Ragnarok Mercenary System

The Mercenary System

Mercenaries are soldiers that will fight at your side on the battlefield, but there are a few terms and conditions you must fulfill to hire them. You must fulfill a level requirement and pay a zeny to hire a Mercenary. Higher grade Mercenaries will also require that you build a loyalty rating with the Mercenary guild. Mercenary contracts can’t be transferred to other people and only 5 Base Level difference is allowed between the Mercenary and client so you can’t hire one much stronger than you. 

The Summon Scroll will call a Mercenary to your side. You cant give this scroll to anyone else and the Mercenary will only remain with you for 30 minutes after you summon him. The mercenary system is like an updated version of the Homunculus system. The difference is, mercenaries have fixed stats based on the level of mercenary summoned. Both homunculus and mercenary can be used by the same player at once.


Archer Mercenary



Swordsman Mercenary


Lancer Mercenary

Mercenary System Ragnarok guide

  • No feeding required
  • Has a maximum of 15 cells away from the summoner
  • Can be used both in PvP and WoE maps, but couldn’t damage the emperium
  • The mercenary’s level is distinguished through headgear.
  • Stats may increased based on kill count
  • High level mercenaries are loyalty dependent.
  • Reputation is specific to each guild of mercenaries
  • Each mercenary system contract lasts for 30 minutes
  • You can buffs the mercenary but with restrictions. See below post.
  • There’s a recovery potion for mercenary
  • Attack speed enhancers are available for the mercenary as well
  • The mercenary has skills based on their level and guild

Mercenary System: How to summon

There are three Ragnarok Mercenary System guilds. You can purchase a summon scroll in the following locations.

Swordsman Mercenary Guild in Izlude (Swordsman Mercenary)


Archer Mercenary Guild in Payon (Archer Mercenary)


Lancer Mercenary Guild in Prontera (Lancer Mercenary)



Level 1 Scroll – Summons a level 20 mercenary.
Price: 10,000 Z | Base Level: 15+

Level 2 Scroll – Summons a level 30 mercenary.
Price: 20,000 Z | Base Level: 25+

Level 3 Scroll – Summons a level 40 mercenary.
Price: 30,000 Z | Base Level: 35+

Level 4 Scroll – Summons a level 50 mercenary.
Price: 40,000 Z | Base Level: 45+Level 5 Scroll – Summons a level 60 mercenary.

Level 5 Scroll – Summons a level 60 mercenary.
Price: 50,000 Z | Base Level: 55+

Level 6 Scroll – Summons a level 70 mercenary.
Price: 60,000 Z | Base Level: 65+Level 7 Scroll – Summons a level 80 mercenary.
Price: 70,000 Z | Base Level: 75+ | Loyalty Points: 50

Level 8 Scroll – Summons a level 90 mercenary.
Price: 80,000 Z | Base Level: 85+ | Loyalty Points: 100Level 9 Scroll – Summons a level 95 mercenary.
Price: 70,000 Z | Base Level: 90+ | Loyalty Points: 300

Level 10 Scroll – Summons a level 100 mercenary.
Price : 80,000 Z | Base Level: 90+ | Loyalty Points: 500

Mercenary System Merchant

You could either purchase in Payon or Izlude.



You can purchase aid potions for your mercenary.

Mercenary Red Potion – Recovers a base of 1000 HP.
Price: 2500Z

Mercenary Blue Potion – Recovers a base of 100 SP.
Price: 5000Z

Mercenary Concentration Potion – Increases Mercenary ASPD by 10%.
Price: 800Z

Mercenary Awakening Potion – Increases Mercenary ASPD by 15%.
Price: 1500Z

Mercenary Berserk Potion – Increases Mercenary ASPD by 20%
Price: 3000Z

Basic Commands

Enemy Targeting – Alt + Right Click (on monster)
Right clicking once will cause the mercenary to queue up the monster. Right click again and the mercenary will immediately switch targets.
Moving – Alt + Right Click (on ground)
Alt and Right Clicking on the ground will cause the mercenary to stop everything and move to the target cell.
Standby – Ctrl + T
In standby the mercenary will stop everything and wait for orders at the masters side.

Ragnarok Mercenary System Information – Ctrl + R

Base Stats

A mercenary’s level and statistics are fixed when summoning, based on the level of scroll used. However, based on one’s reputation with that mercenary’s guild and the kill count, additional bonuses can be received.
Mercenary skills are based on the level of the mercenary summoned, and one’s reputation with the mercenary guild.

Supportive Skills

The player can buffs the mercenary but with some restrictions.
  • Players can only cast Aspersio on the Mercenary if they are the one who summoned it.
  • Blessing Mercenary will receive a boost to its hit rate only, and will cure cursed status.
  • Heal only recovers 1/2 the normal amount that it would heal a player.
  • Endow Blaze , Quake, Tornado and Tsunami Players can only cast Endow Blaze on the Mercenary if they are the summoner.
  • A maximum of 10 Ankle Snare traps can be placed at one time. Traps can be placed directly beneath targets.
  • Provoke can be cast on players as well as enemies. Can be used to break stone curse and frozen states.

Mercenary System End of Contract

  • Contractor Dies – The player summoning the Mercenary has died.
  • Mercenary Dies – The mercenary summoned has died.
  • Contract Ends – The mercenary contract lasts 30 minutes, after which the mercenary will leave.
  • Contract Canceled – The player manually dismisses the mercenary.


Mercenary System Loyalty Points

Gain Points
  • Every 50 killcount (+1 point) You gain kill count by killing a monster more than half the base level of the mercenary. It could either be killed by the player or the mercenary
  • Successfully Completing a Contract – (1 point)
Loose points
  • Mercenary Dies (-1 point)

Base / Job Experience

The Ragnarok player gets all the experience in the entire journey.


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  2. This guide doesn’t tell us how to use the mercenary pots..anyone know how?? I double click the mercenary red pots but it doesn’t heal my mercenary…=( Same goes for awakes and berserks..although he’s only lvl 20 mercenary.

  3. For the Patch . I think it’s El Dicastes Patched is what you need to repatched :)) The Ragnarok Renewal One

  4. does the mercenary aid potion, awakening, will work on the mercenary you bought in the special store? the one you can buy at the price of 140 rok points? thanks

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