Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – Magic Gear

This is a simple Ragnarok Mechanic Guide to give you a brief explanation if you want to make a Mechanic in Ragnarok. This Ragnarok Mechanic Guide would show you how to maintain and use Magic Gear that is exclusive for Ragnarok Mechanics. This Ragnarok Mechanic Guide tells you on how to utilize the Magic Gear skills of Mechanics.

Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – How to be a Mechanic

In order to be a Mechanic, you need to be a Blacksmith with 99 Base Level and 50 Job Level. if you are a Whitesmith, you need to be at least in Job Level 60. In my opinion, opt to be a 99/70 Whitesmith first before changing into a Ragnarok Mechanic to maximize your skills and stats

Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – The Magic Gear

The Magic Gear is inclusive to the Ragnarok Mechanics. The Mechanic Magic Gear is actually a “rental item”. In order to rent the Magic Gear, you need to have the Magic Gear License skill. The max level is 5, that increases and normalize your speed as you go higher.

Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – The Magic Gear – Where to rent?

You can rent this at the middle of Prontera.


Ragnarok Mechanic Guide – What skills to get

The Mechanic has only a maximum job level of 50, but there are 53 magic gear specific skills, some for offense, some for defense and the some for maintaining your magic gear

a. Ragnarok Mechanic Guide : Maintaining Magic Gear skills – Total : 11 points

  • Magic Gear License [Max Level 5]- You need this skill in order to rent the Magic Gear. Max it at 5 to increase your attack and normalize your movement speed
  • Emergency Cool [Max Level 1] – Prerequisites: Self Destruction LV 2 – If you think that you will use the emergency cool just for every 30 minutes or so, then you are wrong. I am using this skill for every 5 seconds to 1 minute depending on the skill that i used. If you are just doing normal attacks, it will take 30 secs to overheat. Of course i always use the skills that deals a huge huge damage that is why my magic gear overheats right away. It just costs 20 SP and consumes 2 Magic Fuels. So carry a lot of magic fuels when you are leveling.
  • Self Destruction [Max LV: 3] – Prerequisites: Mainframe Restructure LV 2 – This self destruction skill is just like a suicidal skill, but you do not loose your HP but your SP instead. I think this would be best utilized during war of emperium. Position your self near the emperium and when your are overwhelmed with attacks, activate the Self Destruction mode. You will loose your Magic Gear but still, you can fight. The maximum skill level required is 2 for emergency cool. But i think you should maximize it into 3 to increase the range of this skill.
  • Mainframe Restructure [Max LV: 4] – Prerequisites: Magic Gear License LV 4 – This increases your defense and overheating limit. You need to max this all out.

b. Ragnarok Mechanic Guide : Magic Gear Offense skills –

Long range magic gear skills relies on dex on damages such as Boost Knucle and Vulcan Arm.

Boost Knuckle [Max Lvl 5 ] – It fires a rocket punch to an enemy with a max range of 11 cells. What i like about this is you can spam or fire boost knuckle continuously to a single enemy. There is no cast or reuse delay. Damage is based on DEX and skill level.

Vulcan Arm [Max lvl 3]   – Prerequisites: Boost Knuckle Lvl 2 – This is another range skill of the Ragnarok Mechanic with a max range of 13 cells. It fires three vulcan bullet rapidly upon using this skill. You need Vulcan Bullet in your inventory and it needs not to be equipped in order to use this. Damage is based upon DEX as well.

Pile Bunker  [Max lvl 3]   – Prerequisites: Boost Knuckle Lvl 2 -The effects of the pile bunker is like an earth shatter. It requires Pile Bunker to be equipped. Pile Bunker can be bought in Prontera. It attacks on single enemy and damage is based on STR and skill level. The deactivatable Skills are Kyrie Eleison, Assumptio, Mental Strength, Auto Guard, Millennium Shield. The cast delay and re use delay is decreased with your DEX, so there is a chance that you can spam this skill as long as you have a high dex.

Flame Launcher [Max Level 3] – Prerequisites: Vulcan Arm Lvl 3 – It requires a Flame Thrower to be equipped. This skill causes fire damage to a single enemy. It also gives damage to those who are in range of your target enemy. This is skill is best used if you are leveling in Niffleheim field.

Cold Slower [Max Level 3] – Prerequisites: Vulcan Arm LV 3- This skill works just like a Flame Launcher but this requires a Liquid Cooling Shell as a catalyst. The skill fires a cold shower from your mechanic up to 9×9 range. The effects are actually cool to look at. You can fire this even though there is no enemy in sight.

Arms Cannon [Max Lvl 3] – Prerequisites: Flame Launcher LV 2, Cold Slower LV 2 – This is the most powerful magic gear skill. This skill consumes 1 Magic Gear Fuel and 1 Cannon ball but it is all worth it as it deals a huge amount of damage in a large area. Also, cannon balls can have different elemental properties – None, Holy, Neutral, Shadow and Ghost. This is perfect if you are leveling and dealing with a a mob.

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  1. Flame Launcher [Max Level 3] and Cold Slower [Max Level 3] are increase damage with int or for or dex? What the formula damage of this skills?

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