Ragnarok Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest

The Ragnarok Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest is just a short quest. You could finish it in less than 30 minutes

Item Requirements: 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Root, 2 Glacial Heart


  • 300,000 Base Experience
  • 3 Eluniums

Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest
1. Exit the north portal of Veins. You’ll find yourself in ve_fild06. Just walk along the path until you found a portal. Sometimes that portal would lead you in ve_fild07 or ve_fild05. If you respawn in the wrong map, just go back and try entering again until it leads you to your destination map. You’ll need to find the Wincing Old Man named Zabaroo in ve_fild05 (257, 130). His back achesafter stooping over to pick up stones all day long. Ask him Gosh, how bad is it? He’ll ask you to talk to Absar in the Veins tool shop.


2. Head back to Veins Tool Shop. Talk to Absar (ve_in 169, 310) and answer with “…”. Tell him that you are there in behalf of Zabaroo and his current condition.


3. Absar says he’ll help you and asked you to bring him 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Roots, and 2 Glacial Hearts. He’ll make a device called Tactile Extendable Clamp-Release Mechanism. Give the device to Zabaroo.

4. Go back to Zabaroo, and give him the device. Hell thank you for you help then asks you to deliver his stones Veins factory.
5. Go inside the Veins factory (veins 269, 226) and talk to the Factory Manager (ve_in 37, 28). Tell him that you are there in behalf of Mr. Zabaroo


6. Give the rocks to the Factory Worker (ve_in 54, 49).He will tell you about the rocks that they are mining.


7. Go back to ve_fild05 again to Zabaroo, he’ll give you some experience and Eluniums.

10 thoughts on “Ragnarok Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest

  1. i talk to the wincing old man, and he just says the same thing over and over… i wasnt given an option to say”gosh how bad is it,” i got all the items too…

  2. The hardest part of the quest is when the character you are using has no AGI, you need to suffer being hit by the monster at the map of Zabaroo. Easy quest, got 2 percent from LVL 84 Professor.

    Thanks for the guide. Try the ‘Medicine Quest and Biological Weapon Quest’. It’s semi-easy too and has good experince rewards.

  3. i have an blank on my Ragnarok item discription ….did i need some file or anything???…….plss i need help

  4. I tried to visit the map at valkyrie, I cant go to the old man because the map doesn’t showed up and my view was not normal (for valk users u know wat I mean..) How come does this happened?

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