Ice Necklace Quest

Quest Pre-requisite:

Quest Rewards:

  • 700,000 Base Experience
  • Summon Ice Salamander (MVP)

Items Required:

  • Hammer[2] x 1 (can be bought in NPC)
  • Rough Wind x 5
  • Scroll x 1 (can be bought in the Sage Academy in Juno)


1. Start the quest by talking to the Sincere Follower Urstia in Rachel (157 183). Urstia will ask you to go to the Ice Dungeon and she’ll give you an Ashy Necklace.


2. Go to the Ice Dungeon and talk to a Mage Maheo at ice_dun02 (120 105). You’ll try to help him by breaking the ice but that won’t do. He will ask you to talk to Hamion in Rachel for help.


Hint: Click next as fast as you can or else monsters in the Ice Dungeon would kill you. I lost 1% because of that.


3. You will find Hamion back at Rachel (264 98) near the lake. Give the Hammer x 1, Rough Wind x 5 and Scroll x 1 to him and he’ll make a Wind Hammer. Use this hammer to help the man in the ice.


4. Go back to the Ice Dungeon. Se the man free by using the Ice Hammer. You’ll get Freezing Snow Powder. You can already use this to summon Ice Salamander MVP

5. Talk to Sincere Follower Urstia again and she’ll give you an exp reward for finishing the quest. You can now have the chance to summon Ice Salamander Ktullanux MVP.

To summon Ice Salamander Ktullanux MVP:

Items Required: Freezing Snow Powder x 4 or or Ice Scale x 4 (dropped by Ktullanux)

Quest Pre-requisite: Ice Necklace Quest

1. Put out the flame of the 4 blazing fires around the center of ice_dun03, use either Freezing Snow Powder or Ice Scale. The coordinates are ice_dun03 (126 126), ice_dun03 (172 126), ice_dun03 (172 172) and ice_dun03 (172 126)


2. Upon putting out the 4 blazing fire, this will summon out Ktullanux.

3. After defeating Ktullanux, a portal to ice_dun04 will be opened for 20 seconds. The Blazing Flames will reactivate 2 hours after Ktullanux is defeated.

49 thoughts on “Ice Necklace Quest

  1. Actually there is ice dungeon level 4..
    i got there once and i found a ” Frozen boy ”
    any further information ?

    Admin: None at the moment 🙁 I’ve never been to Ice dungeon 4

  2. Well actually the frozen boy is Maheo, he’s been frozen in the ice and on some extended server scripts for the “Ice Necklace” Quest he is unfrozen by the power of something (forget what) and you talk with him then he take the necklace and gives you a different one that is “Shiny” so you give this to the priests and they reward you with 500k Exp…at least that’s how it played out for me. Anyway that is how I got through the quest so if you wanted to know that it is

  3. no, the boy is the twin brother of the Pope. (The frozen man Maheo you were talking about is in ID2, this is the frozen boy, and he is found in the warp portal that appears after you defeat Ktullanux in ID4) It seems that there was a debacle on if the brother was a god too or if he was an evil counterpart to the Freya.
    So a contract was made with Ktullanux and the boy was sealed in the ice cave.

    You can find the dialogs here

    Although our server has missing dialogs

  4. i went to ID2 and the frozen man isnt talking…it’s just “There’s a man in the ice, he must be freezing cold” wtf?? How can i make em talk??? Even the necklace with me aint doing no good..HELP ME!!!!!!

  5. The name of the boy frozen in ice_dun04 is Loomin. He is the brother if the one in ice_dun02. The story of the twins can be found in rachel dun, on a bookshelf. Shortly, the story is: They are twins. From their day of birth everyone known that they have stron power. Loomin was the strongest of the twins. The high priest who tought the twins started to realize, tah one day Loomin cold be dangerous, as he gathered more and more power, so the high priests made a contract with the Kthullanux, to hide and protect Loomin, and dont ever let him away and dont let anyone close to him.

  6. Good guide, but lack of continuous update, I think^^. BTW, I found a bug in this quest, every time I logged in RO, I find my self not finishing my quest, although I had finished it. I can get Ice Powder as much as I can, cause I can speak to Maheo like that in step 4 which I use the Hammer to break the Ice. I never lost my Hammer, anyway…

  7. I and mi brother defeat the Ktullanux IS VERY VERY EASY i defeat the Ktullanux in 50 second in life_ro and go to the frozen boy and i talk to urstia and no have mi price =(

  8. of course you defeat it very easy (duuh!) coz u did it on private server (and that’s max level 999).. –” you can try it on official server.. 6 people (all pros and job 2 trans) defeat it in 10 minutes even though ktullanux is a bit easy to handle.. 😀

  9. WEeeeeeeeee. Ive Finished the quest, but in ice_Dun04 the boy is useless. can it make some more quest? the quest is quite fun and make me finish it with ease. ^^ thx

  10. I found that this is a great quest to do at level 1. My server has a x100 quest rate, so when i do this at Level 1 i go from 1-87 =DDD

  11. @Lolers

    yah nice quest for lvl 1 chars but will take you forever (impossible, anyways) to kill off Ktullanux.

    what a brain!

  12. First off i was thinkin where the hell did he get the idea of ice_dun04.. there i was doing this quest dont know what i do or done i was warped there and i say that frozen dude.. =__=”’.. oh yea to Lolers.. was your sever Ktullanux HP is 1?LOLS

  13. i’ve killed ktullanux and a portal opened to ice_dun04 .. there was a boy .. a frozen boy .. different from maheo in ice_dun02 .. what should i do ? add some quest .. it’s not enough .. hahaha

  14. Hye i just follow u r steps, but i cant get experience.. so what can i do??? now i m High Novice.. so plz respond me…

  15. WHAT THE!!!! YOU SAID 700.000 EXP,WHAT THE HELL IT GIVE ME 90.000 ? FREAKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. WHAT THE!!!! YOU SAID 700.000 EXP,WHAT THE HELL IT GIVE ME 90.000 ? FREAKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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