Ragnarok Guide

Ragnarok Online Guide – Builds

Are you having trouble in choosing your character’s build? Here’s an RO Guide for you to learn the skills, equipments and stats applicable to your beloved RO character

Ragnarok Online Guide on Leveling

Learn where to level and how to speed up the leveling of your 1st job Ragnarok characters and second characters in this Ragnarok guide. You will get RO guide, tips and tricks while leveling

Ragnarok Calculators

Here are some RO calculators for brewers, forgers and biochemists.

Ragnarok WOE Guide
Ragnarok Guide on how to kick some ass during siege. Keep in mind that the key to become a successful sieging guild is teamwork!

Ragnarok Guide – In-game features

Ragnarok Guide – Mixing

Ragnarok Item Ingredients on how to create potion bottles, alchemist bottle, forged items, stat foods and more!

Other Ragnarok Guides

Some personal Ragnarok guides on tips upon playing the game. Ragnarok tips such as how to get rich, how to avoid ragnarok scam and how to be a better guild master.

Ragnarok MVP Guide

We all know we had those MVP moments that when we are just in the 1st jobs, Ragnarok MVP just crushed us within one strike. So when we are in the second or have transcended, it’s payback time. Here are some Ragnarok guide for hunting MVPs. What items and weapons to use

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