Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest Requirements

  • Novice at job level 10
  • Barren Trunk / Solid Trunk / Fine-grained Trunk / Trunk or Solid Wood

Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest

1. When your job level reached level 10, go to the Archer Guild in the Archer Village. You will be asked by the guild member to collect trunks. Each trunks has a point allocation and you need a total of 25 points.


Types of trunks that you could hunt

  • Barren Trunk- 2 Points
  • Solid Trunk – 3 Points
  • Fine-grained Trunk – 5 Points
  • Trunk – 1 Point

*Suggestion: Don’t give Trunks to the guild member for you could sell this for 1k or you could convert 50 of it into sakkat.

2. Give the trunks to the guild member and your job will change into an archer.

4 thoughts on “Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest

  1. I am at a 10 10 and want to be an archer, i have been to this guy and he never ask’s me to collect trunks..do you know what the problem is?

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