Ragnarok Acid Bomb Calculator

Out of boredom in an out of town business trip, I made an Acid Demonstration Calculator for Ragnarok Biochemists. The calculator is fairly simple, you just have to enter the biochemist’s int and then the target’s vit. This is just the first version and I plan to improve it for the next days or weeks.

I used the formula:

For each hit: (0.7 * Target’s vit * Biochemist’s int^2) / (Target’s vit + Biochemist’s int)

Let me know if you see any errors or bugs by posting it in the comments section. Tell me also what you want to see in the future versions

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12 thoughts on “Ragnarok Acid Bomb Calculator

  1. Ive a question only, is it a calculator used for PvP? i mean, is the damage seen here that ill see against a PvP opponent, or the one ill be seeing when i hit the Pharaoh MvP? You know, its halved against other players. And thanks, its really useful!

  2. RE: post #3 and #4.

    the calculator allows you to calculate the damage, before reducing the equipments used by target in pvp. if the damage u get is 10k, u have to reduce by seeing opponents equipments, eg. GR reduce 75% damage and others reduce damage by percentage equipments.

    its just simple as shits -.-

  3. ahh talaga? ang build pala dapat is 99 int 99 dex tapos ung tira sa vit tapos gamit na may plus sa dex at cast at tska dex at int fud para imba ang gagawen kong biochemist sa ro valkyrie hehehe !! thanks

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