Ragnarok Archer Guide

Archer is the base class if you want to be a hunter, bard, dancer, clown or gypsy. Archers are not that difficult to level because it can kill within a range. Besides, archers together with acolytes flock in Glast Heim. You can even change into a second job in just a day or less especially when your server is experience rate modified.

The way of an archer starts in Payon. If you want to be an archer, level your novice in the Payon forest specifically with the Willows. You need the trunk drops in the archer change quest. Besides, you could sell these trunks to wannabe archers that failed to meet the trunk points. Just a tip, never give all the trunks to the Archer Guildsman when taking the Archer Job Change Quest, he’s going to take them all. And don’t give him the pure trunks, it is pricey than the ordinary trunks.

Ragnarok Archer Guide – Stats

Initial Novice Stats

Go for 9 dex, 9 int and 9 agi.

Pure Dex Ragnarok Archer

Pure dex archers do more damage but their defense is weak. So the trick here is to hit, then run, hit then run and pray that you kill your target monster before it gets near you. Even as an archer, you could get the maximum dex 99. You would only rely on the double strafe skill while leveling because in normal attacks, monsters may get to you immediately.

Agi Dex Ragnarok Archer

This is the hybrid build. You could do a good amount of damage and you may be able to dodge some monsters.You won’t just rely on the double strafe skill while leveling. Normal attacks would work too because of your attack speed and flee.

Agi Hunter

If you go for pure agi build, it won’t work. You won’t be able to hit some monsters and your damage would be extremely low. Yes, you have high attack speed but you are wasting too much arrows as well. Remember, you are just starting out, you have to save as much as you can.

Side Notes:


A little amount of int is also good to increase your sp, sp recovery and so that you could spam the Double Strafe skill. This is also necessary especially when you want to be a bard, dancer or a falconer hunter.


It’s too early to get this skill so don’t get these two. They are practically useless to archers


Strength is a waste of stat for your Ragnarok archer. If you want to invest in str just because you want to increase your weight capacity, don’t. Just buy yourself a gym pass.

Ragnarok Archer Guide – Equipment

When you became an archer, the archer guildsman would give you a bow[4]. Just keep the bow [4] and invest with composite bow, cross bow or gakkung. Invest with bows first. If you have save enough, and your Ragnarok archer could already equip the bow, buy the next bow that does more damage. After the bow, the net best thing to buy is a pupa card. Pupa card adds 800 to your hp. You don’t need tights [1] immediately, mantle [1] and coat [1] will do. The next good investment is to buy headgears that increases your dex.

Ragnarok Archer Guide – How to survive

The trick for Archers is to cast double strafe then run, cast double strafe again then run. Period. You may need some red potions and flywings to aid you in leveling.


Ragnarok Archer Guide – Skills guide

Ragnarok Archer Skill Guide

Ragnarok Archer Guide – Levelling place guide

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14 thoughts on “Ragnarok Archer Guide

  1. Levelling Place Guide

    10-20– Payon Cave
    20-30– Geographer! or KS at the Ice dun ^^

    Thank you for the Guide. I’m lost!

  2. dex is a must, should put at least 1 dex point every level and every now and then put in some agi and vitality (vitality for def and a bit of hp), but not too much of vitality when your lvl 99 you should maybe have like 30 vitality at most

  3. hmmm…..Str has never failed me …. I dont usually put INT becuz i dunno wut it means but now that i know imma put it up a notch…

  4. HAHA archers are verry easy to level

    first: levelup at payon forest or cave for atleast 25or30

    Second: now go to Geographers and floras for atleast 35-55

    Third: go to ice caves bring lacks of wind arrows But i preffer the outside muscipular and drosera but watch out for The Black dog whatever and the griffin.

    Third:when reached 75-80 go to clock tower located at aldebaran in the mid and go kill some orcs or at the orc village kill high orcs.

    Forth. is now head for places where boss would exist.

    thats all i think some may help you but be patient when lveling.

  5. I recommend an archer to at least have 60 dex, 30 int and the rest goes to dex. if ever you are planning to make a hunter, choose the dex int build with 60 int and 90 dex and 60 agi… i know its sounds a bit weird but you wont get bored with this since it uses the skill blitz beat over and over again with a huge damage and efficiency. relying on your falcon is a waste of time. if ever you want to have crit, just equip 2 critical rings… email me in case you have questions about this build: mattrementilla@yahoo.com

  6. I recommend
    Hunter === AGI 90
    DEX 99
    VIT remaining stat points

    Sniper === AGI 90
    DEX 99
    VIT remaining stat points

    Ranger === INT 99
    VIT 99

  7. This is a imba hunter build, its hybrid…dex 99, agi 90, 30 luk, rest vit or int..ur wish. This build has a decent hp if we inc. Vit in d remainin pts. Its somewat 5.3k. I prefer this build always..;-)

  8. I’m currently at level 90.
    here’s my stats (without plus):


    is this good?
    my equips are more on plus-ing the dex and luck stats.

    aside from GH and ALDE, where are other good places for leveling?

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