Ragnarok Cooking Quest

Upon the completion of the Ragnarok Cooking Quest, you can now cook stat enhancing foods, from level 1 to level 10. You can either sell these foods for more zeny or give it as presents to your friends and guild mates. The food buffs lasts for 20 minutes and is not stackable.

Level Requirement: Level 50

Reward: Cookbook level 1 – 5. Allows you to cook stat foods.

Item Requirement: Chef Hat

  • Dragon Scale x 450
  • Feather x 330
  • Piece of Cake x 120
  • White Dyestuff x 1

Ragnarok Cooking Quest

1. Proceed to Prontera Castle (north of Prontera)

2. Enter the left room then talk to Madeleine Chu (prt_castle 45,35 ). Make sure that you are wearing your Chef Hat and tell her that you want to learn on how to cook.


2. Talk to Charles Orleans (prt_castle 43, 30) who is beside Madeleine Chu, he will teach you on how to cook. But first, you have to bring any of Level 1 food ingredients that he will randomly choose. In case you forgot what ingredients he needs, you can ask Madeleine Chu.


3. Give the ingredients back to Charles Orleans, he will then make the level 1 food based on the ingredients that he asked for.


4. Talk to Madeleine Chu and she’ll give you a Level 1 Cookbook and 10 Outdoor Cooking Kits. You have to cook all the Level 1 Stat Foods. You could purchase cooking kits from her if you fail to cook a certain level of food.

12041gif.pngFried Grasshopper Legs (Str + 1)

  • Grasshopper’s Leg x 5 – Rocker (90.00%), Vocal (80.00%), Metaller (65.00%)
  • Old Frying Pan x 1 –
  • Cooking Oil x 1 –

12046.gifGrape Juice Herbal Tea (Int + 1)

  • Red Potion x 2
  • Grape x 3

12051.gif Steamed Crab Nippers (Vit + 1)

  • Yellow Potion x 1
  • Green Herb x 10
  • Nipper x 10 – Crab (15.00%), Vadon (90.00%)

12056.gif Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup (Agi + 1)

  • Bag of Grain x 1
  • Spawn x 10 – Roda Frog (5.00%), Thara Frog (55.00%)
  • Squid Ink x 1

12061.gifHoney Grape Juice (Dex+ 1)

  • Red Potion x 1
  • Grape x 2
  • Honey x 1

12066.gifFried Monkey Tails (Luk + 1)

  • Yoyo Tail x 5 – Choco (70.00%), Yoyo (90.00%)
  • Old Frying Pan x 1
  • Cooking Oil x 1

5. After you finish cooking, talk to Madeleine Chu again and ask her to taste the foods that you cooked. Instead of eating it, she would packed those foods as a Bundle of Food and would asked you to deliver it at Payon town.


6. You would deliver the foods to Madeleine Chu’s friend in Payon (payon 209 127). Tell him that Madeleine Chu has sent you.


7. Go back to Madeleine Chu and you are now ready to cook higher level of foods. She will give you 10 Home Cooking Kits to start with.


7472.gifGetting the Cookbooks

  • If you want to cook Level 1-5 stat foods, you can ask Charles Orleans for these books in exchange of items and you have to return the book that you previously borrowed.

Level 1 Cookbook – 10 pumpkin
Level 2 Cookbook – 5 well baked cookies
Level 3 Cookbook – 5 sushi
Level 4 Cookbook – 5 bao
Level 5 Cookbook – 10 shoot

  • If you want higher level of cookbooks (Level 6-10), you have to hunt these from monsters

Level 6 Cookbook – Orc Lady, Requiem , Pirate Skeleton
Level 7 Cookbook – Evil Druid , Deathword
Level 8 Cookbook – Gemini-S58, Deathword
Level 9 Cookbook – Turtle General, Deathword
Level 10 Cookbook – Maya Purple

Cooking Sets – One of the criteria of success in cooking of stat foods is the cooking set. The better the cooking set, the higher the success rate of your cooking.

  • Outdoor Cooking Kit – sold by Madeleine Chu
  • Home Cooking Set – sold by Madeleine Chu
  • Professional Cooking KitMagnolia (0.05%), Orc Lady (0.10%), Violy (0.50%), Miyabi Doll (0.10%), Venatu (Grey) (1.00%), Venatu (Green) (1.00%), Venatu (Orange) (1.00%), Venatu (Blue) (1.00%)
  • Royal Cooking KitAlice (0.10%), Tengu (0.20%), Dimik (Green) (0.50%), Dimik (Blue) (0.50%), Dimik (Yellow) (0.50%), Dimik (Red) (0.50%), Aliza (0.50%)
  • Fantastic Cooking Kit – Lady Tanee (MVP) (10.00%)

28 thoughts on “Ragnarok Cooking Quest

  1. i got a professional cooking kit before when i clicked it, it was gone. do i have to use it everytime i cook or once i have used it that would be it? i mean my chance of cooking a specific food would be better success rate? professional cooking kit is very rare so it would be very hard if i have to use it everytime i cook.

  2. Kuseros is right, cooking sucess depends on:
    dex, luk, food level, cooking attemps (maybe), and cooking kits.

  3. Dex and luk don’t affect the success rate.
    Rhe success rate depending on which it you use, the level of food, and if you’re a baby class or not.

    Stats have nothing to do with it.

  4. plizz tell me why~~~ TT_TT
    i have completed all the dishes in the book lvl 1..
    then i talk to madeleine chu again..
    and asked her to taste it but she keep repeating to try making all the dishes~
    what should i do??

  5. I have the same problem as Shoujo =( Madeline chu won’t take the food i made .__.; (and i made all of the level 1 dishes) anyone with a solution?

  6. Hey i just figured out what was wrong! Shoujo in order for Madeline chu to bundle your food up, you need to make the same dish that you made for Charles Orlean’s in order for it to count as if you ‘made it’. after you do that, she should be willing to bundle it up for you 😀
    Hope that helps cause it worked for me xP

  7. how to get the level 2 cook book??
    i have level 1 cook book and 5 well-baked cookies in inventory, but when i talk to charles he just say about the kid with cat bla bla bla…

  8. You need to have ur chief hat on at all times when talking to these people or else they don’t consider u a cook ^.^

  9. I have a question. i dont know how to use the cooking kit, i mean i keep on trying to put the req items inside the circle thing but i dont see the materials INSIDE those circles. :C

  10. tip if your asking Charles dude for a book you need to wear the Chief Hat 1st or else, he will just talk about the kid with a cat on the other corner of the room this is after step 7.

    and thanks guys for this guide

  11. hi, em I already did all the food that is required, even the food made by charles orleans, but madeleine stills saying that i have to do all the food from the lvl1 book, what should I do?

  12. how can i use the level 9 cookbook cause ive already gathered all of the items that needed in tristram but it didnt work!! plz.. help me..

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