Ragnarok Crusader Build Guide

If you’re interested in serving god in the Holy War, then choose the path of the crusader. You have to be a Swordsman at job level 40 or more to change job as a Crusader in the Prontera Castle. Crusaders are the backbone of a PvP, PvM and MVP party, they sacrifice their life for others. Ragnarok Crusaders are known for their Devotion, Shield and Grand Cross skill. These are some builds and skills that may help you build your Crusader.

PvM / Power Level Build:

Grand Cross build

  • Int: 99
  • Dex: 60-80
  • Vit: 50-70

Int is the most important stat in this build because GC (Grand Cross) skill depends more on the matk (Magic Attack) rather than the atk (Attack Power) of the character. The skill Heal also depends on the int value of the character. An equal distribution of dex helps the crusader to cast GC faster, therefore fast kill. A fair vit helps you survive on mobs of monster while leveling.


  • Grand Cross – This is the most important skill for this build. Level 10 is recommended
  • Heal – Don’t go out without it =)) you need this to aid your self on mobs and after casting GC on the enemy. Level 10 is recommended.
  • Faith – Gives you 2000hp and 50% resistance to holy attack at level 10.
  • Other skill points are distributed as a prerequisite skill in order to use GC and Heal

PVP / Siege Tank Build: Devotion, Shield Build

  • Str: 90-99
  • Vit: 60-80
  • Dex: 60-80

You focus on the str part because siege tankers needs to carry a lot of healing pots to survive in a long war and for constant devotion (Taking all the damage that was cast on your party mates) This is good for both defense and offense, Wizards can cast spells even taking damage from enemies. Also str increases your damage when using Shield Boomerang and Shield Charge Skill. Vit for more hit points for the Devotion skill. Dex for faster casting of devotion and hitting enemies by the use of your shield.


  • Devotion – Plays an essential part in defense and offense. A combo of wiz, bard that is devoted makes your guild unstoppable. Level 5 is recommended
  • Guard – Chance to block an attack, 30% at max level. 5 or higher is recommended
  • Shield Boomerang – Attack an enemy at a certain distance. Level 3 is recommended
  • Shield Charge – Stuns your enemy in a certain chance depending on the skill level. You may use this with status weapons tho give different status on your enemies.

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48 thoughts on “Ragnarok Crusader Build Guide

  1. when u creat the guy what u put on?

    Admin: Str Int Dex Vit is a good investment to start with, upon your preference 🙂

  2. maybe I can help……

    Agi type:
    Agi 90-99
    str 80-99
    dex 40-60

    focus on flee and fast attack speed. using spear

    Sacri type:
    vit 99
    agi 90-99
    str 30-40
    dex 20-40

    focus on higher HP.

  3. maybe i can help…

    mvp type…

    agi 99
    int 70
    dex 20
    luk the rest…

    its effective i promise

    pvp type

    int 50
    dex 50
    agi 50
    vit 50
    luk 50

    if u do this build u dont need a priest to support u….

    Woe type

    dex 99
    vit 41
    agi 29
    luk 70

    sure u wont miss on emp and also in kafra…

  4. sacrifice type build

    vit= 99 for greater damage

    int=99 for healing and more Sp

    agi=50+ for fast attack and a little dodge

    dex=1 you don’t need hit in sacrifice because its sure hit

    str=1 not that good for skill type

    luk=1 I don’t know this can help

    this build is tested can kill boss and hard to beat ………………………………………

  5. is dis a gud stat for a RS paladin???

    90 str 99 dex 45 vit??

    can u give ur own RS type build?
    really need some advice.. ^^_ tnx

  6. hi, is my build for paladin good?

    30 str for carrying items
    90 vit for HP
    70 dex for casting devotion
    and 50+ agi for atkspd for sacri?
    i want both a killer and a support typ.

  7. my build 4 crusader is:

    vit 99

    int 80

    dex 70

    this build is a devo-gc;


    sword mastery 10
    hp regen 10
    provoke 5
    endure 5
    bash 10
    magnum break 10

    gc 10
    hc 6
    faith 10
    shield charge 3
    shield boomerang 3
    shield reflect 5
    devotion 5
    peco ride 1

    1 skill stat excess place to endure

    all hp armor/cards.
    all vit/def accesories.
    weapon +10 saber[3x zipper bear card](to increase attack).
    weapon shift/switch [any 4x marina card](just to freeze the foe using magnum break skill specially hidden/cloaking enemy)or bash to stun.

    once the enemy is freeze GC it all the way(unless their armor is holy)it is useless.

    or just magnum break and bash simultaneously.(to freeze and damage while freeze and freeze again).in case of enemy is wearing holy armor.

    this build is good for mob(for GC).fair/fast cast devo(dex 70).good Matk(int 80)Vit 99(for super tank/support especially devotion skill).autoguard 5(good def for attacks).reflect 5(for addtional damage to enemy).boomerang(to annoy the enemy/it is just to attract other’s attention).charge(just prerequisite or alternative to bash/to stun enemy).endure5(to avoid plinch).provoke(same with boomerang to attract the enemy’s attention as well as decreassing their def).

    equips my choice:

    Headgear Upper:+10 Evolve Orc Hero Helm(max Hp+10%vit +1)
    Headgear Mid:Sunglasses(cool)Glasses(Nerd)[Orc Hero Card]
    Headgear Lower:Any cool stuff or anti-demihuman
    Armor:+10 Formal Suit[for lightweight][peco2x card or mvp card]
    shield:+10 shield/Valkyrja/orlean/stone buckler[thara card or mvp card]
    weapon:+10 3x zipper bear saber for gc/any4x marina for magnum break.
    garment:+10 manteau/valkyrie manteau/or any high def or additional stat/combo garment[1][raydric/devilling mvp card].
    footgear:+10 Boots/Valkarian shus or any high def or additional stat/combo footgear[1][ancient firelock/matyr/mvp card].
    accessories: 2x safety ring/necklace[spore or mvp card]

    that’s all.i hope this help for your crusader build.this is my build.you can copy if you like(optional).

  8. Paladin: Sacrifice/Tanker

    It really depends on VITALITY so the more vitality the more damage you make.
    I don’t really give my build but you can use this as a guide.

    STR Don’t Forget Str. “Slims”
    AGI A better attack speed a faster you reload your sacrifice skill, and faster to kill:D
    VIT Vitality means Damage “99”
    DEX just for hit better get a friend that is an assassin that has Agi Equipment Set to try.
    LUK not really useful:D

    Equips Try to make all Vitality. “+” equips it depends ill just put none upgraded armors or anything:D

    Upper Head: Bell Ribbon, Corsair, PooPoo, Feather Beret with Orc Hero
    Middle Head: Sunglasses with Orc Hero
    Lower Head: Anything you want:D
    Armor: Valkyrie Armor, Formal Suit[for weight reduction] The usual Card Tao Gunka, Ghosty, Marc…
    Shield: Valkyrie Shield, Orleans, Stone Buckler… Card depend on what the situation Prefered Thara Card or MvP, and some elements[Fire or Water.
    Weapon: Mace[Better it wont get broken i’ve been using it the whole 2 years and not broken yet] double hydra, double boned :)) Marina and more you figure it out.
    Garment: Valkyrie Manteau, manteau… Card still depend on what the situation is especially WoE. Raydric Card, Deviling Card, and some elements[Fire or Water.
    FootGear: Valkyrie Shoes, Tidal Boots… card depend on the “+” Moonlight Flower, Ancient Firelock.
    Accessories: Safety Rings, Orleans Gloves, Necklase… Cards spore, horong, ifrit.

  9. Why don’t you try a GC/Gospel Paladin for woe? Good support for your guild (gosp) and a bit of damage (gc) It’s quite fun:)

    str- with bonus about 20
    vit- rest
    int- 92 (bonus to matk, or 99 not a big diference in gc)
    dex- 60-70 (cast!)

    Increase HP Recovery 10
    Bash 10
    Provoke 10
    Magnum Break 1
    Endure 10
    Moving HP Recovery
    Fatal Blow
    Auto Berserk
    rest- your choice

    Divine Protection 3
    Demon Bane 5
    Heal 10
    Cure 1
    Riding 1
    Faith 10
    Auto Guard 6
    Shield Charge 2
    Holy Cross 6
    Grand Cross 10
    Pressure 5
    Gospel 10

    upper – feather beret +6/7
    mid- fin helm (evil/angel wing ears)
    lower- iron cain
    armor: legion plate/silk robe (def or mdef) +6 with marc
    shield: Valk shield +6 with thara
    Weapon: mes +7 3x Zipper bear and +10 main gauche(+10 just to look good) 4x drops card (for pressure cast)
    Garment: wool scarf +6/7 with ray
    foot: tidal boots +6/7 with green ferus or +9 tidal boots with firelock soldier
    accesory: orlean glove with smokie (asura dodge) and glove with zerom

    I have pal like this on low-rate server (5/5/4) and its quite powerfull 🙂

  10. how about a pure shielder…?
    i mean…no devo or GC, just pure shield skills?
    is this stat build okei?

    but i’m not sure about the skills yet…can you help me

  11. well, I guess i’ll use this stat:
    agi 99
    luck 1
    vit 1
    int 1
    str 80
    dex 60 (more or less)
    skills: auto guard (10) and bash (10), the rest is up to u ^^

  12. Tanker-GC type crus


    str and dex for wat?…just use imp accesory for reduce casting time… str? dnt waste ur skill points…

  13. hey hwat about build for super swordsman?
    the one that super unstapable!!
    can u give some details?
    the stat and the equiprment…
    If you reply to my comment..
    I really appreciate it ^^ _thx!

  14. Sacrifice Paladin Spear Type:
    dex:? No nid., d naman nagcacast at hnd ngmimiss sacri., str na lang para s weight,para s p0ts.,
    gamit kong spear for woe/pvp yung Assulter spear.. Mlakas xa at may dagdag sa attack speed.. Valkry srver.

  15. [Sacrifice Type Paladin]

    99 vit
    99 agi
    30 str or int

    no need to have dex coz sacrifice does not miss
    must be pure hp equips and must use:

    Weapon: +10 tripple bloody bone pike[4]
    Garment: +7 Strange(aliot card) wool scarf
    Shield: +7 Excellent (andre egg card) Mirror Shield
    Boots: +7 Tidal boots of wanderer (Green ferus card)
    Armor: +7 Padded Armor of ares (Pecopeco card)
    Armor charm and
    Necklace of spore (Spore card)

    and it’s up to you what headgear you will use

    -goodluck monster 😀

  16. A PvP Paladin

    Hi plz can u recommend me a status purely for pvp and also the cards and equipment to use “(including mvps cards ) . thx

  17. Try this build and yes you need a linker which helps out alot.

    Str: 99
    Agi: 99
    Vit: rest

    Only use Shield Boomerang when linked it is a 100% hit and you will love the damage boost.

  18. I have never played a tank job before, but when I looked at knight and crusader; I found that crusader would be better suited for my wants. That want is to be able to be puller to get my other characters into a party faster. And to be able to tank for my priestess or wizard.

    So now my problem is what is a good stat build for a tanker based Crusader. And at the character creation, what should my stats be at the status hexagon?

  19. For tanker Crusader/Paladins its basically vit and if you want int so you can heal yourself without needing a priest to support you (even though your sp will still suck).

    I’d get some str not much for woe just so you could hold some pots.
    Get Devotion Guard basically…Reflect isn’t needed if you only intend to tank and not help killing

  20. Yo how about spear/sheild crusader
    it’s pretty good if you use one-handed spear and a good sheild
    my stat:
    str 80
    vit 99
    dex 50

    it’s this good enough?

  21. what cards do we need to devotion type???paladin needs archangeling????comment please..!!!i need to be a strong paladin ahaha..!!

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