Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide

My first character was an archer. I level it for about three weeks. Had I known about Glast Heim back then, it would be totally be different. I could be an archer in just a day or two. But there are no regrets, I had fun playing my archer. I feel like I already mastered the hit then run technique. Besides, I got some fabulous treasures or loots when I was an archer. More importantly, nothing beats the memory I had when I was leveling my archer.

Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide Job 10 – 20

Spores, Payon Dungeon, Willows, Poring Island

Where else to start leveling your archer but in Payon itself. You don’t need carded bows yet in leveling in these maps. Silver arrows would do an ample amount of damage but it will cause you some money because you are just starting out. Normal arrows will do. Spores drops strawberries which sells for about 600-1K. A good place to start earning money. In Payon Dungeons, you could get Mace [4] and Opals which can both sell from 10-15K. Finally Willows who drops ordinary trunks and trunks which are quest items. I make it appoint not to sell the trunks in the NPC because they sell better with other players who are doing quests. You just need some red potions when the situation turns really bad. Pump your dex first.

Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide Job 20-35

Payon Dungeon, Greatest General, Elder Willows, Mandragoras, Floras, Hode and Mummies
Elder Willows does not do high damage to you and their defense is weak so you could kill them with at least two to three strifes. They have a high dropping rate of trunks and resins is a good sell as well for about 45-60Z. It could already buy you at least one red potion. Greatest General gives high exp but it has a Pneuma skill which sucks for archers. And, they have high defense so you have to be patient. A good place for archer leveling too is the Mandragora and Floras are a good place to level because of their item drops that brewing ingredients. Besides, mandragoras drop four leaf clovers.

You could ‘cliff’ snipe the Hodes and Mummies. The only disadvantage is you won’t get any loots. Still, increase the dex further of your Ragnarok archer

Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide 35-50

Glast Heim Prison, Greatest General, Geographer, Leaf Cats, Enchanted Soils

Finally, at level 35 you could now go in Glast Heim underprison. Experience is really really good, but be prepared to be knocked out by Hunter Fly, Rybio and Injustice. Hunter Flies are more pain in the ass anyway. So you need a lot of fly wings and some white potions because monsters do high damage. However, if your server is teleport disabled, the best thing to do is to sticked together. Stay close with other archers and high leveled players. This way, they could kill monsters that you won’t be able to. Who knows, a good priest might Resurrect you for free.

So GH didn’t work out. Where else to go, but to the leaf cats which are the second best thing. Leafcats has low hp but gives a high job experience. At the same map, you could also find the Wootan fighter which gives high base experience. Just equip Fire arrows for leaf cats and crystal arrows for the wootan fighter

Geographers has nice loots for archer leveling aside from the experience it gives. Just equip fire arrows and you’re good to go. The ideal place for geographers is in ein_fild07, north of Einbroch. Greatest Generals on the other hand requires you to have a high dex or else it may take a while before you could kill him.

Enchanted Soils gives good exp only if your Ragnarok archer is properly equipped and financed.

The good weapon to invest in this level is a boned bow. In your stat, you could now add agi if you like.

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16 thoughts on “Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide

  1. i have been using ur guide and my chars have been the best they have ever been thx πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    i hope more people find this and can be helped too.

  2. ummmm terrible guide… what happens after u hit lvl 50?? considering that takes like 4hrs .. this guide is shithouse.. and extremely incomplete. you fail

  3. Thank you for your good suggestions. I agree with you, playing an archer is like playing Morrowind! You can snipe, attack head on and the best part is it never gets boring.

  4. Once your at lvl 20-35 lvl in payon dungeon 1, lvl 35-50 train at wolves and metalings, lv 50-80 lv at geographers this will give you soo much exp and lv 80 train where you think is good

  5. i like this guide.don’t condemn the author,he/she only gave the guide,it up to you if you want to follow or not.
    i been archer only below 20hrs,i have reach job lvl21.i suggest for early stage,hit the wolf at 1west,1north of prontera.i mean snipe from cliff.nice place to lvl up…tq for ur guide

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