Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide

Ragnarok Mages are so easy to level if you have proper equipments and booster. You could even have a job 50 mage in just five hours or less. The most commonly used leveling skill is the Fire Bolt then the Soul Strike. But Soul Strike is not as good as Fire Bolt in terms of skill planning. When you became a wizard, soul strike would be rarely used.

This Ragnarok mage leveling guide features the best map on where to level your character. It discuss the places to power level your character or even if you are just starting out.

Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide – Power Up!

By power up, I mean you have a full support Ragnarok priest booster.


Sting map is very hard to go into, but it’s totally worth it. The experience given by this monster is really high. You just need the firebolt skill to kill it. One or two firebolts maybe enough. The priest just have to cast Lex Aeterna on the Stings. Watch out for the quagmire skill of the stings for it may weaken you and let you loose control of the game. Don’t be very brave of facing more than two stings for might kill you.


What made this better than the stings is its accessibility. Geographers have high respawn rate at the north of Einbroch. The map also has Metaling in it which also gives high experience. What annoys me is the heal skill of the Geographer. You maybe having a hard time killing these monsters especially if they are too close with each other. But they give good experience so it’s worth a try.

Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide – Maps

Level 10- 28

  • Payon Cave 00
  • Metaling

Party with acolytes and arches in the Payon cave. You’ll be surprised on how fast you’ll level. Or you could level by yourself in the cave but stay close with other players. You won’t be able to dodge the monsters. Metaling is a good monster to hunt too, it has low hp and gives high base experience.

Level 28-35

  • Greatest General

The greatest general could just do damage to you once you go near it. So stay in a safe spot, cast frost driver then lighting bolt. It gives high base experience in no sweat.
Level 35-50

  • Clock Tower
  • Geographer

Leveling in the clock tower will be hard if you don’t have good equipments. The trick here is the firewall and firebolt combo. He gives high experience but you must have good skills and perfect timing. Like the greatest general, you could attack the geographers in range, which is a very good thing. You just have to be patient.

Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide – What to wear

Ragnarok Mages have extremely low hp so you have to invest with a pupa armor. It would be the best equipment that will be able to help you. Buy wands to boost your magical damage. Buy a healing clip but be careful of scams. I was always a victim because of the Healing clip. Then, buy dex equipments if you have some spare money. You don’t need that much equipment if you are attacking on a distance.

18 thoughts on “Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide

  1. HOW to get The pupa Armor??? And Is apple of archer is good to mages?? because it increases DEX

  2. you need to hunt for pupa in order to get a pupa card to slot into your armor ^^, and apple of archer is also useful for fast DEX boosting

  3. Sting is hard, but possible if you know how to use vertical Fire Wall trick against them. The Gargoyles and Cramps are what makes it harder to solo there, so most Mages would party with Acolytes/Priests.

    Btw if anyone knows a good place for a Lv 50 Mage (no Fire Wall, but I have Safety Wall Lv 10) to go solo please do share.

  4. Yep go Geos …hunt them for jLvL 50 and then …hunt them again ..or you learn to use vertical FW
    then this is the key for all your solo experences.

  5. sting!!combine ur vertical fire wall then finish it w/ fire bolt lv.10. remember!use ur firewal w/ vertical position.

  6. i have high int but low dex like 60 dex and im lvl 74 i have slow cast but high dmg i want aoa and nimble glove but i cant afford where could i farm to sell items or have goood lvling spot

  7. mage rules lvling is easy if u have high mp and agi just run then atk it again and run lol its stupid but effective XD

  8. Well i kinda have little trouble training my mage when reach to job lvl 37, takes times to get job lvl 50 if train at geographer! Here`s my tip for armoring mage,
    apple of archer and pupa card + silk robe
    Put pupa card at the silk robe is safe! Whenever ur mage dies that “Hard Silk robe” will DROP into your inventory, for mage DUN USE MANTLE!!

  9. Why haven’t anyone suggested soils/mi gao? With firebolt and firewall, or frost diver and lightning bolt. It’s how I usually do my last lvls before job change.

  10. also hunting bigfoots, caramels, and stinkers near payon starting around level 23 or so are good experience for mages that prefer to hunt solo or can’t find a party. Cast from a distance and until you have 30 points in intel, use a level 5 firebolt. after you get about thirty points in int stat you can down it to a level 4 firebolt.

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