Ragnarok Mage Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Mage Job Change Quest Level Requirements

  • Job level 10

Ragnarok Mage Job Change Quest Reward

  • Change to Mage

Ragnarok Mage Job Change Item Requirements

Ragnarok Mage Job Change Quest Ragnarok Guide

While leveling as novice, collect the necessary items so you would n

Ragnarok Mage Job Change Quest

1. Go the mage guild in Geffen (geffen 63, 177), talk to the mage guildsman inside. She will assign you a solution number which you have to remember


2. Refer to the bookshelf near her for the ingredients for your solution. You do not need to collect the catalyst item. Milk can be bought in Prontera milk merchant(prontera 76, 133) or you could exchange an empty bottle for a milk in Prontera too. The ingredients are:


  • Solution no 1: 2 Jellopy, 3 Fluff, 1 Milk. Catalyst: Yellow Gemstone – Solution: Payon solution – Code: 8472
  • Solution no 2: 3 Jellopy, 1 Fluff, 1 Milk – Catalyst: Red Gemstone – Code: 3735
  • Solution no 3: 6 Jellopy, 1 Fluff – Catalyst: Blue Gemstone – Solution: Payon solution – Code: 2750
  • Solution no 4: 2 Jellopy, 3 Fluff – Catalyst: 1carat Diamond – Solution: Morroc Solution – Code: 5429

Where to get Payon solution: Pond in archer village (pay arche 118,100). Talk to Dollshoi, make sure you have an empty test tube with you


Where to get Morroc solution: Pond in the Morroc pyramids (moc_ruins 88,147)


3. After collecting all the ingredients, go back to the Geffen Mage guild and head over to the mixing machine at the middle. You will need to enter the necessary items, if you did wrong, you have to collect the items again.


4. An unknown solution will be produced by the machine and give it to the mage guildsman. She will change your job into a mage.


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