Ragnarok Gym Pass Quest

Ragnarok Gym Pass

So I’ve jumped into the bandwagon of increasing my weight limit as well. I used this pass on my wizard and priests. You could only increase a maximum of 2000 weight limit or 10 gym passes.

Ragnarok Gym Pass Quest

1.  Purchase a Gym Pass Box in hypermart/kafra shop/donation shop. Open the box and you will obtain a gym membership card.

2. In Prontera, talk to Saint Gravity. Say yes that you like to be enchanted.


Ragnarok Gym Pass Description

A Gym Membership Card that increases maximum weight capacity.
If you give this Gym Membership Card to the special NPC, NPC teaches you a skill that increases your Maximum Weight Capacity.
Increases 200 weight per a skill level and level 10 is the maximum you can learn.

Ragnarok Gym Pass – Love it or Hate it?

I know a lot of players who have thoroughly thought about their character stats down to their character’s weight limit. Some had a violent reaction toward this item but it is deeply understandable. Some players whose jobs are wizard, priest or archer class may have included strength to their stats just to increase their weight level without knowing about this item to come out.

After purchasing gym passes to my priest and wizard, I was able to carry some extra gemstones

This Ragnarok item is best for pvp and woe addicts.But isn’t that cheating? What if your pvp opponent didn’t purchase this item. Certainly, you have an advantage over him.

Did you purchase this hypermart item too. Did you love it or hate it?

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21 thoughts on “Ragnarok Gym Pass Quest

  1. i dont think its a good idea, its just the negative part of the mage class and its stupid to make them better compared to others…

  2. It’s very beneficial to Characters like Professors, since I’m more dependent on Health Conversion (considering INT-DEX Built), all I have to do is to bring 300+ Slims to stay longer in the battling field. With Lvl 10 Increase Weight Capacity, leveling isn’t a tough thing at all 🙂

  3. I had forgotten about this item when I had 500 kafra points for 3.75 not to long ago. When I logged off it came to mind that I should have bought that for my Wizard instead of the Ramen Hat. Because I could really use more weight to carry around way more fly wings and potions especially since I’m on Valkyrie server (and I play that when I’m taking a break from my main MMO) Would also be great for my Priestess who needs to carry around blue gemstones, stunner and other few things. I guess the next time I have some possible spare money; I will pick up the gym passes and use them after possible high mage and high acolyte. Just to make sure I didn’t waste money purchasing and using them and lose pass when I finally make trans.

  4. It’s good but I’m a alchemist than just use AGI and STR o3o

    Anyways, I’ve needed the weight capacity because I do a food collection 8D

    I love this coupon. But, it is expirable ? Lawl, I feel dispencious.

  5. Can novices use the gym pass? I’m asking because I was thinking about remaking my Takewon Girl and wanted her to have more weight capacity twice. Once as Novice then again as a Soul Linker. I thought about waiting till the rest of my characters are High Novices before I get them gym passes as well then again as first or second jobs.

  6. Ok, in response to Minit, It doesn’t matter what job you use it as, it’s a limit of level 10 in that skill per CHARACTER, like any other skill. After you change classes you STILL have the skill.

  7. Valheru, thank you very much. I guess I will be using it on my novice then again on my Soul Linker. Then do the same for my High Novices when I change my priest, black smith and alchemist to their first high jobs.

  8. The gym pass does not ever expire. In order to get the weight increase you will need 10 passes (20 if you plan to transcend). These passes have an train you in the passive skill Enlarge Weight Limit R, which was unused originally. But if you transcend, you will need to redo this “quest”.
    The hardest part is finding the passes, so if anyone knows the official location I would be grateful for that information. But seeing as I currently don’t know where to get them I just added my own NPC to sell the passes 😛

    Hope this helps. Best wishes

  9. Just an update, I researched the gym pass, and they are only available on official servers and require donations in order to obtain the kafra points required. If you desire these passes, you need to have custom NPCs to sell them, so ask your admin team LOL
    Hope this solves the problem. Best wishes.

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  11. Boss paki dagdag nalang po na 10k weight limit lang ang bawat characters. SO yung mga swordsman classes na may mount at 100+ ang weight sosobra sila ng 500 weight so worth less na more than level 7 ang ang EWL na kunin nila.

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