Ragnarok Monk Leveling Guide

In Ragnarok Monk Leveling , you could either use Finger Offensive or Infiltration. The finger offensive skill cannot be interrupted which is an advantage for monks. Infiltration on the other hand is vit based. The higher the vit of the monster, the higher the damage of your Ragnarok monk. There are a lot of good places for monk leveling, if you get tired of leveling in one map, you could always go to another place.

Ragnarok Monk Leveling Guide Level 60-75

So you have just changed into a monk, the best thing to do is to boost first your skills. If you have an ample amount of dex, equipped a Fire Weapon then level with the Leaf Cats. This monster gives high job experience. The wootan fighter in the map would compensate the base experience. Metalings is also a good place to level especially if zeny is tight and you don’t have proper equipments.

Izlude dungeon 3 is not so bad either for ragnarok monk leveling. Item drops and cards are also good from monsters in this map. You could also go for the Orc Ladies and Orcs, experience is good and their HP is low.

Ragnarok Monk Leveling Guide Level 75-80

If you are a combo type monk, you could level in the Minorous and Geffen Dungeon 3. Both map gives good item drops. But monsters in geffen dungeon 3 are much stronger and meaner.

Using Infiltration, you could go to Glast Heim and level with either Phen Dark or Rybio. Rybio is more recommended because your survival rate in gl_prison is much higher than gl_prison1. High orcs in alde_dun02 and gef_fild14 is also a good monster to level.

If you already have Finger Offensive and on a tight budget, you could also go with the geographers.

Ragnarok Monk Leveling Guide Level 85-99

This is where Finger Offensive and Infiltration skills work the best. Just use the skill with the Sleepers and monsters in the Turtle dungeon 2 – Permeter, Solider and Freezer. The pest is annoying though, they hit so hard. The drop is turtle dungeon 2 is much better than from the Sleepers. Honeys, Royal Jellies and Mastelas are extremely useful for monks.

In terms of fast leveling, nothing beats Lighthalzen dungeon 3. You could ask your friends to leech you or join you in their party. You’ll be 99 in no time. The best thing about this map is you never level down.

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  1. combo monks actually have more variety than this, since they have more agi, which means they have flee, flee=miss, still a decent guide for tss/infiltration monks, i personally am one so yeah good job for making this guide.

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