Ragnarok Cooking Ingredients Guide

I’ve been an avid Ragnarok cooker selling stat foods because it brings me a lot of zeny. I usually earn 5-10 million every war of emperium.  The fun starts upon collecting ingredients. I level in places where there are monsters who drops Ragnarok cooking ingredients. Your Ragnarok cooking rate success increases as you cook more and more per level added with pure sheer luck. But before you could cook, you should finish the Ragnarok Cooking Quest first which is fairly easy and the return is extremely high. The more you cook, the better you become.


That’s me cooking a Red Mushroom Wine(int+6). My brewer, clown and high priest is also with me. Gloria is to increase success rate

Ragnarok Cooking Formula:
(BaseLevel * 0.2) + (Dex * 0.2) + (Luk * 0.1) + CookingSetModifier + ExperienceModifier – (FoodLvL * 5)

Experience modifier: Cooking Attempts * .05. 400 is the max amount of cooking attempt

Ragnarok Cooking Set modifier

Ragnarok Cooking Sets Database

  • Outdoor Cooking Kit – sold by Madeleine Chu + 12
  • Home Cooking Set – sold by Madeleine Chu + 24
  • Professional Cooking Kit – + 36
  • Royal Cooking Kit – + 48
  • Fantastic Cooking Kit – + 1000

Ragnarok Cooking Ingredients – where to buy

  • Cooking Oil – Yuno
  • Spicy Sauce – Payon, Comodo, Morroc
  • Pot – Yuno, Prontera, Geffen, Alde Baran
  • Sweet Sauce – Amatsu, Morroc
  • Fresh Fish – Alberta, Amatsu, Ferus
  • Red Spice – Ayothaya, Umbala, Lighthalzen, Morroc
  • Bag of Grain – Ayothaya, Umbala, Louyang
  • Bread – Prontera, Gonryun, Geffen, Alde Baran
  • Yellow Spice – Gonryun, Morroc, Lighthalzen, Prontera
  • Savory Sauce – Louyang, Morroc, Prontera
  • Edible Mushroom – Nifleheim

Ragnarok Cooking Ingredients

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  1. I’ve started cooking but i don’t know how much to sell them. how much do you sell the wine? and what’s the most selling level 5 & bellow food?

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