Ragnarok Ifrit MVP

Ifrit is the much anticipated MVP this Veins patch. He’s the strongest MVP known so far with 7700000 HP. MVP hunters are encouraged to give this MVP a shot because of its item drops. Two of its item drop, the Ring Of Resonance when combined with Ring Of Flame Lord allows a player to auto cast various skills with each physical attack.

Ragnarok players might need to work with several parties just to defeat Ifrit. Ifrit has lot of skills that could kill you in one single skill attack. These party may mostly consists of champs with devotion, lots of priest for resurrection and Professors for Soul Change and Land Protector. Ifrit has low vit so Acid Bomb biochemist may have a low chance to MVP this monster. Biochemist could be a support with his potion pitching skill. Clowns and Dancers for Support Skills.

The best weapon for champions would be +10 Double Beholder Double Liberation Mace because of its Formless property. While the best shield against this monster is Alice. However I saw a video of a Taekwon Master who have slain Ifrit for just 7 seconds. See the video below.

Property: Fire 4 Race: Formless EXP: 3154321 JEXP: 3114520 DEF: 40 MDEF: 50 ATK: 17000 HP: 7700000 DEX: 199 INT: 190 AGI: 180 VIT: 25 LUK: 50 Location: thor_v03 (1/660)

Skills: Berserk, Change to Ghost Property, Change to Poison Propery, Dragon Fear, Earthquake, Fire Pillar, Full Strip, Ganbantain, Grand Darkness, Heal, Meteor Assault, Meteor Storm, Scream, Soul Destroyer, Summon Slave, Two-Hand Quicken

MVP Item

  • Old Blue Box (55%)
  • Old Card Album (20%)
  • Old Purple Box (25%)

Card: ATK, CRIT, and HIT are all increased by your job level. When recieving physical damage there is a chance to autocast Earthquake LV2.

Ifrit Item Drops:

  • Fireblend (20%)
  • Wizardry Staff (20%)
  • Hellfire (20%)
  • Flame Heart (100%)
  • Spiritual Ring (30%) – A beautiful ring imbued with strange spiritual powers that result in surprising effects when worn with the right items. INT +2 DEX +1. Increases damage of Magnus Exorcismus by 30% and damage of Heal skill against Undead monsters by 50%. Increases SP Recovery by 9%.
  • Lucius’s Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] (1%) – An armor that is enchanted with the Fire Property.
  • Ring Of Resonance (1%) – A ring that resonates with the Ring of Flame Lord, together, they form a matching set. AGI +2 VIT +1 DEF +2. Adds a chance of auto casting various skills with each physical attack.
  • Ring Of Flame Lord (1%) – A ring imbued with the power of the fire spirit king, which can be used to strengthen the wearer’s weapon. This ring forms a matching set with the Ring of Resonance. STR +2 VIT +1 ATK +15. Increases resistance to Fire property attacks by 10%. Adds a chance to auto cast various skills with each physical attack.

Misc: Flee needed: 373 Hit needed: 299 Monster Level: 99 Monster Size: Large Aggressive: Yes Assist: No Cast Sensor: No Looter: No Change Target: Yes Immobile: No Status Effect Immnunity: Yes Resists Steal: Yes Slaves: Kasa, Salamander

Ragnarok Screenshots – A party in kRO hunting Ifrit

Ifrit Casting Earthquake


Ifrit Unknown Skill


Ifrit’s Scream

MVP Videos:

Source1 Source 2

31 thoughts on “Ragnarok Ifrit MVP

  1. Wow!!! The videos are cool!! and tell how to kill Ifrit very well!! but it’s too blurry the videos need improvement!

  2. “The best weapon for champions would be +10 Double Beholder Double Liberation Mace because of its Formless property.”
    No no no no no. Just, no. If a champion were to have over 130 str, which he should fully buffed and with foods he should use a +10 Beholder Triple Liberation Mace. Although I doubt any champion on iRO, kRO, or jRO actually would put a pecopeco egg card into a 4 slotted Triple Liberation Mace. I’d much rather put a Minorous card, since it works better on all MVPs.

    Admin: I forgot to mention that weapons are based on the character atk stat. Thanks Lol~

  3. “Sakra Says:
    July 5th, 2008 at 12:56 am

    I can kill Infrit in 5 secs with my assassin cros lvl 255”
    Nice. Now do it on a lowrate server.

  4. “Sakra Says:
    July 5th, 2008 at 12:56 am”

    I can kill Infrit in 5 secs with my assassin cros lvl 255

    i can kill ifrit in 0 seconds with my level 102301203120341041023001231023401204034010240102401401 god

    fail imo

  5. @Sakra

    if u can kill ifrit in 5 secs with your sinx lvl 255, show me your video with your equip….

    if you dont show me its mean u are LIE !!!

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  7. That TKM video didn’t convince me well, though I don’t know much about this class. Is that TKM with the official ragnarok limitations? I can’t see how he can do such damage without custom items or other changes.

    By the way:

    double beholder double liberation = + 110%
    +40% formless, +50% boss, 1.4*1.5 = 2.1

    triple beholder liberation = + 100%
    +60% formless, +25% boss, 1.6*1.25 = 2.0

    double beholder double flammable = +96%
    +40% formless, +40% fire property, 1.4*1.4 = 1.96

    triple beholder + minorous = +84%, +5 atk
    +60% formless, +15% large size,

    I can’t see how different strength value can change the decision (except if you’re comparing the mace with minorous;even so, the +5 atk is kinda irrelevant). Well for me, considering the card prices, the double beholder double flammable (2 peco egg 2 vadon cards) is the best option.

  8. dumb people… don’t you see that TKMs are MVP killers!!!! they linked the TKM and used the heat skill to kill ifrit since ifrit was the marked enemy..

    imagine 28k damage in 0.1 sec….. that’s 280k in 1 second… that is what i saw in the video… and it is very possible… that is what pRO are currently doin.. ifrit killing!!!

  9. 1st-. you are wrong IFRIT is not the most strongest MVP the storongest MVP in 1st plce is:
    1- Pori Pori
    2- Thanatos
    3- Satan Morroc



  10. First of all, that skill isn’t called Scream, but Dragon Fear.

    Second, that unknown skill is Area Bleeding iirc.

    Third, Ifrit Card autocasts EQ lv 10, not 2. Yet it still sucks because it autocasts upon being hit, which means you need a lot of people/monster to hit you so it will often autocast, but this conflicts with the EQ itself that has its damage divided for every person/monster got hit.
    Which means the more you got hit, the more often it will autocast, yet the damage also will be much lower.

    Also, even though EQ seems powerful, but it’s not that powerful when you take “how low a player’s ATK is compared to MVP like Ifrit” into account.

    The “increase ATK, Hit, and Crit” also sucks. First, it actually increases those three stats by your job level DIVIDED BY TEN. ATK + 7 for an MVP card? lol.
    Second, Hit & Crit conflicts with each other. If you’re playing Crit you won’t need Hit boost since Crit always hit anyway. If you’re not playng Crit…then what a Crit boost is for you?

  11. the TKM is doing like 20k / hit O_o

    unless it’s a high rate server or god_item_equipped that’s pretty much impossible.

  12. excuse me!!! but i doubt about this, for me ifrit is only the SECOND! i repeat! the SECOND most strongest MVP in kRO, even in all RO, coz the most strongest, if all of you never heard about it, it’s Naght Sieger/Nacht Sieger, the MVP in the last FLOOR OF ENDLESS TOWER! try to search it…

  13. i want to clarify what i said, if your lookin for the most, it is already labelled who is the msot strongest, in the map of endless tower, all the mvp where place in different map that tells what is there standing and who is the strongest, it is obvious that ifrit is place in the 5th map, which is 2 maps away to the final map of endless, that means ifrit, if were going to rank, ifrit rank is at 3rd rank, together with the other MVP, the 2nd in rank is Entweihen Crothen, and the 1st in rank is Naght Sieger…that’s all…hehe…well, i’m just disappointed because all of you thought that ifrit is the strongest, yet all of you never discover the last map of endless tower…and endless tower is the dungeon which consist of all kinds of monsters in RO…

  14. IMO, TKM killing ifrit is on super über mega high rate server and its also fake, beause heat does 10atk in 1 second, and TKM does 22K+- DMG, that means that 7700000/22000/10 = 35s, not 7, so its on f*cking high rate server or it is fake

  15. ok here’s how this all works..

    1)Taekwon’s skill “heat” deals damage pushing a monster 2 tiles away. since mvp and boss type mobs are immune to pushback, they get hitted A LOT of times. heat got nerfed, it now does like 10 hits/second, it used to be higher (i’ve been told 50 hit per second, that would explain how lvl 50 taeks could kill kasas in 1 second). now using a taek for this mvp is just crazy but before the nerf of the skill, it was one of the best way of mvping

    of course, having godlikes too but ehi, big mvp are not for everyone!

    ps: i’m not talking about any pserver shit, this is pure retail knowledge xD

    what else? Earthquake? aweful skill, it’s ranged magic neutral that does a lot of damage. let’s brake it down: GTB? helps, 100% reduction. pneuma? fog of wall? useless, it’s a spell. alligator clips? longmace? garment -10% ranged attacks? all useful. be sure to have at least 3 out of 5 those items before considering doing that mvp or u won’t make it (btw: strongest mvp around is satan morroc, ifrit is pretty doable)

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