Ragnarok Acolyte Leveling Guide

Acolytes like archers and wizards are fast to level. All you need are undead monsters to make your way to the second job. However, due to the limited sp, Ragnarok acolytes requires a lot of patience because there is a lot of sitting while leveling to replenish sp.

The best maps or dungeons to level for acolytes if they want to level alone are maps with undead monsters. The most famous are payon dungeon and glast heim.

Ragnarok Acolyte Leveling Guide

Payon Dungeon

The Payon Dungeon is a good start to level for Ragnarok Acolytes. Skeleton and Zombie gives enough experience to level from 10-20. When you reach level 20-30, you could go deeper and fight with Bongun and Munaks. However, they hit so hard so you may have a hard time if you go there solo.

Glast Heim

In the glast heim, the acolytes could only kill Zombie Prisoner (gl_prison). This however is not a one on one battle. If acolytes try to battle with Zombie Prisoner alone, it could kill them. The key here is teamwork and the map being an FFA (Free For All). Besides, there are good Samaritans in Glast Heim that could resurrect you for free. You could stay here until you reached job 50. GlastHeim map have nice loots like Eluniums and Steels.


One of the best way to enjoy the game is to party with other Ragnarok players. It also allows your character to level faster. One of the good place to party with archers is in moc_pryd03 killing mummies. You could stay in the safe spot and snipe the mummies with them. But the only problem here is, you won’t get any loots 🙁

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19 thoughts on “Ragnarok Acolyte Leveling Guide

  1. Hi Im darrant im gonna show you how really acolyte works becase I have been leveling lots of acolytes when i was a kid.
    Okay here comes
    when youre first a novice for other Ragnarok games they would provide you X5 Job manuals for the regular ragnarok games.^^”

    Steps ON HOW TO GET GOOD Acolyte Standing.

    1. when youre first a novice do increase your job level to 10 but first you need to make your base level 15-30 but if you prefer the lazy way you could go change job in a low level.

    TIP: Becase acolytes cant use cutters,knives,and others you need them to be stronger in levels.Do make them 15-30 novice first I still gonna warn you go to morroc and buy the most strong and expensive dagger available to all jobs . But first need lots of loots to sell lots of zenny go to payon dungeon (Still a Novice!!!) if you could defend yourself from zombies and familiars. you could use a good defensive armor dough until u job up.

    mine is a defensive character so if u like it or not here is what’ll i provide you

    Head gears
    A.any head gear with +int gud thing if with slots but use the slotted head gear wisely.For first timers head for prontera church and buy a biretta.

    B.face gears anything that has defenses and tolerable.ex(%15 chance not getting blind)

    C.For upper gears or torso buy a mink coat+4 with slot or silk robe+4 or if u cant afford any u would just buy regular stuff w/out slot. Usually sold buy some merchants in high prices.Put pupa egg card or sasquash card to have chance of youre escape or a pest card this freezes the enemy when you got chased.

    D.For shield buy a slotted buckler+4 with a thief bug egg compound to it.
    dont be so sure u could upgrade your items or it will brake .
    E.Weopon = if you have a 4 slotted rod compound 4 fabre cards it would increase your health by 400 but if three slots 300.

    F.for muffler+4 with slots put whisper card or raydric.

    J. Shoes. You could Decide

    This is for a support type accolytes.

    IF you still need help please add a comment below this or just comment and i could see.

    Admin: Great guide. Thanks!

  2. Build ups i forgot start

    first fill up your int till (70-80) depends on you *this is the first thing you would do.
    then your hp 99
    and the rest for dex

  3. the third job of acolyte could be Arch Bishop right ? i wonder what is the best stat for combat mode arch bishop , and for supporting mode arch bishop .
    Thank you . 😀

  4. Hi i’m george llouie…archbishops can ba a support and a battle char…they have a skill called judex whixh can be used to undead and others…they can support you with clementia(blessing),canto candicus(agi up) and prefatio(kyrie eleison) but would work only for all party members…..but im not sure where to change job as an archbishop….but i promise,you will be amazed with all of they’re skills…

  5. Zombie Prisoners, GH? Must be kidding! Stop fooling us, they are level 89 – and no aco could mess with them. This guide is so useless, sorry.

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