Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest Level Requirements

  • Base Level 99 Assassin or Assassin Cross
  • Job Level 60 Assassin Cross or Job Level 50 Assassin

Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest Rewards

  • 1 Green Apple Ring – does nothing
  • 1 Jewelry Box (depends on your performance – see step no 27)
  • 1 Silent Executioner
  • Job Change to Guillotine Cross

Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest Guide

Finishing the Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest took me a day as I need to wait an hour and then 3 hours and some 10 minutes. The Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Questis fairly easy but tedious as you have to talk to several NPCs and wait for some time before proceeding to the next step. I wish they remove the waiting time though, I see no sense over it.


Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest

1. Start the Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest by visiting the pub in Morroc (morroc 45, 107). Once inside speak with the Guild member. Tell him your name and agree to his request. He will direct you to Veins.


2. Board the Airship in Izlude and exit in Rachel. Speak with the Cool Event Corp Staff at the Middle of Rachel to warp in Veins. Make Veins as your save point to make it easier for you to do the preceding steps. Go to the Guillotine Cross Assassin Guild headquarters (veins 254, 255) and speak with Daora inside. Choose the … option and she will give you a task but first you need to hear a more detailed story of it.

daora ragnarok

3.  Go down and enter the left portal at the next room to speak with Mayshell. As her what the task is.


4. Go back to Daora and keep asking her to give you 1 glass until you get the option for you to ask for her help. The advice of Doara is attached to the quest information.

daora help ragnarok

5. Talk to the Vigilante (veins 291, 214) outside. Ask him Do you know Trovan?


6. Go inside a building (veins 230, 162) and speak with the  Young Merchant inside. He’s on the left side of the room. Ask him Do you know Crave?


7. Go to the Veins Inn (veins 148, 216) and speak with the Waitress Madelle on the south part of the room. Ask her You are… then answer Their residence is unclear.


8. Go outside and speak with the Peddler (veins 184, 142)


9. Just south of the Peddler is the Old Man(veins 231, 125). Speak with him as well.


10.  Go back to the Assassin Guild and speak with Daora. Ask for a glass and then choose Figure out based on information that you gathered. Choose The residence is unclear then Madelle witness are more than 2. Speak with Daora again and ask for a glass then get an advise. You have a heart to heart talk with her and she will direct you to find Melissa as your next step in Ragnarok Guillotine Quest.

11. Melissa(veins 226, 180) is a girl that has an overall view of the village. She can find anyone for you. Tell her you have lost a friend and ask her if she knows something. Choose Ok, let me do it? Then describe the one you are looking for as a girl, has light yellowish hair color, and young as you. She names the one you are looking for as Estillda. She tells you that this girl will pass around a blind alley within an hour. Give Melissa a thumbs up.


12. Go back to Daora in Assassin’s guild and she asks you to wait on an alley where Estillda shows up usually so you can question her.

13. After an hour, wait in an alley in the upper right corner of Veins to trigger a conversation. Some say that if you walk to that area while cloaked, you have a high success rate of catching Estillda (veins 341, 286).  Do not uncloak during the dialogue, it will end and this will register as a failure. It took me 3 tries before I can finally catch her. Make a surprise attack on Estillda and if you are lucky, you will catch her. If not, you have to wait for 10 minutes, walk over to that area again to trigger the attack. Once you finally catch her, ask her who sent you? and then ask her to meet in Daora’s pub.


If you fail

estillda fail ragnarok

14. Continue the Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest by returning to Daora and ask for a drink again and tell her about Estillda.

15. Go down the room and then enter the portal to the right. Speak with Estillda and her if she’s ok. Ask her what she knows. She tells you about a place where she usually meets the strange guy and that she will meet him after 3 hours.


16. Go to the south part of Veins (veins 206, 55) after three hours. A chat would be triggered then choose Go inside.


17. Inside, you will meet a man in black clothe which apparently is a Dandelion member. Walk straight to him to trigger a conversation and a battle will ensue. You have to kill him which is very easy although he has high HP. He will drop a Pope Cookie that you can enjoy.


18. Click on the dead Dandelion and you will obtain Key of the Mansion. Click on him again and you will be automatically warped out of the room


19. Warp to Rachel and speak with Girke (rachel 115, 76) as the next step of Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Quest


20. Go to (rachel 61, 37) and enter the building. Talk to Oresa Rava and choose I have a story.


21. Go back to the Assassins Guild in Veins and speak with Mayshell. She’s the one on the inner left room. Give the key to her and you will learn that the key is for a villa of a newly appointed official in Veins. A helper awaits you on the entrance to the Villa

22. Restock your potions before proceeding the Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest. Bring a weapon and protection for a monster which is Large size, Demon race, and Undead element. There are actually two options to the entrance of the Villa. Option 1 is in Veins Field 2. From Rachel, enter the south portal and the Girl (ve_fild02 330, 384) who will assist you is in the upper right side of the map. Option 2 is in Veins Field 5. Exit north of Veins and you will be in ve_fild06. Just try exiting the portal through the upper right to reach Veins field 5. The Girl (ve_fild05 328, 308) is in upper right side part of the map as well. Speak with the Girl and you have 10 minutes to complete your task and she will meet you up at the back of the mansion.


Veins Field 05


Veins Field 02

If you die on this part of Ragnarok GX Quest or fail to finish it within 10 minutes, return to the girl again. Speak with her and she will ask you to wait for another 5-10 minutes to strike again.

23. Once ready, you will be warped in an underground mansion. Guard dogs and dandelions are present guarding the mansion. Cloaking really helps a lot here although the guard dogs can see you. Upon reaching the underground mansion, head to the upper right side to reach the Barbed-Wire Entanglement. Walk near that area to trigger an option. Choose Climb into that space


24. You will reach the other side of the wall, just walk straight and upon reaching the farthest side of the lot then go south until you see the back door. Walk through that door. It’s kind of tricky as the door seems close but you can actually get through it. You will meet the priest from Rachel NPC. Walk towards him to trigger a conversation, he will turn you into a monster which you have to defeat.


I went to the corner so Guard Dogs and Dandelion members would not see us


26. Upon defeating the monster, he will drop a Pope Cookie which you can enjoy again. Go outside immediately at the farthest upper right side of the map where the gate is and Renzak would be waiting. She will automatically warp you back to the Assassin’s Guild


27. Head to the left room and speak with Mayshell again. She will grade your Ragnarok GX Quest performance. The grade is from A-F. If you receive a grade of A, B or C, you will receive a Jewelry box as a GX Job Change reward. She grades you based on how many times you asked for help from Daora, how many times you died. I got myself a B and I asked Daora [as specified on this Ragnarok GX Job Change Guide] and i die 2x battling the final NPC.

28. Exit the Mayshell’s room and go to the right room. Speak with Bercasell. Tell him you want to be a Guillotine Cross and change your job. He will turn you into a Ragnarok Guillotine Cross. You shall receive 1 Green Apple Ring, 1 Silent Executer as your Ragnarok Guillotine Cross Job Change Quest reward. Congratulations!


My Guillotine Cross with the Silent Executer


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    Quest Level Requirements

    * Base Level 99 Assassin or Assassin Cross
    * Job Level 60 Assassin Cross or Job Level 50 Assassin

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  • http://ragnarok-guide.com/ragnarok-guillotine-cross-job-change-quest/ jonthan

    Need some help sa change job ng Guillotine Cross . d ako maka alis d2 e2 ang sabi “Guillotine Cross is an enforcer of the assasin’s guild laws. can u put a dagger in the back of your peers?

    paki txt nalang po aq kung ano ggwin koh thx


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    @JM, di marereset ung skill mo pag nag GX ka, maliban nlng kung gagamit ka ng NEURALIZER.. Babalik ka sa JOB LEVEL 1 pero di mawawala ung mga skill na nilagay mo nung SINX ka palang..

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  • Hidankakoso

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  • Hidankakoso

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  • Hidankakoso

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  • Bordsjack

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  • Neo

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    • allen

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    • allen

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  • Anonymous

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  • Haroldrayala

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  • Kinantotkokayo

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  • allen

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