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I just finish making my Brewing Calculator for Ragnarok Online. It is already finish and the results are accurate. If you encounter any errors or bugs in my brewing calculator, just post it here.The interface isn’t that nice (I’m a programmer not a web designer -_-) but I’ll try to make it look better once my laptop is fixed. My Adobe Photoshop is installed in there. There would be a lot of changes and new features here in my website. Expect more of Ragnarok calculators soon πŸ™‚

I want to modify this so user’s can choose their equipments and automatic computation of job level bonuses as well, but I am having a hard time finding job bonuses for alchemist, biochemist. So, if anyone have some, write it in the comment section. Thanks~ (Already done! see logs)

Brewing formula:

Potion Research+Prepare Potion*3+Joblv*0.2+[Dex+Luk+(Int/2)]*0.1+x+5

where x is:

  • Red, Yellow and White Potion, Anodyne, Aloevera = 15
  • Blue Potion = -10
  • Slim Potion and Coating Bottle = -15
  • Alcohol = 5
  • Plant, Mine, Acid and Fire Bottles = -5

Brewing calculator update logs:

Nov 04, 2007 – Added reset, fixed the style page.

Nov 06, 2007 – Added job level bonus, equipment bonus. I want to improve the CSS but our ISP has a problem so this might take a while.

Nov 07, 2007 – Done! I’ve fixed the CSS(hopefully, you’ll like it)

Nov 24, 2007 – Fixed the Equips bonus computation on dex and luck

Nov 25, 2007 – Fixed the dex job bonus on alchemist. Thanks to Paul for pointing that out

12 thoughts on “Brewing Calculator

  1. Thanks for the calculator, it’s really useful. There’s a minor error in the alchemist job bonus. I checked they actually give +9 dex and +7 int at job 50 while on the calculator it’s only giving +8 dex and +7 int.


    Admin: Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve already fix it. πŸ™‚

  2. Bugs:

    You forgot about Elemental Potions!
    Plus, Angeling Pin + Angel’s Dress for Head/Armor
    And, you forgot Skeleton Manteau for Garment
    Lastly, you forgot Overupped Garment for Chung E Card

    Oh, and what happens if you get “Marionette Control” and that buff which I forgot at the moment from Paladin.

    Admin: About the elemental potions, I have no idea on the success rate formula. The equips that I placed are the commonly and most used by the brewers.

  3. Is it possible to add more equips because…
    Angeling Set gives LUK + 10 which is pretty darn good =O
    Also, you forgot “Holden Card” for Headgear

    Here’s a list of all the ones I know of, not sure which one you have or do not have:
    Angeling pin/Angel Dress set, Venatu, Observation, Chung E, Brisingamen Angel Blessing, Angel Wing, Cookie Card, Evil Wing, Grand Circlet, Helm of Angel, Injustice/Zherltsh Set, Jewel Crown, Kitsune Mask, Laurel Crown, Mastering Card, Poring Card, Poring Tower, Baby Leopard/Raggler/Myst Case/Heirozoist/Zipper Bear, Rosary, Rosary[1], Sales Banner, Santa Hat, Skeleton Manteau, War Axe, Apple of Archer, Chef Hat, Drops Card, Cruiser/Anolian/Alligator/Dragon Tail/Green Ferus, Grief for Greed, Indian Headband, Lotus, Cruiser/Anolian/Alligator/Dragon Tail/Merman, Mine Hat, Model Training Hat, Mysteltainn, Rocker Card, Spiritual Ring, Ulle’s Cap, Vesper Card, Vesper Core 04, Wandering Minstril Hat, Wormtail Card.

    Admin: Thanks for the list πŸ™‚

  4. I forgot, LUK + 10 and INT + 2 for Angeling Set 😑
    But it requires both to activate the effect =]

    Sorry for the too many posts .___.

    Admin: I see. We don’t have the Angeling set for the server that I play, could you send me a link of the attributes of those equips? Thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Angel’s Dress:

    Angeling’s Pin:

    Another Random Suggestion~
    Instead of just having a bunch of listbox, maybe make it slightly more interactive like…
    Then, if the person picks one that can be slotted
    [LIST OF ALL AVAILABLE CARDS] pops up otherwise it is hidden

    And so on and so forth for the other stuff =O

  6. I am not sure if this applies to your RO, but on the one I am playing, it says for -Bottles and Coats-
    ….(Each Respective Skill Level*1)….

  7. Can you add a feature for Gospel: +20 INT, +20 DEX, +20 LUK

    Admin: I’ve been pretty busy with my work, I haven’t comply yet with any of your requests πŸ™

  8. Hi ! First you forgot about the Embryo. I’m not an expert but other calculator give the same rate to Embryo and Blue Potion, Anodyne, Aloevera and Elemental Potion.

    Anyway very nice website thx a lot.

    PS : sorry fo my english

  9. Hey, can u update about the gear ? i mean the card and such?? Nimble orlean gloves as accesory
    middle headgear – Slotted sunglasses of creator and Lucky fluke valk armor??

    Quite usefull calculator, can be improve

    Thanks =)

  10. How about Mysteltain? One handed sword wich adds +3 dex… knowbodys thinks about Mysteltain… Y_Y

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