Ragnarok Finding The Moving Island Quest

Ragnarok Finding The Moving Island Quest Item Requirements

Ragnarok Finding The Moving Island Quest Rewards

  • 1,200,000 or 700,000 or 500,000 Base Experience
  • 1 Old Purple Box or 1 Old Blue Box
  • Access to Moscovia Dungeon

Ragnarok Finding The Moving Island Quest Base Level Requirements

  • None

How to go to Moscovia

In Alberta town, talk to Moscovia Publicity Rep. Pay her 10,000 zeny and she will warp you to Moscovia.


Ragnarok Finding The Moving Island Quest

1. Just near the dock, talk to Berbayeff (moscovia 171, 71). Ask him to tell you about the Moving Island.


2. Listen to Mr. Ibanoff (moscovia 135, 49) stories and ask him to lend you his ship. But his ship needs some fix first and you need to get him some items. Mr. Ibanoff will ask you to prepare 10 Rusty Screws, 10 Strange Steel Pieces, 10 Jubilees and 5 Flexible Tubes.

Note: The following step can only be done from 7am – 8pm Pacific time. Mr. Ibanoff’s reason would be it is very dangerous to sail during the night.


3. The two of you will sail off and you need to adjust the rudder through Mr. Ibanoff’s direction. Talk to Mr.Ibanoff to know where to go and then adjust the rudder. After some time, talk to him again for another direction.


4. Monsters will appear after three to four rudder adjustment. The monsters that could appear are Obeaune, Merman, Kapha, Raggler, Marse, Hydra, and Swordfish. These monsters will disappear after 5 minutes but you need to kill them because this part of the Ragnarok quest would not be cleared. Make sure you have killed all the monsters.


5.  After killing the monsters, you can now start sailing ordinarily once more. Later, Mr Ibanoff would tell you to check near the deck. Go there and you will be washed away.


6. You will end up in the Whale Island, an island just above the whale. Talk to the Strange aged (mosk_fild01 86, 104).Talk to him three times and he will send you back to Moscovia.


7. Continue the Ragnarok Finding the Moving Island Quest by going back to Mr.Ibanoff, he thought he had lost you. Tell him about the Whale Island and he’ll ask you to tell your unique story to the Csar.

8. Inside Moscovia Imperial Palace (moscovia 255, 140), tell the Prime Minister Dmitree (mosk_in 128, 89)  that you want to see dear Chare. You wish to tell the adventure story of the Whales island.



9.  Talk to Char Alexsay III(mosk_in 131, 90) and tell him about the Whale Island.


10.  Ask Mr. Ibanoff once again to help you find the Whale Island. Like before, you need to adjust the rudder with his directions. Monsters of the Sea will appear again and you need to kill all of them off. Speak with him again after you defeat the monsters.

11. Upon reaching the Whale Island, talk to the Aged Stranger and ask him to borrow his instrument. He will say no but offers to make you a Gusli when you give him 30 Logs, 20 Tough Vines, 20 Antelope Horns and 10 Sea-otter Furs. Talk to him again and say I am ready, you wll be transported to Moscovia.

12. Talk to Mr.Ibanoff to go back to the Whale island. This time, you do not need to sail again.

13. Give the items to the Strange aged and you will receive a Gusli. You have two options here, either to learn or not to play the gusli. Choose I want to learn the Gusli to receive more base experience and old purple box. Talk to him again and again until you master the art of playing the Gusli.


14. After you mastered the Gusli, you could go back in Moscovia. Go to the Imperial Palace and report to the Csar with the Gusli equipped. You have the following options and every options have different Ragnarok Quest rewards. This ends the Ragnarok Finding the Moving Island Quest.

  • Play the Gusli after having learned it – Receive 1,200,000 Base Exp and 1 Old Purple Box
  • Don’t play the Gusli – Receive 700,000 Base Exp and 1 Old Blue Box
  • Play the Gusli without having learned it – Receive 500,000 Base Exp and 1 Old Blue Box (If you pick this path, you will offend the Czar with your bad playing and your reward will be diminished)

15. Anytime you wish to go back to the Whale Island, you could do so by equipping the Gusli and just walk near Mr Ibanoff.

How to go to Moscovia Dungeon

Upon reaching the Whale Island, talk to the Strange aged and choose the option Want to adventure the unknown land.

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  • Fade

    can i let my other characters use gulsi to go to whale island even if they were not the same character who did the quest?

  • Ian

    [can i let my other characters use gulsi to go to whale island even if they were not the same character who did the quest?]

    Nope 😀

  • Kaoshi

    Great Guide.
    One problem, you omite the fact that monsters appear constantly!
    Thats a important fact!!

  • lunarknight

    If my party does the quest with me, would they see the same monsters on the boat?

    If I kill the monster does it count as a kill for my acolyte friend?

  • Devony

    In my Server ..

    We can go to moscovia field 01

    by just warping at the NPC lol :)

  • http://www.ufschile.cl.kz Kenzo

    The guide is great, and the story too, in my server i can go to moscovia dun with a warp npc, but, the magic story of this land is so great…


  • http://www.gaywhad.com Siinz


  • http://deviantart.com/liShe Valmur

    Why’d he kick me out of the boat after I clicked the rudder?;___;

  • curious

    is this repeatable?

  • SZRO

    damn…it take long time to sail again…

  • WhiTish

    Realy bugged when more people try this quest at the same time… i did the 7-9 over and over again cause some noobs started it on the ship, died to the mobs, i killed them, and i had to be crushed away by the water again, and again…. and again -.-

  • PRO

    does this work on phil ragnarok online

    i will try this for exp

  • ArbiterPT

    Hello, good quest, but i couldnt finish it up becauses i Died in the Sea Monsters the first time, and when i went to talk with Mr. Ibanoff he sent me to the island like if i had done the quest, and then I followed all the steps and none of the texts apeared, I went to talk tho the Csar and he said he was amused with my preformance (remember that i had done nothing). Am i Screwed because i Died with the Sea Monsters (ofcourse) please reply.

  • tak

    i can’t find the moscovia publicity rep in alberta on my server…

    i can warp directly to moscovia though but i can’t find berbayeff. is talking to the publicity rep required to activate berbayeff and the monsters? (there are no monsters on the map if i warp directly)

    pls help.

  • Derceto

    @tak :
    It’s rather that your server has Finding the Whale Island quest either removed or changed.

    Of the changed versions, I once did simplified version of quest. Let me give a small guide to it…
    1. Talk to a russian man in southeast part of alberta.
    2. Go to the pier (where all warpers are) and proceed north. There would be a moscovia warper (40k cost, what a rip off.)
    3. Speak to Ibanoff (Ivan). He would tell that he does not like you so won’t talk.
    4. Speak to one of the guys near there, he would say Ibanoff is actually nice guy just that no one trusts his story.
    5. Speak to Ibanoff again, ask him to tell you a whole story. He would tell you about island he saw and would bring you there (at any time, without sea-monsters and ship at all) after you get him materials for ship (same as at original quest)
    6. At a whale island, walk east to see strange aged. Speak to him, he would warp you to moscovia.
    7. Speak to Ibanoff. He would say that story is worth hearing by Csar.
    8. Go to palace, speak with prime minister Dmitriy and then with Csar.
    9. Go back to Ibanoff, he would take you to whale island again.
    10. Strange aged would say he would make you gusli if you bring him materials he needs and will warp you back to moscovia.
    11. Come back to him again (by speaking to Ibanoff), give him required items and he would make you gusli (they will not appear in your equipment, imaginary gusli)
    12. Go back to Csar, you will get 1.200.000 exp and OBB
    13. Speak with Ibanoff again to go to moscovia dungeon.

  • EE

    Accidently sold Gusli how do i get it back?

  • Urthas Pendragon

    Well, I have a SERIUS problem doing that quest in VALKYRIE server:
    I did all the requirements the strange old man said to me…
    I gave the rustys,blah,blah,blah, to IBANOFF. But… for a strange reason, the Old man in the whale don’t allow me to give me the GUSLI.
    I have all the stuff he needs , but , HE don’t give me GUSLI, he says I have to seek those items… what’s up ??? Are there other items I need to seek ???
    Please… hlp me if there’s a GLITCH or a BUG with that quest.