Ragnarok Clown Build Guide

Clowns are one of the best supporting job in Ragnarok. They may not have the strength of the knights nor the agility of the assassins but they have the capability of paralyzing a lot of enemies.

Almost all of the stats of Ragnarok clowns are similar. It evolves around dex, luck and int. If you want to experiment with builds, you could go with agi, luck and str. But why would you go this way if you can’t maximize the Ragnarok clown skills? If you want to go for agi then I advised for you to take the sniper job and not a clown.

MVP Clown Build Ragnarok Guide

In MVP hunt, clowns are better off to party with other Ragnarok players. Solo MVP Clowns are rare because they are more efficient when in a party. Besides, it doesn’t matter who the MVP is, what matters are the loots that you’ll be getting in the MVP hunt. With the help of the clown, biochemists, monks and priests could perform better in your party.

MVP that clowns could fight along with the aid of the priest are Moonlight and Evil Snake Lord. But if you’re competing with others in hunting them, you have a poor chance of becoming the MVP.


  • Dex – 99
  • Vit – 80-85
  • Int -40-50

Must have skills:

  • Frost Joke
  • Braggi’s Poem
  • Arrow Vulcan

Ragnarok Clown Build Guide MVP Tactic:

MVP along with a priest

Cast the Arrow Vulcan skill until the MVP monster dies. Use frost joke once in a while to freeze the annoying mobs. The truth is, your success matters most with the ability of the priest in your party.

MVP with party members.

Stay in the safe spot. You could cast Braggi poem and frost joke alternately. Braggi is cast to help decrease the casting delay of the party members. Frost joke is cast to freeze the mobs of the MVP but there is a low chance that you could freeze some or one of your co-party members.

Ragnarok Clown Build Guide – MVP Equipment

MVP along with a priest

Make sure you have the correct musical instrument.

MVP with party members

Wear equipments that could boost your vit and defense.

PVP Clown Build Ragnarok Guide

I’ve never seen an owning clown in a PvP. The combo skill they usually used in PVP is frost joke then arrow vulcan with wind arrow. Sometimes it kills but most of the time, it doesnt. Another good skill to check in pvp is the Tarot Card of Fate. A card is randomly selected from 14 different cards, and success rate depends on the skill level. But you have to be real lucky in order to cast a good card. By luck, it means your real life luck not the luck of your Ragnarok Clown.


  • Dex – 99
  • Vit – 70-80
  • Int – 60-75

WOE Clown Build Ragnarok Guide

Clowns are the key players in defense and offense. The woe clown build is maximum dex and more on int and less vit. Int because you’ll be alternating between dances and the arrow showers. If you want to put on strength just to increase your weight capacity, don’t. Just buy yourself a gym pass.

  • dex – 99
  • vit – 60 – 70
  • int – 75- 80


  • Eternal Chaos
  • Roki’s Weil
  • Braggi’s Poem
  • Frost Joke
  • Roki’s Weil
  • Apple of Idun
  • Dissonance
  • Longing for Freedom
  • Assassin Cross of Sunset

Ragnarok Bard Clown Weapon Guide

  • High Dex – Carded Violin [4]
  • Mid Dex – Carded Mandolin [3]
  • Low Dex – Carded Guitar [1]

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17 thoughts on “Ragnarok Clown Build Guide

  1. i was actually wondering if you could post a build for the assassin. I was having a hard time figuring out what would be best for assassin characters to focus on so that they would become a force to be reckoned with.

    Are there many types of them?
    What are the required weapons and armors for their advantage?
    What is their key weakness? Does it have a solution?

    I would appreciate it if you will be able to post a guide of what i requested..

    Thank you very much.

  2. Let me answer those for ya.

    Are there many types of them?
    There are alot of different types, but i’ll list the most common.

    Full Soul Breaker: Mostly Sint and STR with some Dex to maximize Soul Breaker efficiency, using it as your only offensive tactic, however High STR lets you use Sonic Blow.

    Full Sonic Blow: High STR, Moderate Vit and Dex and mid Agi. Goal of this build is to use EDP to mad out physical damage, with a Boned Infiltrator +4 and EDP along with a Soul Link, this could easily reach 25k damage sonic blows on those without reducers. Due to the high STR and use of Katars, Grimtoothing with status arrows is another option and works well for leveling as well.

    Dual Dagger:
    Going for mainly STR and Agi with decent dex and vit, maybe some int for sul breaker, This is one of the best levleing builds in the game if you have an Ice Pick due to the massive ammounts of DPS you can get with EDP.

    Critical: Due to Katars doubling your crit rate, and Advanced Katar Mastery considerably boosting damage from assassin, this build can dish out some good damage. getting around 90 STR and Agi, 20 vit and rest in Luk, its pretty easy to get 80% crit rate with the right equipment. Good thing about crits is that they do not miss and they pierce defense.

    What are the required weapons and armors for their advantage?
    If you’re playing Katar, You’ll definately need each of the Elemental Katars along with an Infiltrator. I don’t reccomend Specialty Jur[4] due to low atk but if you get the right cards it does nicely.

    What is their key weakness? Does it have a solution?

    Their main weakness in my opinion is High Damage High Hit nukes, Stun, And Silence. Examples for the nukes are High Speed Cart Ram which deals massive damage and can’t miss(although it still “misses” but does very low damage in the place of a miss) and has a 50% to stun, Asura Strike which will definately kill you in one hit, Some Lord Knight have a pretty Deadly Spiral Pierce, and Falcon Assault can nuke half your HP really quicky and its hard to use hide avoid it due to High Dex
    on snipers.

    I suggest you carry around alot of Green Potions, Because a silenced assassin is a dead one (in PvP, Anyway).

    If you still want more info i suggest you check out irowiki.org

  3. Well I suggest.. You should go for hybrid SB and CRIT.. because some players using silence in WOE and PVP so when you get silenced you can go for CRIT to alter your SB since CRIT can pierce DEF of an enemy with EDP.. 5K crit..

  4. tsk3…..the best build for SonIc type siNx is…you must have higher StR. and DeX…

    and i’m sure…u’ll pawned enemies!

  5. whaaat!!!?

    Too much vit means another “rape victim” of

    the acid demonstration(acid bomb) to that I

    suppose a dex+int then vit. would work though! ^^,

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