 6 HIT of KS

    /gg >:] your dead

  12. sir im I played ragnarok before.. since it was my first time again to play this game.. i don’t know howto build my ninja.. what’s the best tip on how to make your ninja more powerful? from novice..

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