Ragnarok Einbroch Murder Quest

Ragnarok Einbroch Murder Quest Item Requirement:

  • apples – can be both in airship


Quest Prerequisite:

Ragnarok Murder in Einbroch Quest

1. Go the the Einbroch Inn. Go to the second floor then proceed to the lower left room. Inside, you’ll find a sick old man (ein_in01 231 163). You’ll be suspicious of him.


2. Take the train and go to the Mining Village. Talk to a young man (einbech 57 210). He’ll refer you to an old man in the pub.


3. The old man he’s referring to is Buender Hikeman (einbech 165 105). He’s drunk and he’s angry to anyone that he sees. He’ll mistake you for his friend that betrayed him and his friends while working on a mine. He’ll tell you about his story, just go along and pretend that you are what he think he is. Answer: (1) “What are you talking about?” (2) “nothing..?” Then talk to him again and respond: (3) “How did you survive the accident?” (4) “I’d like to apologize.” At the end Hikeman will mention Shinokas.


4. You’ll suspect Shinokas Hikeman is talking about is the the sick old man you met at the inn. Talk to him until he tells you the truth. Ask him the same questions then change your question. He’ll then slipped and tell you everything. You’ll learn that someone is hunting him down but he doesn’t know who it is. His first suspect are the Cableren Family, who is the richest in Ragnarok Einbech town.


5. Enter the Cableren Family’s Home. But you have to walk far away from Mercas or he’ll warped you out of the room. Head straight to the maid (ein_in01 32 133) at the lower right part of the house. She’ll tell you she know nothing about the mysterious mineral.


6. Go back to the sick old man then tell him that you found nothing. He’ll ask you to go next to the factory.


7. You have to do the Ragnarok Factory Quest to proceed
8. Talk to all the NPCs in the laboratory before going back to Shinokas. Suggest to investigate next to the Research Laboratory.

9. The Research laboratory requires confirmation before you can get in. It’s just like a typing test. You have 60 seconds to type the confirmation codes.lab.JPG

10. Inside, take a look at the Unknown Stuff then talk to the Scientist (ein_in01 254 35). He’ll tell you that his master is always drunk and busy gambling in the Casino of airship. Go see him.


11. Aboard the airship, head to the exit to the right and go below deck, keep walking left towards the end of the ship and you’ll see several gambling tables. The Drunken Man playing at one of the tables (airplane) 29,78 is whom you a looking for.


12. Talk to him. he’s loosing and you’llh elp him by giving him apples. The minimum bet is 100 apples. Buy the apples from Meltz near him. Continue giving him apples until he won.


13. When we finally win the game, ask him about what he was shouting awhile ago – the Ymir’s heart. Because, he’s drunk, he’ll tell you everything he knows.

14. Go back to Shinokas and you found him dying. Those who are hunting him have found him. Before he dies, he’ll ask for forgiveness for what he did to his friends. He’ll also ask you what is the piece of mineral that they have found. You’ll tell him The heart of Ymir

15. Go to Buender Hikeman and tell him about the death of his friend Shinokas. He’ll then realized that he lived his life in vengeance and now that his friend is dead. There is no more reason to live.

16. The Ragnarok Einbroch Murder Quest is complete. You can now do the Schwaltzvalt Trilogy Quest which is pretty exciting. I feel like Sherlock Holmes.

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  3. I accidentally slipped up on asking the old man about how he escaped and angered him so I can’t talk to him again.

    What do I do? ):

  4. Hummm, where is the Laboratory and not the Research Laboratory !? In the Factory ?

    Second : If I did the Factory Quest BEFORE, it does something bad ? 😐

  5. Well, I screwed up and pressed enter too fast, and the old drunk man doesn’t want to talk to me anymore ._.
    What do I do? >_

  6. Seems like I had to type in “Ymir Heart Piece” instead of “The heart of Ymir” on my server. So… I didn’t get any exp too >

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