Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide

Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide

Baphomet is one of the hardest MVP to hunt, mainly because it is located in prt_maze03 or Hidden Forest and the warps are all messed out. Baphomet has lots of good drops, especially the Majestic Goat which you can show off to your friends. Today, Ragnarok Baphomet MVP is now dropping a slotted majestic goat but only for a low chance, but who knows when Baphomet will be generous. Besides, the Baphomet card is godlike.

Because Baphomet MVP is hard to kill, you need to have a huge party. a knight or crusader for a tanker, wizard to kill its pestering mobs and killers – preferably monks for extremity fist, acid demonstration creators and exorcist priests. You need  to have a priest for Safety wall and resurrection. Baphomet could kill you in a single slash. Having a clown with Braggi’s poem could make killing this Ragnarok MVP faster too.

Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide

  • Race: Demon
  • Size: Large
  • Element: Shadow

Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide – Drops

Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide – Ideal/Best Weapons

ragnarok Baphomet MVP is a Demon so its weakness is Holy property. That’s why exorcist priests loves to hunt this MVP. Any weapon compounded with Strouf Cards or Minorous Cards. Each Strouf card increases 20% damage to demon monsters and each minorous card increases 15% damage to large monsters. Endow your weapon with Aspersio for greater damage.

The best shield to use is anything compounded with Khalitzburg card to decrease damage from demi-human monsters by 30% or the Alice card which decreases damage from MVP monsters to 40%.

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  1. =o Awesome guide but the Khalitzburg card reduce the damage from demon monster no demi-humans, I love this website

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