Lost Child Quest

Level Requirement: Base Level 60 or above
Rewards: Old Purple Box & 900,000 Base Experience

1. Go inside a building of Rachel (98 238). Talk to Vincent at the 2nd Floor (ra_in01 384 246).He will ask you to help him retrieve the missing gem. You have to find and interrogate a lost child named Phobe.


2. Just outside the building, you’ll find Logan (Rachel 114 232). Talk to him to learn more about the child Phoebe. He’ll tell you to ask Mr. Manson instead.


3. Go back inside the building and talk to Mr. Manson (ra_in01 372 200). He’ll tell you about Jenny.

4. You’ll find jenny at the garden of Rachel (48 236). She will tell you to ask around the market

5. At the market, you’ll find two Idle Merchants. Talk to the Idle Merchant at Rachel (138 73) first. He doesn’t recognize Phoebe because there are a lot of children in the market

6. Talk to the other Idle Merchant at Rachel (120 47) instead He’ll tell you that some guy asked him to give a message to anyone who is looking for Phoebe. That guy wants you to come to the Ice Cave




7. Meet the suspicious man at the entrance of Ice Cave (ra_fild01 245, 325). He’ll stab you and you’ll loose 50% of your HP. You will find out he is hired by Vincent. Return to Vincent to get some explanation.


8. Go back to Vincent and he’ll tell you about a family secret. He’ll asked you still continue in finding Phoebe.

9. Talk to a Kid at Rachel (273 32) and you’ll find out that he is the lost child Phobe. He’ll return to you the Jewel.

10. Return the jewel to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and he will ask you to inform Jenny that you have found Phobe.

11. Talk to Jenny to inform her about Phoebe.

12. To finish the quest, return to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and you’ll obtain an Old Violet Box. You’ll also receive a letter of commendation to Sir Zhed.

13. Find High Priest Zhed (ra_temin 277, 159) to obtain 900,000 base experience.

Note: You can now do the Rachel Sanctuary Quest to find High Priest Zhed.

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  2. has any1 tried this already?it looks easy.

    i think ill try this one later.i hope it wont take more than 1 hour?

    thanks admin!

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  4. anu un dun meron man un kay nem donate, i came to see yo, to server ba un anu pndut ko dun?? kc pag pumunta ako sa kid wala man cya d gaya ng sa step d2..ewan kung bakit

  5. sana ibigay rin ung guide para makapasok sa ra_temin para d mahirapan ung iba,,,… ako nahirapan nagpatur0 lng aeeheh.

    Admin: Hi there 🙂 Seek and you shall find. Click the Rachel Sanctuary Quest link for the ra_temin guide ^_^

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  7. ei san ba ung priest zhed?

    Admin: In my Rachel Sanctuary Quest post, there is a direction that will point you to High Priest Zhed

  8. Sir I am A Level 91 Super Novice..
    I did the quest… I finished it.. But My reward is only Old Violet Box.. I am playing at pRO Baldur witch is p2p..
    i cannot understand..
    you said the reward points is 900K EXP but ididnt received any..

    Admin: Speak with High Priest Zhed to get your reward

  9. Thx very much admin, the lost cild quest is very easy, i spent only 10 minute because the help of prist to the ice cave ^^, are i must do racei santuary quest before talk with high priest zhed?

  10. i got the old blue box from Vincent but not the “letter of recommendation” to sir Zhed and i cant get in the temple to look for him. what should i do?? =((

  11. i mean Old Violet Box sorry for that…
    i’m done w/ the quest.. ^_^ i’m suppose to meet Sir Zhed in the Rachel Sanctuary Quest… thank you very much for the Guide… it really helps a lot…

  12. I did the quest and I went up and talked to the High preist and he only says May Freya be with you…I have a 95 rogue on anthemRO server

  13. Question: My Knight is level 71 and I saw in my character select window that he has 200k+ exp. I also have an Assassin that is level 87 and he has 1.5 mil exp in the character select screen. Will my Knight get the full 900k exp to get closer to my Assassin’s level? or will he only get enough to level up once? It’ll really help because I might just put off from doing the quest with my knight for a while if that isn’t the case. Thanks a bunch.

  14. pano nyo nakuha to dba requirement nya ung lost child quest..

    pano nyo niluto ung streamed crab nippers san nyo nkuha ung cook book 1?

  15. help can’t finish the lost child quest where is that high priest located?? any snapshot? pleease helppp… thanks… 😀

  16. the kid didnt give me any jewel.. i talk about him the candy and get angry of me.. an now im talking him for almost 20 mins and still, the same answer he’s angry with me.. he wants me to go away.. damn and i cant proceed to the quest -_- what should i do? can i repeat the quest?

  17. i do this quest so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… because the laggggg…. im from indonesia and vanRo…. what the problem is???

  18. help pls, 1st of all i was not able to do the lost child quest, i did the rachel sanctuary quest, when i reach high priest zhed he wont give me any recommendation so im doing the lost child quest, after i got stab by the suspicious man and return to talk to vincent my next step is to talk to the kid right? when i talked to the kid he wont give me the jewel, what should i do now? help pls…

    trying this quest on a private server

  19. Hey, I talked to the kid, but he won’t give me the jewel. He just keeps saying not to pat his head or if I like candy, but he doesn’t says anything about the jewel.

    Help please, I really want the 900k base xp reward! *.*

  20. bkt gnun!!!! sbi ni nenma secret passage dw tpus si panno dw ang my alm nun.. eh nsa loob c panno db?!!! panu ako mkakapasok dun!! pls help me admin..im so confused na! d ko p nkukuha ung exp ko s lost child quest syng lng oras! pls help me…

    /sob /hp

  21. On my server, you have to go back and talk to Vincent after you tell Jenny everything is fine-then Vincent will give you the letter of recommendation for Zhed and THEN you go and find him.
    And for those of you who are talking about the kid not giving you the jewel and that he’s saying stuff about CANDY….you are talking to the wrong kid. Look at the maps provided and you’ll find you are in the wrong spot and Phobe is to the east of where you are-near the Grandma.

  22. pa sagot nmn kung 97 na lvl ng karakter ko at 65% na ung exp.. ilan ba dagdag ng 900k na base exp??? nakakatuwa kc eh.. haha

  23. hahahaah super dali! ala pa 30mins tapos na sa mga nag tatanung kung pde sa valkyrie uu pde gumagana sya! kaso kailngan mataas logic mo para mtapos mo ung quest!

  24. admin, nauna ko kausapin ung kid bago si vincent. ngaun ayaw na sakin ibigay ung jewel. ano po solution d2. pa help pls.
    la me pake sa OVB at exp. nid ko ung commendation.

  25. admin, nauna ko kausapin ung kid bago si vincent. ngaun ayaw na sakin ibigay ung jewel. ano po solution d2. pa help pls.
    la me pake sa OVB at exp. nid ko ung commendation.

    > gn2 din ung problem ko amp… panu to admin

  26. admin, nauna ko kausapin ung kid bago si vincent. ngaun ayaw na sakin ibigay ung jewel. ano po solution d2. pa help pls.
    la me pake sa OVB at exp. nid ko ung commendation.

    >gn2 din ung prob ko admin panu to

  27. admin, i talked to the kid first before vincent. Now he doesnt want to give me the jewel. what is the solution here? i need help pls. i dont care about the OVB and EXP. i need the commendation.

  28. admin.. how can i go to sir Zhed?? i cant enter the rachel temple.. do i have to do the rachel dungeon entance quest before i can talk to sir zhed??

    i havent got the experience reward in the lost child quest yet.. help me please


  29. Nagexplain na si Vincent..dapat sa kid pero
    bat ang sinasabi nung Kid hanggang “Oh hey, do you like any candy?”

  30. Hey Admin.. i hate to say this.. why i cant take the sanctuary test? so i can talk to sir zhed.. but? it require’s 500m that’s insane!?

  31. Hey Admin.. i hate to say this.. why i cant take the sanctuary test? so i can talk to sir zhed.. but? it require’s 500m that’s insane!?

  32. Secret entrance to the left near some windows. But you have to talk to a kid in the southeast corner of Rachael first

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