How to go to Brasilis

How to go to Brasilis

To go to Brasilis, speak with the crew of the brit ship in the Alberta dock. The journey costs 10,000 zeny


Upon reaching the Brasilis dock, I found some Weirdo Hydra, which looks exactly like hydra. I tried killing a few but there are no drop items.


How to go to Brasilis – What to expect

There are a lot of botanist NPC in Brasilis and the climate is tropical. One NPC actually sells Coconut fruit which sells at 1500 Zeny. Brasilis has such beauty and relazing feel. I tried exploring Brasilis dungeon and I’m glad that the monsters there can be defeated even though you are in level 40ish. Brasilis monsters are like the monsters in Izlude Dungeon.

How to go to Brasilis – Coconut for Sale!

There is an NPC Fruit Dealer (brasilis 174, 131) in Brasilis that sells coconut. He looks cute as well


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