Ragnarok Ayothaya Dungeon Quest

One of the good places to level in Ragnarok for first jobs is in the Ayothoya field, home of the Leaf Cats. Leaf Cats have small hp and gives a high amount of job experience.

Item Requirements:

  • Needle Packet x 1
  • Spool x 1
  • Solid Husk x 1
  • Holy Water x 1

Item Reward: Holy Thread – Lets you go to Ayothoya Dungeon Level 1

Ayothoya Dungeon Quest

1. Talk to Dusit (ayothaya 83,132) at the west part of Ayothaya. He’ll mention about the vicious man-eating tigers. Answer him that you believe they exists. If you answer is correct, he’ll tell you to talk to Shaman Boonthom


2. The Shaman (ayo_in01 181,193) reside just below Dusit. Talk to her and tell her that you want to explore the ruins. She’ll as you to bring Needle Packet x 1, Spool x 1, Solid Husk x 1, Holy Water x 1 in order to protect you in your journey.


3. Once you gather all the items, Shaman will give you Holy Threads, which will give you access to Ayothaya Dungeon.


4. Go to Puraim (ayo_fild01 129,197) at the west of Ayothaya. You must have the Holy Threads in your inventory. He’ll just push you off the hill to go to the Ayothoya dungeon so you’ll loose 10% of your HP. You can now slay those leaf cats


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  1. yes. i did it to get the tassels to make detective cap. but it’s not worth it..tooo manyyy Kraben..i hate those pesky Kraben especially when they mob

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