Ragnarok Hide n Seek Quest

Ragnarok Quest Level Requirement: Base Level 50

Ragnarok Quest Item Requirement: 1 Steamed Crab Nippers (Vit +1 Food)

Ragnarok Quest Reward:

  • 50,000 Base Experience
  • 3 Green Salads (Dex +5)

Ragnarok Hide n Seek Quest
1. Talk to Torpy in Hugel (hugel 107 67) He’ll cry because his mother and father are missing. Help him to find them.


2. You can find Torpy’s mother at Hugel field (hu_fild06 190 367) just south of Hugel town. She’ll ask you to tell Torpy that she’s fine.


3. Talk to Torpy again, this time you have to find his father
4. Click the Suspicious Barrel (hugel 100 176) beside a house in Hugel. Give the perso the Steamed Crab Nippers. Torpy’s father will appear and he’ll tell you the reason why he’s been hiding for three days


5. Talk to Torpy again. He wants you to inform his mother.
6. Go to Torpy’s mother again and she’ll reward you with 50,000 Base Experience and 3 Green Salads (Dex+5).

7 thoughts on “Ragnarok Hide n Seek Quest

  1. uh….the barrel says it can cook them for you but you will need:
    10 green leaves
    10 nippers
    1 yellow potion
    I already got those items, but when I talked to the barrel, it just told me to get the items
    is that normal?

    Admin: Are you sure you got all the items?

  2. heres how u do it:
    1. get chef’s hat
    2. start cooking quest
    3.u will be given level 1 cookbook
    4.gather the stuff u need for the nippers
    5.get a cooking kit
    6.make the nippers

    and there u go steamed crab nippers

  3. cant make the steamed crab nippers.. pls detail the step by step procedure.. whats with th chefs hat issue??? ty

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