Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest

Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest Base Level Requirements

  • Base Level 60

Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest Rewards

Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest

I enjoyed doing the Ragnarok Crow of Destiny quest not that it is a comedy Ragnarok quest, but of the humor that comes with it.

1. Speak with the Book-Loving Man named Benjamin in Morroc Ruins (136, 70) (northwest of morroc). He will tell you how much he loves Mammi. Help him out by finding Mammi’s favorite book for him entitled The Crow of the Fate by Oliver Hilpert at the Prontera Library.


2. Go to Prontera Library(prontera 120, 264) and talk to the library curators. Tell him that you are looking for the book The Crow of the Fate. They’ll tell you that the book is not available in Prontera library and encourage you to search in Juno library instead.


3. If you walk near the entrance of Juno library, a pop up message of a barking dog would appear. In turns out, there is a huge crow on the library rooftop. The Library curator throws a rock on the crow and some feathers fell of the crow. The Library curator gives one to you.


4. Go inside and tell the Library Part-Timer about the book you are looking for. She will tell you that the book can be found in the room at the right side at the best-seller corner.


5. Enter the right portal and find the Hot Bestseller Corner(100, 4). Click on it and you will black out.


6. You will be warped in an unknown place. Talk to the Female Researcher.


7. Walk to the left and go inside the building and you will notice a researcher who warns everyone that the laboratory is on fire.  Just above the researcher, enter the left portal and you will find Grotesque people who seems to have mutated. Walk near the female named Eva and you will witness how she together with a man make their escape.


8. You will be warped in a place somewhere in Schwaltzvalt. Do not move or else you can get disconnected. Just witness how the two speak. Since they have both been mutated, they plan to hide from the humans in a nearby cave. After you’ve learned all of these you’ll be back in the library.


9. Back in the library, walk in (99,3) to open the book again. It tells the same story what happened in your dream, you become more interested with it. You think you will find more about the fire in old news scrapbooks.

10. Talk again to the Library Part-timer to find where to find the old news scrapbooks.

11.  Go to the right portal and you will find the old news scrapbook (115, 99) at the upper left corner. In these scrapbooks, you will find about a fire in the laboratory that happened some time ago and you want to learn more about it.


12. Your clue in your dream is the northern cave. Head over to ein_fild01 (28, 258). Enter the portal at the mid upper right side. Inside, you will find cave settlers. When you talk to them, they will stop talking upon realizing that you’re human. To go to ein_fild01, from Juno exit the south portal, go west, then north, then two west.


13. Continue the Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest by heading upstairs and talk to the Cave Settler (82,97). Tell him that you are there to find Eva. Jaeda will appear and you could finally get in.


14. You will walk in a dark tunnel. Walk straight until you reach a room and enter the portal. Then, head west and you will finally meet the Monsterous Man. Show him the book and he will introduced himself as Zid. You could ask him about the cave village, himself and Eva. He’ll tell you his story about how he and Eva are experiment subjects that have gone wrong. They both escaped the fire with a baby boy who ran away when he was about 10. Eva also left the cave soon after.  In the end, you will conclude that Oliver might be Eva’s boy. Before you left, Zid will ask you not to tell anyone about the cave nor them.


15.Give the book to Benjamin in Morroc Ruins. He then shows you faboulous pictures of Mammi and gives them to you. Choose I’ll take it. You will receive Mami’s photo album. Isn’t she lovely? I love this Ragnarok quest! He suggests that you find and read Oliver’s another book, Trace of the Fate.


16. Go to Juno Library to find the book and continue this Ragnarok quest. Talk to the Library part-timer and you’ll be warped in an unknown place again.

17. You’ll wake up in a huge mansion. The mansion seems to be burning along with a man who laments how things have gone. After that, you will return in Juno library.


18. The library part-timer tells you that you have blacked out for a bit. She then encourages you to find the book.

19. Walk straight and at the first table on the left, click on the worn-out book. You will notice a young man staring at you while reading the book. The man walks near to you and he is Oliver, the author of the book. Tell him about your dreams and he tells you he experiences the same dreams as well and that’s why he writes about it. Oliver notices the picture of Mammi in your bag and he really wants to have it. Sell them to Oliver. You will receive an Old Purple Box, memo and autograph.  He’ll drop a note and upon reading it, you will be back at the mansion again.


20. In the mansion, you will find a mysterious man and woman talking which seems to be Eva.


21. Give the note that Oliver had dropped and the crow’s feather you got earlier will fell from your packet. Oliver’s mood changes and he tears the note into pieces. Afterwards, he apologizes to you about his reaction.

22. Return to Benjamin in Morroc Ruins and give him the autograph and note from Oliver in order to receive 900,000 Base and 900,000 Job experience Ragnarok quest reward. This ends the Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest. Tell me what you think about Mammi!

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45 thoughts on “Ragnarok Crow of Destiny Quest

  1. My server doesn’t have the Book-Loving Man, apparently… Does anyone know if he was moved due to Satan Morroc’s update?

  2. aww..i feel really sorry for eva & monstrous man.. (u_u) well i think mami is really a celebrity, i hope there will be a quest that you can meet mami personally. hee.(n_n) i will take some photos of her with me.hee.(n_n)
    thanks for this quest, i really enjoyed it, too. hope more quest to come. more power!!
    ROCK & ROLL!!! /no1

  3. the sprites really changes or something, or how did you do that, i cant do the mammis part of quest, help.

  4. Mammi is great 🙂

    I’ve been touched by the story. Like the medecine one. T_T

    Just a question : There is other quests from that one ? Because I don’t really know why eva can become a crow, why did she saved that boy and eva were a half monster when we see her in the lab ; in the last dream, she looks like a perfect one ! I think there’s an other quest, it’s possible. I’m dreaming

  5. Oh wow! I didn’t expect this story to solve one of my greatest mysteries on RO! Maybe this has some relation to the Mutant Draconoid? *3*?

    Thanks for the Guide! :v I can’t give the book to Benji cause I rebirth during this quest;;

  6. O_O i got no exp for doing it ! lol must be th server im on O_O
    oh well it was fun a little adventure to take my mind away from farming =D
    and by the way great job on this guide i found it very easy to read and figure out =D

    someone had a comment about not being able to find the best seller section : its the bottom left corner of the room and scan the bottom of the book shelf basically the floor. check the pic he provided that helped me

  7. Thank you this guide was SUPER helpful.
    Also I think the Mammi thing was so funny.
    If only this quest could have been longer.

    The story was very interesting…*Q*

  8. anyone can wear that clothes mammi wearing in rebirthro(private server) ^^ it’s custom item. There’s male version too

  9. wow… got powder of butterfly and 1.3 blevel 7 of jlevel (102) ranger
    I love the story and the execution of the script! Rune Midgard became another dimension hehehe.. poor Zid T.T

  10. Very fun to do, love it…. the exp rewards in valkyrie server spoils it..damn.. i wonder if Mammi is in rune midgard someday.
    thanks for the guide (^.^)

  11. Ein_fild01 kailangan galing ka sa Hugel, tapos baba ka ng isang map, tapos left left left. yung dulo nun may portal. malakas monsters sa mga map na yun, dala kayo pots at fly wing 100 pieces

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